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B2077. MONETE GRECHE DELLA SICILIA, G.E. RIZZO, 1946. The original delux edition of this classic and extremely rare two volume work describing and illustrating many of the finest Sicilian Greek coins known. 5 x 10.5 x 14 inches (the two volumes). Number 313 of only 400 printed. Minor dampstains on the spine, otherwise excellent condition with all plates present.

B2078. AN EARLY GREEK DECADRACHM WEIGHT. Northern Greece, ca. 6th-4th century BC. The oblong weight with a molded bucranium. 1.1 x 1.25 inches. 44.28 gm. (The slightly heavy weight due to a thin layer of deposits). The bull's head a reminder of the early Greek equation of coin for the objects for which they purchased. Very rare and worthy of further study.

B2079. HISPANIA ULTOR, MALACA, 2nd century BC. AE22, Heiss.45,6. Head of Hephaistos r./Star of 8 rays within wreath. Nice VF. Scarce. Fine example with choice patina.

B2080. APULIA, LUCERIA, late 3rd century BC. AE Quincunx, SNG Cop.659, Sear 587. Head of Athena r., five pellets above/LOVCERI between the spokes of large wheel. Nice VF. Rare. A fine example considerably better than either the Copenhagen or Sear plate coin and with a superb patina.

B2081. BRUTTIUM, KROTON, 510-480 BC. AR stater, Sear 256. Stork beside Delphic tripod within double border with dots/Incuse tripod within hatched border. EF. Old cabinet toning. A fine example of this scarce coin.

B2082. BRUTTIUM, LOKRI EPIZEPHEROI. AR stater. Pegasos flying l./Head Athena l. EF.

B2083. BRUTTIUM, PETELIA, ca. 216-210 BC. AE20, SNG Cop.1907v. Veiled head of Demeter r./Zeus hurling thunderbolt. EF. Very rare, especially this nice, with a superb patina, a wonderful muscular Zeus in a fine active pose, and a wonderful maternal head of Demeter.

B2084. BRUTTIUM, PETELIA, ca. 280-210 BC. AE18, SNG Cop._. Laureate hd Apollo? r./PETHLINWN, tripod lebes. EF. Extremely rare, especially this nice, with a superb patina and a wonderful rendering of the devices both sides. Probably one of the finest known. Considerably better than image.

B2085. BRUTTIUM, RHEGION, 350-270 BC. AE20, SNG Copenhagen 1945, Sear 684. Lionscalp facing/Head Apollo r. Choice EF. Excellent sharp example with very fine patina.

B2086. CALABRIA, TARAS, AR Didrachm, 4th century BC. Naked boy sitting on horse holding the bridle with his left hand and raising his right to touch the horse's mane, another boy the horse checking its hoof/Taras riding on dolphin with spear and shield, waves below. VF. A fine example of the Greek coin engravers art showing their genius for imbuing the small canvas of the flan with life and bringing us a glimpse of a scene from antiquity. The consumate skill with which the power of the horse's body contrasts with the grace of the boys is remarkable.

B2087. CALABRIA, TARAS, 212-209 BC. AR Stater. Horseman r./Taras on dolphin. Eagle to r. EF. Rare issue struck under Hannibal's military occupation during the Second Punic War to Carthaginian weight standard with Greek magistrate's inscription beneath horseman. Old cabinet toning.

B2088. CALABRIA, TARAS, 302-281. AR drachm, Sear 367. Head of Athena r./ Owl stg. on capital. VF+. Scarce

B2089. CAMPANIA, TEANUM SIDICINUM, ca. 268 BC. AE20, Sear 568. Head Athena r./TEANO, cock stg. l., star behind. EF. Rare. A wonderful sharp example with excellent patina.

B2090. LUCANIA, THURIOI, 4th century BC. AR Stater, SNG Cop.1436v, Sear 447v. Head of Athena r. her helmet ornamented with Skylla/Butting bull r., tunny fish below. VF. A superbly engraved coin with the full crest of Athena's helmet neatly following the edge of the flan and an exceptionally fine treatment of the face of Athena and especially of the Skylla. See the Sear plate coin for the usual inferior style.

B2091. LUCANIA, THOURIOI, 4th century BC. AE Litra (30 mm, 30.03 gm), SNG Copenhagen 1500v. Head of Athena r./Bull charging r. VF. Extremely rare large Greek bronze. Choice example with fine patina and much superior to the Copenhagen plate coin.

