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4736. A MASSIVE VICTORIAN CAST IRON FOUNTAIN, ca. late 19th century. The fountain with Poseidon/Neptune holding a large fish whose mouth is the spout from which water pours to a grated basin below. 35 x 60 x 24 inches deep. Weight is several hundred pounds. Designed to back against a wall the fountain is made in three sections including the removable grate. Probably from an English estate or manor house garden. One of a kind. Shipping based on location.

4737. A. PARENTI, MARBLE BUST OF A FRENCH GIRL, ca. late 19th century-early 20th century. The bust of a girl dressed in French revolutionary garb. 11.5 x 19 inches on marble base, 30 lbs. Excellent condition. Signed A. Parenti on back.

4738. A FINE SMALL MARBLE BUST OF MICHELANGELO. Italian, ca. late 19th century. Excellent small detailed carving of the famous artist, his name engraved on verso. 8.25 inches on marble base.

4739. A FINE PAINTING OF THE VIRGIN AND CHILD. Signed and dated 1898 Martie 6. The painting on wood with the virgin and child flanked by Saints Stefan and Ecaterina, their names beside their figures, twin antiwarp cleats in the back. 15 x 18.25 inches. Beautiful painting and in generally fine condition.

4740. POMPEI, THE CITY, ITS LIFE & ART by Pierre Gusman. London, William Heinemann, 1900. Small folio (9 x 12.5 x 2 inches). pp. xvi + 423. First ed. illustrated with 12 color plates and hundreds of wood engraved text figures. An early and important history of the city and its excavations with chapters devoted to religious rites and temples, public buildings and recreations, public markets and inscriptions, house and many examples of fine and decorative arts. Gold stamped red cloth with view of the ruins. Generally excellent condition. Rare.

4741. HERCULANEUM, PAST PRESENT & FUTURE, Charles Waldstein. MacMillan & Co. London, 1908. First ed. Tall 8vo (8 x 11 x 2 inches) 324 pgs. 11 heliogravures and colour prints, 48 half-tone plates. Beautifully illustrated and scholarly early work on Herculaneum. With five appendices inc. passages from ancient authors referring to Herculaneum. The city was destroyed in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the year 79. Generally very nice condition with original gold stamped cover with figure of Mercury. Scarce.

4742. A LARGE MASTODON TOOTH. Choice example with excellent dentine and most of the root remaining. 7.5 inches.

4743. A RARE FOSSILIZED PARTIAL HADROSAUR NEST WITH FOUR EGGS. Dendrolithus sp. (Duckbill), Cretaceous, Kaoguo Formation, Xixia Basin, Henan province, China. The nest with four eggs still in matrix (one is loose) all retaining most of the original shell. 12 x 16 inches, 42 lbs. Very rare. Can be improved by cleaning to reveal the shell detail and by reattaching the one loose egg.

4744. A RARE FOSSILIZED PARTIAL SAUROPOD NEST WITH THREE EGGS. Faveoloolithus sp. Cretaceous, Kaoguo Formation, Xixia Basin, Henan province, China. The nest with three eggs still in matrix (one has part of underside missing) all retaining most of the original shell plus partial impressions of two additional eggs. 10.5 x 12.5 inches, 33 lbs. Very rare. Can be improved by cleaning to reveal the shell detail.

4745. A FINE MOGUL STYLE EROTIC MINIATURE, ca. early 20th century. Finely rendered painting in gouache on paper with six different animals comprised of 31 copulating figures, fine calligraphic script in black and red on verso. This zoomorphic type of erotic art was believed to increase the owner's sexual potency. 8 x 13 inches. Much better than photo which is out of focus.