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B3262. Anonymous, 211-210BC. Silver Sestertius, RSC 34v (350), 1.10 gm. Hd Roma r/Diouskouri, ROMA below. EF. Rare. A choice high profile example.

B3263. L.Manlius Torquatus, 82 BC, Denarius, Manlia 7. Large head of Roma r./Sulla in quadriga. This moneyer was Sulla's Proquaestor during the wars against Mithradaties and pictures the triumphal procession granted to Sulla. Choice EF. Small flan crack. Rare historical depiction of the famous imperator.

B3264. L.Cassius, Q.F. Longinus, 75 BC. Denarius, Cassia 6. Hd Bacchus with thyrsus/Hd Libera. This type refers to Spurius Cassius, who in BC 493 erected a temple dedicated to Ceres and these two divinities near to the Circus Maximus. EF. Scarce.

B3265. Q. Fufius Calenus and Mucius Cordus, ca. 70 BC. Denarius, Fufia 1. Jugate heads of Honos and Virtus/Roma and Italy hand in hand. Choice EF, mint lustre on rv. This coin refers to the unification of Italy under Rome at the end of the Social Wars. Scarce.

B3266. P. Licinius Crassus M.f., 55BC. Denarius, Licinia18. Laur. bust Venus r./Female figure holding horses bridle. Choice lustrous EF. Tiny die flaw at chin. This Crassus was one of Caesar's lieutenants. Scarce.

B3267. L. Hostilius Saserna, 46BC. Denarius, Hostilia2. Hd. Vercingetorix r., Gaulish shield behind/Naked warrior in biga. VF+. Refers to Julius Caesar's campaigns in Gaul and the valiant struggle of Vercingetorix against the Romans. This coin appears to be the well preserved core of a plated fouree denarius. The first I've seen for this type. Very rare as such.

B3268. MARC ANTONY. ca. 37 BC. AE26 of Thessalonika, RPC 1551, BMC 62. Bust Eleutheria r./Nike adv r. with wreath and palm. A very rare large bronze of Antony nearly as good as the BMC example illustrated in RPC. AVF.

B3269. LIVIA, AE17 of Augusta, Cilicia, BMC_, Von Aulock_, Levante 1242v, RPC 4011v, Copenhagen_. /Helmeted bust of Athena r. with aegis. AVF. Extremely rare.

B3270. TIBERIUS, 14-37 AD. Denarius, Sear 567. /Livia std. The Tribute Penny Of The Bible. VF.

B3271. CLAUDIUS, 41-54. Sestertius (with Nero countermark). See HRIC Nero. Fine style portrait Claudius, NCAPR countermark/OB CIVES SERVATOS in wreath. AVF.

B3272. VESPASIAN, 69-79 AD. Denarius. /Pax std. l. Choice high profile EF with some luster in the fields.

B3273. DOMITIAN, 69-96 AD. Denarius. /PRINCEPS IVENTVTIS, Domitian leaning on column. Superb high profile EF portrait. Traces of luster in the obverse fields.

B3274. TRAJAN, 98-117. Denarius, RIC 307, Crawford 115, RSC 284. /Trajan's Column which still stands in Rome. VF. Nice architectural reverse example with detailed column and statues all on the flan.

B3275. TRAJAN, 98-117. AR Tetradrachm of Tyre. Portrait with eagle and club/Bust Melquarth. VF/EF. Scratches in rv field but sharp portrait. BETTER THAN IMAGE.

B3276. TITUS, 69-81 AD. Dupondius, Cohen 149. /Pax stg. l. EF portrait.

B3277. TRAJAN, AE23 of Irenopolis, Cilicia. BMC_, Levante 1605. /Hygeia stg. r. with branch, grapes and feeding serpent. VF+. Very rare.

B3278. TRAJAN, 98-117 AD. AE 19 of JUDAEA, ASHKELON. Hendin 827v. War diety Phanebal stg., dove mintmark at r. AVF. Superior example.