B2092. LUCANIA, THOURIOI, 3rd century BC. AE17, SNG Copenhagen 1514v. Head of Demeter wreathed with corn, ethnic behind/Bull charging l. EF. Choice example with superb patina. Probably one of the finest known. Rare.

B2093. LUCANIA, THOURIOI, 3rd century BC. AE16, SNG Copenhagen 1511. Head of Athena r./Bull charging r., ethnic above. EF. Choice example with superb patina. Scarce.

B2094. SICILY, AGYRION, 343-300 BC. AE31 Litra, Leu 5/73 #54, ANS_, SNG Cop_, BMC_. Head young Herakles r. wearing lionskin/Forepart river god r. as bull with bearded human head. VF/AEF. Excessively rare and missing from most major collections. A choice example.

B2095. SICILY, AKRAGAS, 425-406 BC. AE26 Hemilitron, SNG Copenhagen 68v. Eagle on hare r./Large crab, prawn below, grape leaf between crab' claws, 6 pellets. VF/EF. Rare. A superb example of this classic and highly desirable Sicilian Greek bronze. One rarely finds a better example (the obverse is nearly always extremely worn) and far superior to the Copenhagen plate coins. Choice patina.

B2096. SICILY, AKRAGAS, 425-406 BC, AE27 Hemilitron, SNG Copenhagen 72. Eagle, with head thrown back, on tunny fish/Large crab, murex shell and octopus below, 6 pellets. VF+. Rare. One of the finest and most desirable Greek bronzes. A choice example with excellent patina and much superior to the Copenhagen plate coin.

B2097. SICILY, AKRAGAS, 338-287 BC. AE26 Hemilitron, Sear 1027. Horned head of young river god l./Eagle stg. l. on Ionic capital looking back to r., crab before, six pellets above. VF/EF. Very nice example of this fine classic bronze, especially the superb sharp reverse with choice sharp detail.

B2098. SICILY, KENTORIPAI, ca. 340 BC. AE31 Litra, Sear 1080. Head Persephone wreathed with corn l., 4 dolphins around/Panther with raised paw l. VF+. Extremely rare and desirable large Sicilian bronze. Excellent example.

B2099. SICILY, THE MAMERTINI, 288-278 BC. AE28. AREOS, laureate head young Ares r./ MAMERTINWN, eagle stg. on thunderbolt. EF. Rare. The Mamertini were Italian mercenaries in Sicily. A beautiful sharp example of the finest style with a superb deep green patina and a rare example of a Greek coin with the god's name spelled out on the flan.

B2100. SICILY, NAXOS, AR Tetradrachm REPRODUCTION, 461-430 BC. Sear 872. Head of Dionysos l. of the finest archaic style/Ithyphallic nude Silenos squating facing holding up a kylix to drink. A very beautiful and faithful to the original solid silver European reproduction. UNC. A wonderful filler for a very rare and expensive coin most of us will never own.

B2101. SICILY, PANORMOS, after 254 BC. AE26, S.1160, Copenhagen 523. Hd Athena r./Demeter? stg. EF. Very rare.

B2102. SICILY, SELINOS, 520-490 BC. AR Didrachm, Sear 730v. Selinon leaf/8 part incuse with 4 pellets in alternating sections. EF. Old cabinet toning. A choice symmetrically struck example with every vein in the leaf sharp and clear.

B2103. SICILY, SYRACUSE, Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE27 Litra, SNG Copenhagen 723, Sear 1190. Bearded head l. (Archias?) wearing Corinthian helmet, ethnic around/Pegasos flying l., dolphin below. VF. A nice example of this quite rare and desirable large Sicilian bronze, the obverse of excellent style.

B2104. SICILY, SYRACUSE, Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE28 Litra, BMC.2.311, SNG Copenhagen 725, Sear 1191. Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios l., ethnic around/Prancing horse l. Nice VF+. A choice example and rare this nice with a wonderful high profile heavily bearded head of Zeus.

B2105. SICILY, SYRACUSE, Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE25 Hemilitron. Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios r./Thunderbolt, eagle to r. EF. Choice example with very fine patina.

B2106. SICILY, SYRACUSE, AGATHOKLES, 317-289 BC. AE22, SNG Copenhagen 767v. Young male head (Herakles?) l./Lion prowling l., club above, uncertain object in exergue. EF. Very nice example of wonderful style.

B2107. SICILY, SYRACUSE, AGATHOKLES, 317-289 BC. AE22, BMC.2.422, Sear 1200. Bust Artemis r., quiver over shoulder/Thunderbolt. VF. The great appeal of this coin lies in its superb gem-like emerald green patina.

