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B2492. A RARE AND HIGHLY IMPORTANT LEGIONARY OFFICER'S BRONZE COIN PURSE, ca. 1st-3rd century AD. To avoid loss of coin Roman officers put their coins in these purses, probably wrapping the body with leather, then slipped the purse over their arm where the arm secured the opening. 4.5 x 5 inches. An historically and numismatically significant artifact that is rarely offered. In excellent condition with engraved designs on the handle.

B2297. ITALY, BENITO MUSSOLINI, 1922-1943. The Ostia Medal, AE32 signed by P. Tailetti. Bare classical style head of Mussolini l./COLONIA MARINA DI OSTIA, nude youth (Romulus?) stepping into the sea, the Roman shewolf standing behind and looking on. The port of Ostia, a few miles down the Tiber from Rome, was Rome's main seaport. It was extensively built up with warehouses and a large harbor and mole added by a succession of early Roman emperors. Ostia was vital to the Romans as nearly all the grain to feed Rome's masses flowed through this port. AEF. Arguably one of Mussolini's positive accomplishments was the massive excavation of the ancient Roman port of Ostia. Though brutal by today's archaeological standards, it revealed much of the ancient city in a matter of a few years and added immensely to our knowledge of ancient Rome. An extremely rare medal and of great interest to collectors and students of Roman history. This example said to have been found in the Tiber. The only one I've carried.

B2199. Anonymous, 225-212 BC. AR Quadrigatus, RSC.23. Janus hd/Jupiter in quadriga, ROMA. EF.

B2200. Anonymous, 217-215 BC. Sextans. She wolf with twins/ROMA before eagle holding flower in beak, 2 pellets. Nice AVF. Scarce.

B2201. Anonymous, 217-215 BC. Sextans, Cr.38/5. Hd Mercury r., 2 pellets/ROMA above prow of galley, 2 pellets. Nice AVF. Scarce.

B2202. C.Fonteius, 114/3 BC, AR Denarius, Fonteia.1. Janiform hd/Galley with pilot and three rowers l. FDC. A superb example of this interesting issue with every detail extremely sharply struck and clear.

B2203. L.Cassius, Q.F. Longinus, 75 BC. AR Denarius, Cassia.6. Head of Bacchus r. crowned with ivy, thyrsus over his shoulder/Head of Libera l. This type refers to Spurius Cassius, who in 493 BC erected a temple dedicated to Ceres and these two divinities near the Circus Maximus. EF+. Old cabinet toning. The best example I've carried.

B2204. POMPEY THE GREAT, 45-44 BC. As, Crawford 479/1, Spain & Sicily mint. Janus head of Pompey/Prow. VF. Scarce. Better than usual representation of Pompey.

B2205. MARC ANTONY, 42-30 BC. AR Legionary Denarius of 32-31 BC. War galley r./Legionary standards. Legion XIX. EF+. Old cabinet toning with iridescence. Struck to pay his legions in his and Cleopatra's war with Octavian. An excellent example.

B2206. MARC ANTONY & CLEOPATRA, 32-31 BC. AE21 of Chalkis, BMC.15. Hd Antony/Bust Cleopatra. EF. Rim chip.

B2207. OCTAVIAN, 27BC-14 AD. Denarius, RSC.243. Bare head r/Equestrian statue of Octavian. AEF. Scarce.

B2208. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. AR Cistophor, 11.53gm. Suth 552a. Group VII, 19-18BC. /Temple of Mars Ultor with standard. Commemorates the return of captured legionary standards from the Parthians. VF. Scarce.

B2209. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. AE19 of Emerita, Spain. Crawford 595. /Legionary eagle and standards. F+. Scarce.

B2210. AGRIPPA (struck by Caligula). Dupondius, RIC.58. /Neptune stg. l. VF.

B2211. CALIGULA, 37-41. Sestertius. /Caligula, standing on a platform with curule chair behind, addressing five soldiers with crested helmets holding standards and shields. VF. Rare. Hole neatly plugged but still a wonderful portrait and reverse scene.

B2212. CLAUDIUS, 41-54. Sestertius. /IX SC OB CIVET SERVATOS within oakwreath. Fine EF portrait. Rare.

B2213. CLAUDIUS, 41-54 AD. Sestertius. /Spes stg. l. raising skirt. AVF.

B2214. NERO, 50-68. AR Denarius of 65/6 AD, Crawford 335. His laureate bust r./VESTA, statue within temple of Vesta. Excellent example with classic architectural reverse.