B3279. HADRIAN, 134-138. Denarius, HRIC 49/2. / RESTITVTORI HISPANIAE, Hadrian raising Hispania. AVF. Scarce.

B3280. HADRIAN, Tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt, BMC 630. /Canopus of Osirus. AEF. Scarce, especially this nice.

B3281. HADRIAN, AE19 of Berytus, Phoenicia, Copenhagen 101. /2 military standards with eagles in wreath. VF. Scarce.

B3282. HADRIAN, AE Drachm of Alexandria, Egypt, BMC 794. /Nilus recumbent on crocodile holding reed & cornucopia. VF.

B3283. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. Dupondius, Sear 1183v. /Libertas stg. l. EF.

B3284. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. AE drachm of Egypt. Koln1309v. /Bust of Serapis above eagle. F+.

B3285. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161. AE Drachm of Alexandria, Dattari 2518. /Dikaiosyne std l. AVF.

B3286. MARCUS AURELIUS, Sestertius. /Mars stg. r. AEF.

B3287. COMMODUS, AE28 of Hadrianea, Mysia, BMC_, Van Aulock_. /Emperor on horseback spearing lion. VF+. Very rare.

B3288. PESCENNIUS NIGER, 193-194 AD. Denarius, HRIC 19 ($1000-$3000). /IVSTITIA AVG, Justitia stg. l. holding scales. VF. Thin deposits on surfaces. Rare.

B3289. BALBINUS, AE37 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Paris 1628. /Athena std. l. holding Nike, spear. F. Light deposits rv. Rare.

B3290. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, AE23 of Leucas ad Chrysoroas, Coele-Syria. BMC_, Mabbott_, Weber_. /Emperor in quadriga r., date= 194 AD in field. VF+. Very Rare.

B3291. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, AE37 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante 1022v. /two temples. F.

B3292. CARACALLA, 196-217 AD. AE37 of Mylasa, Caria. /MULACEWN, cult statue of Zeus Labraundos holding double axe (bipennis) and scepter within tetrastyle temple, the apex ornamented with birds both sides of central disk. F+. Rare.

B3293. CARACALLA, AE19 of Antioch ad Cragum, Cilicia, BMC_, Von Aulock_, Levante_. /Dionysos stg. l. holding kantharos & thyrsos, to l. panther. VF+. Extremely rare city!

B3294. CARACALLA, AE33 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante 1067. /Galley. VG. Rare.

B3295. PLAUTILLA, wife of Caracalla. AE22 of Peltae, Phrygia, BMC 28v, Von Aulock 3912v. /Tyche stg. l. with cornucopia and rudder. AEF. Very rare.

B3296. MACRINUS, 217-218. AE22 of Tyre, Phoenicia, BMC_, Copenhagen_. /Palm tree, murex shell, club. AVF. Rare.

B3297. JULIA MAESA, AE25 of Olbasa, Pisidia. BMC_, Von Aulock_, Copenhagen_. /Asclepius and Hygeia std. VF. Very rare, possibly unpublished.

B3298. ELEGABALUS, AE24 of Tyre, Phoenicia, BMC 394, SNG Copenhagen_. /LEG III GAL, team of oxen ploughing, murex shell to r. VF. Rare.

B3299. SEVERUS ALEXANDER, AE26x29 of Irenopolis, Cilicia. BMC_, Von Aulock_, Copenhagen_, Levante_, Supplement_, Paris_. /Nude Herakles stg. r. leaning on club. VF+. Apparently unpublished, possibly the finest known.

B3300. SEVERUS ALEXANDER, AE34 of Amasea, Pontus, Waddington 107. /Altar of Zeus Stratios, tree, eagle, quadriga. EF. Extremely rare this nice!

B3301. MAXIMINUS I, 235-238 AD. AE32 of Anemurion, Cilicia 235/6 AD, Paris 709 (same dies). /Perseus, head to l. holding harpa & head of Medusa. VF. Rare portrayal of the myth.

