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12969. LARGE BUDDHA/BODHISATTVA DOUBLE SIDED STATUE. Gandhara, 1st-2nd century AD. A rare free standing sculpture with two figures back to back both sharing the same pabhamandala halo. One figure that of the meditating Buddha seated cross legged in the padmasana posture, his robes flowing gracefully down over his body and over the lip of his seat. The other figure a mustachioed princely Bodhisattva likewise seated in the padmasana posture bare chested with topknot and necklaces, his robes flung over his left shoulder and flowing down over his body and the lip of his seat. Both figures masterpieces of fine Gandharan art. Carved from fine grained grey shist, 75 cm. height. On professional custom stand. Intact and in excellent condition with only minor marks including the halo which is quite rare. Provenance: A Japanese collection.

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