B2215. NERO, 50-68. Billon Tetradrachm of Alexandria Egypt, GIC.634. His radiate bust l./Galley under full sail, two dolphins leaping below. AVF/VF. Rare. A nice example with a classic maritime reverse. Refers to trade between Alexandria and Rome.

B2216. NERO, 50-68 AD. AR hemidrachm of Caesarea, Syd.83, SNG Cop.182. /Victory std. r. on globe. EF. Old cabinet toning. Fine style.

B2217. NERO, 50-68 AD. Sestertius, HRIC.19. /DECVRSIO SC, Nero on horseback accompanied by a Praetorian guard. EF. A choice large Roman bronze sestertius struck on a broad medallic flan. Wonderful portrait of Nero and interesting rv. scene with nice detail in rider's faces. Choice glossy dark olive patina.

B2218. VITELLIUS, 69 AD. Denarius. /Victory std. l. VF+. Rare first issue of Vitellius after he defeated Otho, the coin struck still with the likeness much like Otho on the obverse. Old cabinet toning.

B2219. TITUS, 69-81. Judaea Capta Denarius, Hendin 786v. /Male Jewish captive hands bound behind back under trophy. VF.

B2220. JULIA TITI, daughter of Titus. Dupondius, RIC.180, HRIC.5. Bust r. with hair in bun/Vesta std. with palladium & scepter. VF. Rare. Damnatio cuts across her face applied by someone in antiquity who obviously didn't like this lady, but still a surprisingly beautiful likeness much better than the usual worn example.

B2221. DOMITIAN, 69-96 AD. Dupondius. /Mars walking l. with Victory and trophy. AEF. Scarce. Beautiful coin.

B2222. ANONYMOUS QUADRANTE, 96-161 AD. Sear 841. Head of Mars r./SC around cuirass. EF. Scarce. Exceptionally fine example with a superbly styled head of Mars.

B2223. NERVA, 96-98. Sestertius, RIC.100. /Libertas stg. holding pileus and scepter. VF. Rare.

B2224. TRAJAN, 98-117 AD. AR Tetradrachm of Tyre, GIC_. Portrait bust above eagle, club of Herakles to r./Bust of the Tyrian god Melquarth. Choice EF. A superb sharply struck example of the finest style, the treatment of Melquarth simply wonderful. One of the finest known examples.

B2225. TRAJAN, 98-117. Dupondius. /Dacia mourning std. next to trophy. VF+.

B2226. HADRIAN, 117-136. Denarius, RIC.355. /Crescent & star, globe below. Toned sharp EF. Scarce astrological type.

B2227. HADRIAN, 117-138. AE Drachm of Alexandria, BMC.783. /Nilus reclining l., crocodile below. VF. Very nice reverse example.

B2228. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. AR Antoninianus, 3.60gm, RSC.89. Radiate bust r./CONSECRATIO, Eagle stg. with spread wings. Old cabinet toning. EF. Rare restoration issue by Trajan Decius.

B2229. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. AR Didrachm of Caesarea. /Mt. Argaeus, star above. VF. Scarce.

B2230. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. Sestertius, HRIC.72. Laureate bust r./HONORI AVG COS IIII SC, Honos stg. l. holding branch and cornucopia. VF+. Superb gem-like forest green patina.

B2231. HADRIAN, 117-138. AE Drachm of Alexandria Egypt, Koln 1125. Laureate bust r./Isis stg. r. holding sistrum and billowing sail, the Pharos lighthouse to the right topped by three statues. VF/VF+. Excellent example of this large coin which portrays one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World. Very rare this nice.

B2232. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. AE Drachm of Alexandria Egypt, year 4 (140/41 AD), Dattari 2535v. Laureate bust r./Elpis (Roman Spes) holding holding flower and raising skirt. VF. A coin that grows on one with a somehow mythic reverse figure isolated on a large flan and interesting red, brown and hard emerald patina.

B2233. MARCUS AURELIUS, 139-180. Sestertius, HRIC.125. M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS PM, laureate bust r./TR POT XX IMP III COS III SC, Providentia stg. l. with globe at her feet. AVF. The great appeal of this coin lies in the superb lustrous jade patina, one of the finest patinas I've seen on an ancient bronze and unfortunately not done justice at all by the image. Must be seen to be appreciated..

B2234. LUCILLA, wife of Lucius Verus, daughter of Marcus Aurelius. Dupondius, HRIC.30. LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F, draped bust r./VESTA SC, Vesta stg. l. holding simpulum and palladium. AVF. The great appeal of this coin lies in the superb lustrous jade patina, one of the finest patinas I've seen on an ancient bronze and unfortunately not done justice at all by the image. Must be seen to be appreciated.