B3302. MAXIMINUS I, AE24 of Ninica-Claudiopolis, Cilicia. BMC_, Levante 627, Copenhagen_. /Athena stg. l. with Victory and shield. EF. Rare.

B3303. MAXIMINUS I, AE37 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Cop. 379, Levante 1099. /Apollo Lykeios with wolf, bow. F+. Rare.

B3304. PHILIP I, 224-249. AE34 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante_. /Nike stg. F. Rare.

B3305. PHILIP I, 224-249. AE36 of Lycaonia, Laranda, Von Aulock(tub.) 130. /Herakles stg. facing holding lion skin & leaning on club. AVF. Rare.

B3306. PHILIP II, 224-249. AE22 of Heliopolis, Coele-Syria, BMC_, Copenhagen_, Mionnet V, p. 304, 131. /Founder plowing with 2 oxen, 2 legionary standards behind. EF. Very rare.

B3307. PHILIP II, 224-249. AE 18 of Heliopolis, Coele-Syria, BMC_, Copenhagen_, Mabbott 2614 (this coin). /2 military standards in wreath. VF. Rare.

B3308. GORDIAN III, 238-244. AE36 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante_, Supplement 287. /Nude Apollo stg. r. holding bow and chlamys. F+. Rare.

B3309. GORDIAN III, AE34 of Seleucia ad Calycadnum. Levante_, Supplement 206. /Nike advancing r. with wreath and palm. AVF. Flan chip. Triangular countermark on neck.

B3310. GALLIENUS, AE24 of Side, Pamphylia, BMC_, Von Aulock_, Copenhagen_. /Apollo stg. l. with scepter and patera. EF. Very rare, especially this nice.

B3311. GALLIENUS, . AE27 of Heliopolis, Coele-Syria, Copenhagen 441. /Three prize urns containing prize crowns. AVF. Scarce.

B3312. TRAJAN DECIUS, AE33 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante_, Paris_, Von Aulock_, Copenhagen_, BMC 301. /Nude Apollo stg. facing, head l., holding bow and branch. F. Very rare.

B3313. TRAJAN DECIUS, AE33 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Paris 1757. /Perseus holding Apollo Lykeios, harpa, Medusa head. F. Rare portrayal of the myth.

B3314. TRAJAN DECIUS, AE35x32 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante_, Supplement_, Paris 1766. /Athena stg. l. with shield and spear. VG. Rare.

B3315. TREBONIUS GALLUS, AE32 of Colybrassus, Cilicia, BMC_, Von Aulock_, Paris_, Levante 341 (same dies). /Zeus std. r., at feet r. eagle. AVF. Very rare.

B3316. VOLUSIAN, AE29 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Levante 1178, Paris 1796. /Emperor on horseback r. F+. Scarce.

B3317. VALERIAN, AE26 of Anemurium, Cilicia, BMC_, Von Aulock 5525, Levante 511. /Dionysos stg. l. VF. Rare.

B3318. HELENA, c. 308-337 AD. AE3, Antioch mint, C.12. /Helena stg. l. EF. Very nice example.

B3319. CONSTANTINE VII, 913-959 AD. AE Follis, S1758. Facing busts of Constantine & Zoe/Inscription. VF.

B3320. SOLOTHURN, ca. 1500. AR funfer. Leu 5(1972) lot 1062. Eagle above arms/Cross. AVF. Scarce.

B3321. 7 EARLY INDIAN SILVER COINS. ca. Mauryan Empire, ca. 321-187 BC. Silver karshapanas with various punchmarks. Unattributed. Avg. VF. Apparently some rarer types.

B3322. 7 EARLY INDIAN COINS, ca. 13th-18th century. Various unattributed types, 1 silver, some scarce. Avg. F.

B3323. JEWISH MEDAL COIN DIES. The dies used to strike a medal with Menorah, and Star of David with lion. 4.5 inches. Complete with collar. EF. Ex. Joseph Ternbach collection. Unique.