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B3235. BRUTTIUM, TERINA, 400-356 BC. 1/6 Stater, ANS 869v. Hd nymph/Nike std. on cippus. AVF. Rare.

B3236. LUCANIA, THURIOI, 281-268 BC. AR Sixth stater, BMC 121. Hd Athena r/Butting bull r. VF. Rare.

B3237. LUCANIA, VELIA, 400-350 BC. AR Nomos, William 362. Hd Athena, helmet with Sphinx/Lion devouring prey. VF.

B3238. SICILY, KENTORIPAI, ca. 340 BC. AE Litra, Sear 1080. Hd Persephone, 4 dolphins/Panther. F+. Very rare large Sicilian bronze!

B3239 SICILY, SYRACUSE, 344-336 BC. AE Litra, Sear 1189. Hd Athena l./Starfish, 2 dolphins. VF. Choice patina.

B3240. SICILY, SYRACUSE, 344-336 BC. AE Litra, Sear 1189. Hd Athena l./Starfish, 2 dolphins. AVF. Nice patina.

B3241. BOEOTIA, THESPIAE, 146-27 BC. AE14, BMC 26. Veiled female hd r./Lyre. F+. Rare.

B3242. CORINTHIA, CORINTH, 4th century BC. AR Stater, Sear 2629v. Pegasos flying l., koppa below/Head Athena wearing Corinthian helment l. VF/F. Inexpensive example.

B3243. MACEDON, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, 336-323 BC. AE17, Price 91. Hd. yng. Herakles r./Eagle on fulmen. VF. Scarce.

B3244. MACEDON, Roman Occupation. Facing head of Silenos/MAKEDONAN within wreath. AVF. Rare type.

B3245. THRACE, THASOS, 510-490 BC. AR stater, Sear 1357. Naked ithyphallic satyr abducting nymph/4 part incuse. VF. A nice example with the finely styled archaic faces and hair quite sharp and clear and the figures nicely centered on the flan.

B3246. BLACK SEA AREA, KALLATIS, AE17, Sear _. Hd Athena r./KALLA, shield with 3 grain ears behind, club, torch. VF+. Rare.

B3247. RHODOS, RHODES, 1st century AD. AE38, Copenhagen 881. Garlanded hd. of Dionysos l/Nike std r. VF. Scarce especially large Greek bronze.

B3248. CARIAN ISLANDS, RHODES, 4th century BC. AE11, SNG Copenhagen 747. Rose/Rose. VF. Scarce.

B3249. THRACIAN ISLANDS, THASOS, ca. 5th century BC. AR obol, SNG Copenhagen 1020-1021, 0.46 gm. Two dolphins leaping in opposing directions/4-part incuse. AEF. Scarce.

B3250. CILICIA, AIGEAI, 3rd century BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear_, SNG Copenhagen_, Van Aulock_. Turreted hd Tyche r./Minerva stg l. EF. An exceptionally rare coin. Until a small group was found only 8 were known. Missing from most major collections.

B3251. CILICIA, TARSUS, 1st century BC/AD. AE26, BMC 124, Levante 984, Van Aulock5974. Tyche std. r. holding corn-ears, lion leg below, to lower r. river-god Cydnus/Zeus std. l. holding Nike. VF. Scarce.

B3252. IONIA, TEOS, 394-300. AR Drachm, Plant 1396. Griffin std. r./Incuse square divided into four parts by bands with legend. F+. Scarce.

B3253. LYCIA, KUPRULI? ca. 5th-4th century BC. Winged diety r./Triskeles within square incuse. AVF. Test cut. Rare.

B3254. LYDIA, GERME, Imperial times. AE20, BMC_, Van Aulock 7216. Turreted bust of Tyche/Herakles stg. facing with club and lion skin. VF. Scarce.

B3255. LYDIA, SARDES, Imperial times. AE20, BMC 63. Bust of Roman Senate r./Zeus Lydios stg. l. VF. Scarce.

B3256. MYSIA, KYZIKOS, 5th century BC. AR fraction, 1.04 gm. Winged boar r. A above/4-part incuse. VF+. Scarce.

B3257. SYRIA, APAMEA, 1st century BC. AE21, BMC 3v. Hd. Zeus r/Elephant. EF. Rare this nice.

B3258. PHOENICIA, SIDON, STRATON I, 372-358 BC. AE15, BMC 53. Galley, III above/Persian king running r. with bow and spear. VF+. Rare.

B3259. PHOENICIA, TYRE, 98 AD. AE 18, BMC 284. Turreted and veiled bust of Tyche r., palm tree behind/Palm tree. EF. Rare this nice.

B3260. BACTRIAN KINGS, EUKRATIDES, 171-135 BC. Tetradrachm, Sear 7570. Helmeted bust r./The Dioskouroi. AVF. Deposits.

B3261. EGYPT, PTOLEMY VI, 180-145 BC. AE22, SNG Copenhagen 311ff. Head Zeus Ammon r./Two eagles st. on fulmen. EF. Nice example.