B2235. COMMODUS AS CAESAR, 166-192 AD. Sestertius. /DE GERMANIS, trophy of Germanic arms. Rare. VF+. A wonderful sharp and detailed reverse.

B2236. COMMODUS, 166-192. Billon Tetradrachm of Alexandria Egypt. His laureate bust r./Ship with billowing sail pulling away from the Pharos lighthouse. F+/VF. A wonderful and very rare view of the harbor of Alexandria with the Pharos, one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World.

B2237. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, 193-211. Denarius, HRIC.3. His laureate bust r./Severus on horseback trampling British warrior. EF. Appears to be one of those rare early denarii found struck in bronze with traces of silvering, however this is of exceptionally fine style and clarity both sides. Deserving of further study.

B2238. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, 193-211. AE27 of Nikopolis, Thrace, Price-Trells.50 fig 70, AMNG.1719, pl 3,23. Laureate bust r./The nymphaeum (public fountains) of Nikopolis. VF. Extremely rare architectural view of ancient Nikopolis. Another better example of this coin was listed in the May '95 Bank Leu sale at SF2500.

B2239. CARACALLA, 196-217. AR Denarius, HRIC.70/1. His laureate bust r./Mars, naked except for helmet stg. l., his foot on a helmet, holding branch and spear. EF. Both obverse and reverse of exceptionally fine style with a superb muscular Mars.

B2240. JULIA PAULA, 1st wife of Elagabalus. Denarius, RIC.211, Sear 2149. /Concordia std. l. with patera. EF. Old cabinet toning with hints of blue and orange iridescense. A beautiful and choice example much nicer than image shows. Scarce.

B2241. OTACILIA SEVERA, wife Philip I. Antoninianus, HRIC.14. /Hippopotamus stg. r. Toned AEF. Nice example of a scarce & popular type.

B2242. PHILIP II, 247-249, AE30 of Zeugma, Commagene, GIC.4142. Laureate bust r./Tetrastyle temple with statue of god within, peribolos containing sacred grove in front, capricorn below. EF. One of the finest examples I've seen with every detail of the temple conplex clear and far superior to GIC.3954, the plate coin for the equivalent issue of Philip I (the Philip II issue is not plated).

B2243. MAXIMINUS, 235-238. Sestertius, RIC.78, Sear 2350, HRIC.14. Laureate bust r./FIDES MILITVM S C, Fides stg. l. holding two legionary standards. Choice EF. One of the finest examples I've seen both in style and condition with a wonderful portrait of the Thracian born giant who seized the throne by force. Note also that the numismatic busts of Maximinus are almost always depicted with the shoulders viewed from the side or even slightly from behind while this magnificent example is an extremely rare angled front view. Michael Alram, for example in Vol. 27 of 'Moneta Imperii Romani', 1989 Vienna, lists only a few examples of Sesterii busts rendered from this angle in the major collections, with none of the 84 listed with the Fides reverse having this bust type, there is however a medallion of the same issue with a very similar bust. Extremely rare and worthy of the finest collection.

B2244. GORDIAN III, 238-244. Sestertius, Sear 2488, HRIC.87. Diademed bust r./Laetitia stg. l. holding wreath and anchor. VF+. A wonderful goofy cartoonlike portrait of great charm.

B2245. GORDIAN III and TRANQUILLINA (his wife). AE26 of Tomis, Moesia Inferior. GIC._ but see GIC.3637 for a similar coin. Their confronted busts/Agonistic prize urn with two palm fronds on presentation table, two uncertain objects each side, an amphora beneath. VF+. A fine example of a very rare coin depicting a prize awarded to the winning athlete in the public games. The amphora may contain olive oil from the sacred groves.

B2246. GORDIAN III and TRANQUILLINA (his wife). AE26 of Anchialus, Thrace. Their confronted busts/Triptolemus driving chariot drawn by winged serpents r. VG/VF. Triptolemus, son of Celeus, king of Eleusis was said to have first taught agriculture to mankind, having himself been taught by the goddess Demeter. Here he is depicted traveling the earth in Demeter's chariot distributing grain to the peoples of the world. He then returned to Eleusis and ruled there where he is said to have established the Eleusinian mysteries. A rare depiction of the Greek myth, much superior in style and detail to most others.

B2247. GORDIAN III and TRANQUILLINA (his wife). AE26 of Anchialus, Thrace. Their confronted busts/Galley under full sail. F. Rare.

