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5426. A RARE VALDIVIA FIGURE, Equador, ca. 3000 BC. The female figure with prominent breasts and incised hairdo. The body rendered in red slip. 2.7 inches. These rare figures are generally considered to be among the first figural representations of the New World.

5427. A LA TOLITA HEAD. Equador, ca. 300 BC. The head with large ears and typical ritually deformed skull. 3 inches. Chip to nose and upper lip. Scarce. On custom stand. An inexpensive example.

5428. A LA TOLITA POTTERY BUST. Equador, ca. 300 BC. The bust with remains of large headdress over typical ritually deformed skull. 5 inches. Chips. On custom stand. An inexpensive example.

5429. A LA TOLITA HOUSE. Equador, ca. 300 BC. The house with peaked roof and projecting door step, the whole with red glaze. 4 inches. Intact and rare. Such houses are particularly prized as they offer a rare insight into how these people lived.

5430. A RARE JAMACOAQUE BONDAGE FIGURE, ca. 500 AD. The molded plaque with a female figure strapped to a bed. 3.3 inches. Remains of red pigment. Nice intact condition. Rare.

5431. A NARINO SQUASH FORM VESSEL. Columbia, Guacari region, ca. 1000 AD. The burnished red glaze vessel with curled neck in the form of a native squash. 2.8 inches. Intact with a few interesting dendritic deposits.

5432. A NARINO ZOOMORPHIC POT. Columbia, Guacari region, ca. 1000 AD. The burnished red glazed vessel with rim decorated with a molded frog. 2.5 inches. Intact.

5433. A TAIRONA CARVED STONE LADLE, ca. 800-1500 AD. The graceful stone ladle with a squatting figure carved in relief on the exterior of the bowl. 7.5 inches. Two edge flakes reattached otherwise in excellent condition. Very rare as such artifacts took an enormous amount of time to carve out of the solid stone - much more labor intensive than pottery items.

5434. A MAYAN POLYCHROME BOWL, ca. 600-800 AD. The bowl with band of reclining figures around the outer rim above unusual scalloped sides. 6.7 inches. Intact. Rare type.