B2108. SICILY, SYRACUSE, FOURTH REPUBLIC, 289-287 BC or later. AE25, SNG Copenhagen 789v. Laureate head of Zeus Hellanios r./Eagle with spread wings stg. l., star to l. AEF. A choice example struck on a very wide flan, this die with a superb rendering of the head of Zeus Hellanios in the finest Classical style with long flowing hair.

B2109. SICILY, SYRACUSE, HEIRON II. 274-216 BC. AE27. His portrait hd l./Horseman galloping r. with lance. AEF. Choice patina.

B2110. SICILY, SYRACUSE, REPUBLIC, 214-212 BC. AR 12 Litrai, Sear 997. Head Athena wearing Corinthian helmet l./Artemis drawing arrow l., hound leaping behind. EF+. Choice sharp example with unsurpassed fineness in small details such as the griffin adorning Athena's helmet, or the sharp rendering of her earring, also an excellent sensitive rendering of Artemis with every detail of her garments and features sharp. An exceptional example, compare eg. the ungainly Artemis of the Sear plate coin.

B2111. SICILY, TAUROMENION, Time of Pyrrhos, 279-276 BC. AE22, BMC.2.27, Sear 1239. Laureate head of Apollo1./Lyre, grape bunch above. EF. A rare coin of superb style with a wonderful olive green patina.

B2112. SICULO PUNIC, 350-325 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 6434. Hd Artemis-Arethusa l., four dolphins around/Horse hd, palm tree behind, Punic inscription below. EF. Excellent example on a beautiful wide flan, especially nice obverse with great style head of Arethusa centered on the flan surrounded by dolphins with excellent detail. Compare the Sear plate coin for a more usual syle and flan.

B2113. SICULO PUNIC, 325-300 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 6438v. Hd young Herakles wearing lion skin r./Horse hd. l., palm tree behind, Punic inscription below. FDC. Superb style and extremely sharp strike with mint luster well centered on the flan. It is unlikely one could find a finer example. Again compare the Sear plate coin.

B2114. SICILY, PANORMOS, ca. 400 BC. AR Litra, unpublished. 0.55 gm. Head l./Bull stg. l., Punic inscription reading 'MBAL ZIZ' below. VF. Old cabinet toning. Excessively rare.

B2115. SARDINIA, after 238 BC. AE22, Sear 1267. Head Persephone l./Three stalks of grain. VF. Rare. Nice example of this rare island.

B2116. AIGINA, 445-431 BC. AR Stater, 11.99 gm, Sear 2600. Land tortoise with segmented carapace/Incuse square of skew pattern. EF. After the capture of this city in 456 BC and the destruction of its trading empire by the Athenians the Aiginetans were forced to change the symbol on their coinage from a sea turtle to the land tortoise depicted here. A choice high profile example with super clear tortoise, detail even to the scales on the animals legs.

B2117. ATTICA, ATHENS, ca. 449 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 2521v & 2526v. Head of Athena wearing crested helmet r. adorned with three olive leaves and floral scroll/Owl standing r., head facing, laurel sprig and crescent above l., AQE to r., all within incuse square. EF. Notwithstanding the unobtrusive test cut, a very fine example with fine early rendering of Athena struck on a large flan which contains nearly the entireity of the helmet's crest. Rare this nice.

B2118. ATTICA, ATHENS, ca. 2nd century BC. AR 'New style' Tetradrachm. Hd of Athena r./Owl on amphora, bow case to l. VF.

B2119. ATTICA, ELEUSIS, 3rd century BC. AE16, Sear 2574. Triptolemus in winged chariot drawn by serpents 3/4 l./Boar stg. r. on bacchos, all within corn wreath. VF. Rare. Triptolemus, son of Celeus, king of Eleusis was said to have first taught agriculture to mankind, having himself been taught by the goddess Demeter. Here he is depicted traveling the earth in Demeter's chariot distributing grain to the peoples of the world. He returned to Eleusis and ruled there where he is said to have established the Eleusinian mysteries which were held in this city situated north-west of Athens. A rare depiction of the Greek myth, and one of only several coins known to have been minted in Eleusis. Rather nice example of this usually poorly preserved coin.

B2120. BOEOTIA, THEBES, 371-338 BC. AR Stater, Sear 2398v. Boeotian shield/Amphora with grape bunch above, magistrates name. EF. There are are number of types known issued by different magistrates with different symbols over the amphora, however this cataloguer especially likes this reverse design with the grapes above, one can almost hear the grape juice being squeezed out and trickling into the amphora.

