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B2716. 12 KUSHAN AND OTHER COINS. Pakistan, ca. 2nd-4th century and later. Avg. AVF. A couple of nice examples.

B2717. 3 NARINO BOWLS. Capuli complex, ca. 850-1500 AD. Red on black resist painted various designs, a pedestal bowl and two regular bowls (one repaired). To 6.5". Two with museum #s on bottom.

B2718. 4 CHIRIQUI POLYCHROME POTS. Panama, Barilles, ca. 1200-1500 AD. With burnished surfaces with red & black on cream painted designs. 5" x 6" (crack on shoulder), 3.8" x 3.8" (chip to rim), 2.8" x 3.2", 5.5" x 5.7" (repair to rim and side)

B2719. 11 MOSTLY SILVERED PROBUS ANTONINIANI. Includes Lyons, Rome, Ticinum, Siscia mints. Avg. VF. Good dealer lot.

B2720. 7 ROMAN SLING BULLETS. Holy Land, ca. 1st-3rd century. Some with molded thunderbolts visible. To 1.3". Generally nice condition.

B2721. 10 SUMERIAN BEAD NECKLACES, ca. 3rd millennium BC. Mixed gray, slate blue, red & white stone beads. Avg. 21".

B2722. 25 PERSIAN HAND AND BOW FIBULAE, ca. 5th-3rd century BC. To 2.75 inches. Iron pins lost. Much scarcer than the European/Roman types. One with end chip not shown in photo.

B2723. 6 ANCIENT BRONZE BRACELETS. Holy Land, most first millennium BC. The two largest with snake heads, one later, perhaps Byzantine. To 3.8". All intact with encrustation.

B2724. 3 EGYPTIAN FAIENCE EROTIC AMULETS. Late Period, 1wt millennium BC. All the male organs with suspension loops (one reattached). To 20 mm.

B2725. 6 EGYPTIAN FAIENCE AMULETS. Late Period, 1st millennium BC. Bes head, hippo, wedjat eye, fruit etc. amulets some scarce. To 1".

B2726. 11 EGYPTIAN FAIENCE AMULETS. Late Period, 1st millenium BC. Good selection, nearly all different. Tan, green, blue. To 22mm.

B2727. 10 ROMAN GOLD EARRINGS AND PINS, ca. 1st-3rd century. Various types of earrings and pin with disc. To 1.3".

B2728. 8 ROMAN GOLD EARRINGS, ca. 1st-3rd century AD. Small examples. To 14 mm. Some bending but most can be straightened.

B2729. 76 MESOPOTAMIAN SEALS AND AMULETS, most ca. 3rd-2nd millennium BC. Cylinders, stamp seals & amulets of many types, most worn but many with visible engraving. To 1.2 inches. Great dealer lot.

B2730. 5 SASANIAN ROCK CRYSTAL STAMP SEALS, ca. 4th-6th century AD. All carved with simple but clear star and other designs and with suspension holes. To 1.1 inches.

B2731. 11 ROMAN BONE PHALLIC AMULETS. Syria or Holy Land, ca. 1st-3rd century. In the form of erect male members pierced for suspension. To 0.7 inches. One additional not in photo.

B2732. 7 BYZANTINE TERRACOTTA VESSELS, ca. 5th-8th century. All but one with typical ribbed body. To 5 inches. Each intact in nice condition and each a different type. Nice dealer lot.

B2733. 8 PRECOLUMBIAN FIGURES. Most Mexico, ca. 500-1500. Mask, bird, animal, 4 figures, 1 uncertain torso. To 3.75 inches.

B2734. 3 SYRO-HITTITE HEADS, ca. 1000-600 BC. Two rider heads, 1 earlier beak nosed fertility head. To 1.7". All on custom stands.

B2735. 6 SCYTHIAN BRONZE ARROWHEADS, ca. 5th-4th century BC. Better quality trilobate arrowheads found on the Ukrainian steppes. To 1.25 inches.