Selected Treasures From Our Collection


12986. BEAUTIFUL ART GLASS VASE. The vase of classic wide globular form with flat base and wide mouth, the whole covered with an exquisite subdued purple and green iridescence. A large pontil mark on base. Signed R. Eickholt, 1977. Height 7 inches x 6.5 inches diameter. Intact, in excellent original condition. Other side. Another view. Another view. Bottom view with signature.

Robert Eickholt is an early innovator in the American studio art glass movement. He created the Eickholt Glass Co. in 1978 to produce art glass pieces designed by him but produced by his company artisans. However this piece was created in 1977 prior to the establishment of his company, and as such is an original work by the artist's own hand and thus of considerably more value. Eickholt has recently announced his retirement from the business.

Provenance: A private New Jersey collection. Purchased from the artist at an antiques show.