B2121. CORINTHIA, CORINTH, 4th century BC. AR Stater, Sear 2629v. Pegasos flying l., koppa below/Head Athena wearing Corinthian helment l., head of Helios behind. EF. Especially nice issue mark with sharply struck head of Helios radiate.

B2122. CORINTH, 4th century BC. AR Stater, S2629. Pegasos flying l./Hd. Athena, small boar behind. EF.

B2123. ELIS, OLYMPIA, after 191 BC. AR Drachm, Seltman.8.3, Sear 2899v. Eagle carrying hare r./Winged thunderbolt. EF. Most probably struck at a mint located where the Olympic games were held. Choice very sharply struck example with great detail in the eagle's feathers and hare's ears. Very rare this nice.

B2124. MESSENIA, MESSENE, 3rd-2nd century BC. AE21, Sear 2853v. Head Demeter r./Zeus hurling thunderbolt, eagle on outstretched hand, tripod lebes below. VG/F. Rare. Not in the greatest condition but a nice lively spade-bearded Zeus outlined well by a pleasing contrasting patina.

B2125. EUBOIA, PHOKIS, ca. 460 BC. AR Triobol, Sear 2347v. Bull's head facing/Head of Artemis l. in incuse square. EF/VF. Exceptional sharp high-profile bull head.

B2126. THESSALY, LARISSA, 344-321 BC. Signed AR Drachm by the master engraver 'AI', Lorber 21.2a. Head of the nymph Larissa facing 3/4 left, engraver's initial below border at 7 o'clock/Horse stg. l. with lowered head. EF. A few drachms of Larissa of exceptional beauty are known that are believed to be signed by the artist who engraved the dies known only as 'AI'. Certainly this wonderful head of the nymph with its great nobility touched with feminine sensuality embodies the finest in Classical Greek numismatic art.

B2127. THESSALY, LARISSA, 344-321 BC. AR Drachm, SNG Cop 120. Head of the nymph Larissa facing 3/4 left/Horse about to roll r. EF. An especially beautiful head of the nymph engraved with great sensitivity and imbued with life, the horse also finely done, we can almost feel his anticipation of enjoyment as he prepares to roll over and give his back a good scratching.

B2128. CALABRIA, TARENTUM, ca. 4th-3rd century BC. AR Pentonkia?, 0.21gm, Copenhagen 1019-1022. Oinochoe/Pi within wreath. VF. Rare.

B2129. MACEDON?, UNCERTAIN MINT, possibly Therma (later Thessalonika), ca. 5th century BC. AR Obol? 0.52 gm., Pozzi 4615 (Uncertain mint), SNG Delepierre 935 (Alexander I). Horse head and neck r. with beaded collar/Square incuse. Choice EF. Extremely rare.

B2130. MACEDON?, UNCERTAIN, ca. 5th-4th century BC. AR Drachm? Head Apollo? r./Lyre in form of bucranium, Macedonian helmet to l., shield with crossed arms to r. VF. Attribution requested.

B2131. MACEDON, AMPHIPOLIS, ca. 410-357 BC. AR Obol, 0.42 gm, Sear 1382. Young male head bound with tainia r./AMFI clockwise around dolphin r. within linear square inside incuse square. VF. Extremely rare.

B2132. MACEDON, LETE, 530-480 BC. AR Trihemiobol?, Sear 1301, BMC.25, 0.81 gm. Naked satyr squatting r., two pellets in field/Incuse square diagonally divided into four triangles. EF. Very rare. A great example of late Archaic art on a small canvas.

B2133. MACEDON, TRAGILOS, ca. 450-410 BC. AR Hemiobol, Sear 1470. Barley ear/TRIA in four part incuse. VF. Rare. A charming little coin reminding us of the continuing Greek appreciation of the use of coin to purchase the daily necessities of life.

B2134. MACEDON, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm, issued under his authority during his lifetime. Head young Herakles wearing lionskin r./Zeus enthroned, holding his eagle and scepter. EF. A choice example of a rare lifetime issue type, the figure of Zeus wonderfully engraved bending slightly forward full of great energy as if ready to spring from his throne.

B2135. MACEDON, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, 336-323 BC. AR Drachm. Head young Herakles wearing lionskin r./Zeus enthroned, holding his eagle and scepter. EF. Excellent example, the figure of Zeus wonderfully rendered lounging back on his throne seemingly absorbed in contemplation, or perhaps communicating with his eagle which stands alert on Zeus' outstretched hand receiving the god's instructions.

