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5459. SICILY, SYRACUSE, HIERONYMOS, 215-214 BC. AR 5 Litrae, BMC 644. Hd. l./Thunderbolt. EF. Rare.

5460. SICULO PUNIC, 350-325 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 6434. Hd Artemis-Arethusa l., four dolphins around/Horse hd, palm tree behind, Punic inscription below. EF+. Excellent sharply struck example on an exceptionally wide flan, especially nice obverse with great style head of Arethusa on the flan surrounded by dolphins with excellent detail. Compare the Sear plate coin for a more usual syle and flan. Rv. has a little surface roughness.

5461. THESSALY, LARISSA, 440-400 BC. AR Obol, Copenhagen, 114/15. Horse prancing r./Nymph Larissa playing with ball. VF. Rare.

5462. MACEDON UNDER ROME, AESILLAS QUAESTOR, ca. 90-75 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 1439. Head of Alexander the Great r. with horn of Ammon and flowing hair, dot within circle behind neck/Club of Herakles between money chest and quaestor's chair, all within olive wreath. EF.

5463. THRACE ABDERA, c. 360-347BC. AR stater, S1553v. Griffin std l/Laureate head of Apollo r. VF. Very fine style. Much better than image.

5464. THRACE, AINOS, c. 440-412. AR diobol, Cop399. Hd Hermes r/AIN, goat r. crab between forelegs. Toned AVF. Rare! Somewhat better than image.

5465. THRACE, AINOS, c. 435-405. AR diobol, S1567. Hd Hermes r/AIN, goat r. club before. Toned EF. Rare! Somewhat better than image.

5466. THRACE, MARONEIA, ca. 400-350 BC. AR Tetradrachm, 11.35 gm. SNG Cop 606. Horse prancing l./Vine gramed in square, fly to l. of frame. EF+. Well centered of very fine classical style.

5467. THRACE, MARONEIA, AR Drachm. Forepart horse l./Grape bunch within beaded square within incuse square. Sharp EF. Fine classical style.

5468. CILICIA, AIGEAI, AR Tetradrachm, S_, Cop_, Von Aulock_. Turreted hd Tyche r/Minerva stg l. EF. An exceptionally rare coin. Until a small group was found only 8 were known. Missing from most major collections.

5469. CILICIA, TARSOS, MAZAIOS Satrap, ca. 361-334 BC. AR Stater. Baaltars std/Lion on bull. EF+.

5470. LYCIA, UNCERTAIN DYNASTS, 480-440 BC. AR Stater, Sear 5179 variant. Boar at bay r./Tortoise, in dotted square, all within incuse square. VF. Rare.

5471. UNCERTAIN GREEK MINT (possibly Lycia?), AR Fraction, 0.65 gm. Hd. Athena r./Turtle in incuse square. VF. Rare (there is one other occurance in an old M&M catalog where it is listed as uncertain Asia Minor).

5472. SELEUCID KINGS, ANTIOCHOS VII, 138-129 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Hd. r/Athena stg with Nike. Choice EF. Sharp. Better than image.

5473. BACTRIAN KINGS, EUKRATIDES, 171-135 BC. Tetradrachm, Sear 7570. Helmeted bust r./The Dioskouroi. VF+. Die cud on rv.

5474. BACTRIAN KINGS, EUKRATIDES, 171-135 BC. AR Drachm, Sear _. Diademed bust r./The Dioskouroi. AEF. Scarce.

5475. EGYPT, CLEOPATRA VII. AE22 of Damascus Syria, RPC 4781. Bust Cleopatra r./Isis? std. l. VF.