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5518. A CELTIC BRONZE GODDESS, ca. 3rd-1st century BC. The nude fertility goddess holding pendulous breasts in her hands. 2.75 inches. Excellent condition. Free standing. Rare.

5524. A CHOICE BRONZE PATERA HANDLE, ca. 3rd-1st century BC. The bronze handle terminating in the finely detailed head of a ram. 6 inches. Rare this nice. See a nearly identical patera handle from the Cristos G. Bastis collection, Sotheby's 12/9/99 lot 163 estimated at $4000-$6000.

5525. A RARE GREEK ALABASTER LIDDED PYXIS, ca. 7th-6th century BC. Of beautiful form with everted knobbed lid. Ancient deposits and minor abrasion. 4.3 inches diameter. Extremely rare!

5526. AN EAST GREEK STEMLESS KYLIX, 5th-4th c. BC. The shallow dish with twin handles and remains of glaze. Root deposits attesting to its authenticiy. 7.1". Scarce.

5527. A GREEK RED FIGURE LEKANIS, c. 4th c. BC. With the heads of fashionable ladies & palmettes. 3.8". Chip on foot restored else intact.

5528. A CAMPANIAN DISH, c. 4th c. BC. With pedestal base & black glaze with light abrasion. 5.7".

5529. A CAMPANIAN OLPE, c. 4th c. BC. With strap handle & black glaze with light deposits. 3x4".

5530. A GREEK CALENE WARE BLACK GLAZED GUTTOS. ca. 3rd century BC. With the molded facing head of Zeus on the discus. 5 x 3.25 inches. >

5531. A GREEK TERRACOTTA CASKET, III c. B.C. Constructed from six plates with accurately smoothed seems at all corners. Sides panels are extended to form legs and positioned a lid. Front panel depicting two bull heads between arches. Intact. Root marks, spot of bronze chlorides on inside. Height 4.1" (11.0 cm). $1650 For a similar casket, see "Archaeology of USSR. Ancient cities of N. Black Sea", Moscow, 1984, table CXXX.