B2136. MACEDON, DEMETRIOS POLIORKETES, 294-288BC. AR Tetradrachm, S6762(1400). Winged Nike on prow/Naked Poseidon with trident. VF. Scarce.

B2137. MACEDON, ANTIGONOS GONATAS, 277-239 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 6783. Macedonian shield with horned head of Pan at the center, his pedum at shoulder./Athena Alkidemos advancing l., brandishing thunderbolt and holding shield, Macedonian helmet at her feet. AEF. Old cabinet toning. A very interesting coin commemorating Antigonos' victory over the Gauls in 277 BC, when the Gauls panicked and fled the field in terror, supposedly because of the intervention of the god. Nice example with excellent centering.

B2138. MACEDON, ANTIGONOS GONATAS, 277-239 BC. AE18, Sear 6786v. Head of Athena r./Pan erecting trophy. VF+. A very interesting coin commemorating Antigonos' victory over the Gauls in 277 BC, when the Gauls panicked and fled the field in terror, supposedly because of the intervention of the god. Superb olive green patina with contrasting reverse which beautifully highlights the wonderful energetic figure of Pan.

B2139. MACEDON, 196-168. Autonomous Issue During the Reign of Philip V or Perseus. AR Tetrobol, Sear 1384. Head of Maenad r. crowned with vine leaves and grapes/Prow of galley, ethnic above and below. EF. Old cabinet toning. Superb example with the face of the Maenad filled with Dionysic life, contrasting sharply with the no-nonsense prow on the reverse which is rendered sharply in a very three dimensional manner. A great little coin.

B2140. MACEDON UNDER ROME, AESILLAS QUAESTOR, ca. 90-75 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 1439. Head of Alexander the Great r. with horn of Ammon and flowing hair, dot within circle behind neck/Club of Herakles between money chest and quaestor's chair, all within olive wreath. EF. Choice sharply struck high profile example, the finest I've carried. Old French collection tag, probably 19th century.

B2141. THRACO-MACEDONIAN TRIBES, BISALTAI?, 450-400 BC. AR Fraction, 1.27 gm, SNG ANS 922, Ash.2400. Forepart of horse r./Swastica incuse. VF. Extremely rare.

B2142. THRACE, ABDERA, 411-336 BC. AR Triobol. Griffin rearing l./Bull's head and shoulders in incuse square. VF. The issue with a very nicely done bull.

B2143. THRACE, BIZYA, Imperial times? AE21. Bearded male portrait head r./Nude youth stg. holding staff. EF. Very rare. A superb portrait, one of the finest in Greek art, depicting a personage of great nobility, yet with a relaxed air dressed casually in an wide-necked tunic. Probably one of the finest examples known of this rare coin and deserving of further study. Wonderful deep sea-green patina.

B2144. THRACE, CHERRONESSOS, 400-350 BC. AR Hemidrachm, Sear 1605v. Forepart lion looking back/Four-part incuse with two pellets in the deeper ones. EF. An especially nice lion of great vigor and ferocity.

B2145. THRACE, LYSIMACHOS, 385-281 BC, AR Tetradrachm. Head of Alexander the Great/Athena std. holding Nike. EF+. A little roughness near one edge but very sharp.

B2146. THRACE, MARONEIA, ca. 440-410 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 1628v, (1750 list), 14.24gm. Free horse prancing l, star above/Ethnic legend around grape arbor. VF. A Rare early tetradrachm, not the much more common stater. A fine example of Greek numismatic art.

B2147. THRACE, MARONEIA, after 148 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 1635. Head of young Dionysis wreathed with ivy r., his long hair drawn up into a swirl behind/Dionysis stg. naked l. holding grape bunch. VF. This obverse die the work of a Hellenistic master, a superb example of Greek art.

B2148. THRACE, MARONEIA, after 148 BC. AE26, SNG Copenhagen 643. Head of young Dionysis wreathed with ivy r., his long hair drawn up into a swirl behind/Dionysis stg. naked l. holding grape bunch. VF. Nice example with choice patina.

B2149. THRACE, PANTIKAPION, 4th century BC. AE20, Sear 1701. Head of young Pan wreathed with ivy l./Lion's head l., sturgeon l. below. EF. Scarce type in excellent condition with a fine depiction of the god.

B2150. THRACE, PANTIKAPION, 4th century BC. AE17, Sear_. Bearded head of Pan l./Bull head l. EF. A choice example of fine classical style and detail. Arguably the best depiction of Pan in bronze.

