To Edgar L. Owen, Ltd.

       We are always looking for new material for our Galleries. We are strong buyers of both individual items and whole collections or we can discuss accepting your items on consignment. All contacts will be held in the strictest confidence.

       The way our consignment process works is that you set the prices you would accept for the items (we can advise you on this). We then add a markup and offer them to our 3500 active customers worldwide. When items sell you get 100% of the price agreed. If we receive offers less than your reserve prices we will give you a chance to accept or reject the offer. There is no risk to you and no charges to you whatsoever (many dealers charge for photography, listing, storage and a commission for selling -we charge none of these) and you always receive the full amount you expect. We have a history of very strong sales on this basis.

       Generally we take possession of items on consignment, but in certain cases if we can verify condition and authenticity consignor may keep possession.

       If you have better quality antiquities, ancient coins, fine or world art, natural history items or other material that might be of interest we invite you to contact us below without delay. You may email images and descriptions freely (attach or drag and drop - we do not follow links) but please do not send actual items without prior approval.

      Direct inquiries to:, Edgar L. Owen, Ltd., PO Box 714, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, USA. Tel: 973-398-9557.