B2248. GALLIENUS, 253-268. AE29 of Side, Pamphylia. BMC._, GIC._. Radiate head r./Agonistic prize urn containing two palm fronds on ceremonial table. VF. A fine example of a very rare coin depicting a prize awarded to the winning athlete in the public games. The design of this urn with its symmetrical notches top and bottom is quite intriguing. If one looks carefully it appears to have figures around the top half including a chariot galloping left. Certainly deserving of further study.

B2249. GALLIENUS, 253-268. AE29 of Iconium, Laconia. BMC.19. /Shewolf suckling twins. EF. Choice example.

B2250. SALONINA, wife of Gallienus. AE33 of Syedra, Cilicia. SNG Cop.254, BMC.22, GIC._. Her bust r./Large agonistic prize urn flanked by palm fronds, 3 cups above. F/AVF. A fine example of a very rare coin depicting a prize awarded to the winning athlete in the public games.

B2251. PROBUS, 276-282 Antoninianus, HRIC.59. His radiate bust r./VIRTI PROBI AVG, Mars walking r. carrying spear and trophy. EF. Choice example.

B2252. CARAUSIUS, Usurper in Britain, 287-293, Antoniniaus, RIC.529v. /VIRTVS AVG SC, Mars stg. r. EF. Choice dark glossy forest green patina. Scarce reverse type. Rare this nice!

B2253. SEVERINA, wife of Aurelian. Antoninianus, BL mint, Sear 3184v (List $100-$300). /Concordia std. l. BL mint is quite rare. EF. Remains of silvering. Excellent example.

B2254. GALERIUS, 293-311. Follis, Siscia mint, RIC.135b Diademed head r./Moneta stg. l. with scales and cornucopia. AEF. The silvery green patina resulting from the incorporation of the nearly complete original silvering.

B2255. MAXENTIUS, 306-312 AD. Large module Follis, HRIC.17($300-$1000 list). Laureate bust r./CONSERVATOR AFRICA SVAE, Africa stg. l. holding standard and ivory tusk, lion at her feet. EF. Very rare type well struck on a large flan. This coin has been gilded, possibly in antiquity or possibly by an early European collector; the gilding certainly does not appear to be modern.

B2256. CONSTANTINE I, 'THE GREAT', 307-337 AD. AE3. His laureate head r./VOT XXX within wreath. EF. An especially nice and powerful portrait of the first Christian emperor on this issue.

B2257. MEDAL OF CONSTANTINE THE GREAT, AE32. By Christian Wermuth, 1644. Beautifully engraved likeness of Constantine's diademed bust r./Text giving a concise history of Constantine's life in Latin. See Christie's 12/92 for an entire set of 75 of Wermuth's medals of Roman emperors. UNC.

B2258. ANONYMOUS CONSTANTINIAN ISSUES, ca. 330-346. AE3, HRIC.2. Helmeted bust of Constantinopolis l./She-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus l., two stars above. These issues commemorating Rome and Constantinople. EF. Choice example with sharp detail better than image shows.

B2259. CONSTANTINE II, 316-340. AE3/4, HRIC.45. Laureate head r./Two soldiers standing either side of two standards. A choice portrait head of the youthful emperor of very fine style. EF.

B2260. CONSTANTIUS II, 337-361 AD. AE2, RIC.82. His diademed bust r./FEL TEMP REPARATIO, soldier spearing barbarian cavalryman. Choice EF+. Best example, especially, the supersharp reverse, the best I've seen in quite awhile. Larger AE2 rather than the usual AE3/4.

B2261. JULIAN II, 355-363 AD. AE1. His diademed bust r./Apis bull stg. l., two stars above. EF+. Choice example with superbly noble style bust and sharply struck detail throughout, one of the finest I've seen and significantly better than the image. Julian, known as the philosopher by his contemporaries, was later called 'Julian the Apostate' by Christians for his attempts to re-establish the pagan Roman gods.

B2262. AELIA FLACCILLA, wife of Theodosius I. AE2. Her diademed bust r. wearing pearl necklace and robes fastened with a brooch on l. shoulder/Salus stg. facing r. EF. A choice example with wonderful contrasting patina which greatly enhances the detail. A gem.

B2263. CELTIC IMITATION OF CONSTANTINIAN AE, ca. 4th century AD. CONSTANTINVS AVG, Diademed Celtic style head r./Two Victorys beside plaque, blundered legend around. VF. A very interesting type with a wonderful Celtic style and deserving of further study and attribution.