B2151. THRACE, THASOS, 404-340 BC. AR Trihemiobol, Dewing 1331. Naked Satyr running l. with kantharos/Amphora, ethnic around. EF. Fine example with excellent metal and great style.

B2152. OLBIA, SARMATIA, 2nd-1st century BC. Cast 21 mm AE, SNG Copenhagen 67. Bronze coin cast in the form of dolphin with dorsal fin, eye and termination of head/APIXO. EF. Finely cast very rare variety with legend. Ex. Numismatica Ars Classica 3/93 #1349.

B2153. AEOLIS, MYRINA, 2nd century BC. AR Tetradrachm, SNG Cop. 221, Sear 4216. Laureate head of Apollo of Grynion r./Apollo of Grynion stg. r. holding phiale and laurel branch with fillets, omphalos and amphora at feet, monogram behind, all within laurel wreath. EF. This superb obverse die one of the great accomplishments of Hellenistic art which wonderfully captures the divinity of Apollo.

B2154. CARIA, ALINDA, 2nd century BC. AE16, Sear 4777v. Laureate young male head r./Club within oakwreath. VF. Another exceptional example of Greek art with a classical head of the finest style. Superb olive green patina.

B2155. CARIA, MYLASA, 314 BC. AE17, Sear 4909. Three overlapping Macedonian shields/Sheathed sword, labrys (double axe). EF. Eupolemos, a general of Kassander, campaigned in Caria in 314 BC. Nice example of this very interesting type.

B2156. CARIA, MYNDOS, 2nd-1st century BC. AR Drachm, BMC.6, Sear 4915. Laureate head of Zeus r. wearing head-dress of Osiris/Head-dress of Isis., thunderbolt beneath. EF. Choice example of this extremely interesting coin which reflects the spread of the cult of Isis through the Mediterranean in Hellenistic times. Even the cobra on the head-dress of Isis is visible which it is not in the Sear plate coin.

B2157. CILICIA, UNCERTAIN MINT, PERHAPS TARSOS, 4th century BC. AR Obol, 0.67 gm. Sear_. Janiform head of Athena/Young male head (Herakles?) l. EF. Of very fine Classical style, especially the noble young male head with curly hair. Very rare, especially this nice.

B2158. CILICIA, UNCERTAIN MINT, PERHAPS TARSOS, 4th century BC. AR 3/4 Obol, Sear 5663. Facing head of young Herakles/Eagle perched on stag's head between its large antlers. EF. While the obverse of this issue is rather crudely done, the reverse remains quite an interesting type. Rare this nice.

B2159. IONIA, EPHESOS, 202-133 BC. AE19, Sear 4411. Bee within wreath/Stag before palm. VF. Scarce type. Nice contrasting patina.

B2160. IONIA, EPHESOS, 48-27 BC. AE19, Sear 4414. Bust Artemis r./Two stags, torch between. VF. Scarce example with a wonderfully intense, almost frenzied, face of Artemis.

B2161. IONIA, HERAKLEIA, 2nd century BC. AR tetradrachm, Sear 4453. Head of Athena r./Club with small owl below. Choice EF. Superb sharp example with Athena's helmet ornamented with Pegasus and foreparts of five horses.

B2162. IONIA, KOLOPHON. 2nd-1st century BC. AE18, Sear 4357. Homer std. l. holding scroll, resting his head on his r. hand/Apollo Kitharoidos advancing r. VF. Rare. Kolophon was one of several Greek cities that claimed to be the birthplace of Homer. However it's coins depicting Homer are much rarer than those of Smyrna. A very nice example with clear figures considerably superior to the Sear plate coin.

B2163. IONIA, MILETOS, 6th century BC. AR 1/12 Stater, BMC.14. Snarling lion head l./Ornate floral star within square incuse. EF. A very early silver coin. One of the best examples from the hoard of several years ago. Now scarce again.

B2164. IONIA, MILETOS, ca. 525-500 BC. AR Trihemitartemorion, 0.16 gm. Rosen.408. Lion's head r./Quail within incuse square, two pellets around. Sharp EF. Extremely rare. One of the smallest coins known demonstrating the Greek die engravers ability to produce great art on the smallest surface. One of the finest examples of this coin known.

B2165. IONIA, SMYRNA, 2nd century AD. AE20, SNG Copenhagen 1273. Head of Zeus Akraios r./Artemis Panionios stg. l. VF+. Very rare and a rare example with the god's name and title spelled out on the flan. The head of Zeus a superb example of the Greek die engraver's art.

B2166. IONIA, SYANGELA, early 6th century BC. AR Hemidrachm. Head griffin l./ Square incuse with diamond ladder pattern, in the center of which a deeper circular incuse with star pattern. EF. Old cabinet toning. Once thought to have been minted at Phokaia, it has now been reassigned to Syangela. One of the finest examples known.

B2167. LESBOS, 5th century BC. AR Stater, Head 484. Two bull calves head to head, tree between/Square incuse. VF+. Old cabinet toning. Rare. A beautiful example of early Greek coinage.

B2168. LESBOS, ERESUS, ca. 3rd century BC. AR Drachm, SNG Cop_ (but compare #343 in AE), Sear _. Head Demeter l. wreathed with grain/EP monogram within cornwreath. AEF. Old cabinet toning. Excessively rare.

B2169. LESBOS, MYTILENE, ca. 1st-2nd century. AE40 Medallion. Torso of Asclepius l. of fine Classical style/Asclepius std. l. resting left arm on long staff and reaching toward serpent with right. AVF. Holed & flan chip. Extremely rare.

B2170. LYDIAN KINGS, KROISOS, 560-546 BC. AR Stater, Sear 3419, 10.50 gm. Foreparts lion and bull confronted/Double punch. VF+. Rare, not the more usual half stater. A fine example of the largest type of the first silver coins ever struck. Prior to Kroisos' issuance of a bimetallic gold and silver currency, all earlier coins had been struck of electrum, a naturally occuring alloy of gold and silver. Very nice example of this historic coin with old cabinet toning.

B2171. MYSIA, ADRAMYTTEION, mid 4th century BC. AE12, Sear 3803. Head of Zeus facing 3/4 r./Eagle stg. l. on altar. EF. Rare. A superb classical head of Zeus who is rarely depicted facing. Choice example of this rare issue.

B2172. MYSIA, IOLLAS, ca. 400-300 BC. AE20, Sear 3874. Head Athena wearing crested helmet r./Forepart of Pegasos r. with curled wings and wing at termination. EF. Very rare. Superb example, likely one of the finest known, with an excellent patina.

B2173. MYSIA, KYZIKOS, 2nd-1st century BC. AE27, BMC.165v, Sear 3867v. Laureate head of Apollo r./Large tripod lebes. VF. Superb gem-like patina, considerably better than image.

B2174. MYSIA, KYZIKOS, 480-450 BC. AR Obol, 0.84 gm. Sear 3848v. Forepart boar with retrograde 'E' on shoulder, tunny fish behind/Head of snarling lion with bristling mane l. EF. Sharply struck example of this rare coin, well centered on a very broad flan with every hair in the lion's and boar's mane clear. One of the finest known examples. NOTE: this is not the more common smaller type!

B2175. MYSIA, PERGAMON, 2nd-1st century BC. AE20, Sear 3960. Head Athena r./Trophy of armour. EF. Excellent sharp example.

B2176. MYSIA, PERGAMON, 2nd-1st century BC. AE16, Sear 3963v. Head Athena r. wearing crested helmet ornamented with star/Owl facing with wings spread on palm branch. EF. Choice example with fine contrasting patina that brings out the detail.

B2177. PAMPHYLIA, SIDE, 3rd-2nd century BC. AE16, Sear 5437. Hd Athena in crested helmet r./Large pomegranate. EF. Very nice example with deeply struck high profile pomegranate.

B2178. PONTOS, AMISOS, 2nd-1st century BC. Aegis with Gorgon's head at center/Nike adv. r. carrying palm. EF. Superior example with clear Gorgon head.

B2179. PONTOS, AMISOS, late 2nd-early 1st century BC. AE26, Sear_. Laureate head of Zeus r./Eagle stg. l. on thunderbolt looking back. AVF. Not the usual AE20 (Sear 3644) but the much rarer larger, thicker type of finer style similar to Sear 3659.

B2180. PSIDIA, SELGE, ca. 300-190 BC. AR Stater, SNG Cop.249, Sear 5472v. Two nude wrestlers grappling/Slinger wearing short tunic preparing to throw, triskeles before. EF. A wonderful example of the ability of Greek art to convey lively action. A fine example of the type with excellent style and detail.

B2181. RHODOS, RHODES, 387-304 BC. AR Didrachm, Sear 5037v. Head of Helios 3/4 facing r./Large rose flower, stalk with bud to r., hydria in field to l. EF. Exceptionally sharp high profile rose.

B2182. TROAS, SIGEION, ca. 350 BC. AE19, BMC.17.86.2, Sear 4144. Head of Athena facing 3/4 r., crescent behind. EF with some verdigris that needs stabilization. Sigeion was an Athenian colony situated close to the entrance of the Hellespont. Rare coin with fine style.

B2183. PERGAMENE KINGS, ATTALOS I, 241-197 BC. AR Tetradrachm, BMC.35, Sear 7220. Hd Philetaros r. wearing laurel wreath/Athena std. l., bow behind, ivy leaf and monogram before. EF+. Superb sharp very high profile example with incredible detail and of the finest style. Tiny ding at bottom edge and a few light scratches which don't detract only mentioned to complete the description of condition. The finest example I've seen and worthy of the finest collection.

B2184. PHOENICIA, SIDON, BA'ANA, 400-385 BC. AR Double Shekel, 27.96 gm, BMC.7, Betlyon 13. Sidonian war galley before the turretted walls of Sidon, two Persian lions tail to tail below/King of Persia in war chariot, Punic character above, below a ram in incuse with solar disk above reverted head leaping l. VF. Excessively rare. The only other example I've seen for some years, without a test cut, was being offered several years ago at $27,000. This wonderful extra large and heavy silver coin is one of the few that gives us a city view of a major city from ancient times reflecting the height of Phoenician maritime power which enabled the Phoenicians to extend their trading empire across the entire Mediterranean, down the west coast of Africa, up the coast of Europe and perhaps beyond.

B2185. SELEUCID KINGS, SELEUKOS II, 246-226 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 6896. His diademed head r./Naked Apollo stg., leaning on tripod sighting an arrow. VF. Rare. Even though this coin has been harshly cleaned, the exceptional style both in the sensitive, intelligent head of the ruler and even more so in the superb rendering of Apollo make this coin an exceptional example of Greek numismatic art and far superior in style to the Sear plate coin.

B2186. SELEUCID KINGS, DEMETRIOS I, 162-150 BC. AR Tetradrachm, 16.79 gm. Houghton 151, Sear 7015. His diademed head r./Tyche std. l. EF. A superb finely styled example of Hellenistic portrait art much superior to most examples.

B2187. SELEUCID KINGS, DEMETRIOS I, 162-150 BC. Tetradrachm, Sear 7015. His head r./Tyche std. l. VF+. Choice finely styled reverse example with sharp figure of Nike supporting Tyche's throne.

B2188. SELEUCID KINGS, DEMETRIOS I, 162-150 BC. AE25 Serratus, Sear 7026. Laureate head of Apollo r./Tripod lebes. Nice VF. Scarce. Great example of fine style with excellent contrasting red and black Syrian patina.

B2189. SELEUCID KINGS, ALEXANDER I, BALAS, 150-145 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Tyre mint, Sear 7033v. His portrait head r./Eagle stg. on prow l., Heracles club with TYP monogram on top to l., date to r. EF. Choice example with beautifully styled Hellenistic portrait and great detail, especially on the reverse. Slightly gold iridescent tone.

B2190. SELEUCID KINGS, ANTIOCHOS VIII, 121-96 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 7143. His portrait head r./Zeus stg. with scepter and star within laurel wreath. EF. A superb example of Hellenistic portrait art in a more Romantic style capped by a wonderful treatment of the the king's hair which flows from under his diadem in a symphony of beautifully rendered curls.

B2191. SELEUCID KINGS, ANTIOCHOS VIII, 121-96 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 7143. His portrait head r./Zeus stg. with scepter and star within laurel wreath. EF. Old cabinet toning. A superb example of Hellenistic portrait art which renders with the greatest sensivity the likeness of this ruthless and complex king.

B2192. SELEUCID KINGS, PHILIP PHILADELPHOS, 93-83 BC. AR Tetradrachm. His portrait head r./Zeus enthroned holding Nike. AEF. Exceptional sensitively rendered portrait example of the last Seleucid King, most of his coins being engraved rather sloppily see eg. the Sear plate coin for the more common style.

B2193. PARTHIA, GOTARZES I, 95-87 BC. AR Drachm, Shore 111v. /Archer sighting bow. Sharp EF.

B2194. JUDAEA, 134/135 AE. AR Zuz, Hendin 730. Bunch of grapes in 3 lobes hanging from branch/Two trumpets upright, dot between. VG.

B2195. EGYPT, PTOLEMY II, 285-246 BC. AE28, S7779v. Laureate head of Zeus r. of exceptionally fine style/Eagle stg. on thunderbolt l., shield to l. EF+. This is a very rare variety of the usual Ptolemaic type but of much finer style (see the Sear plate coin for the usual style) with a superbly rendered head of Zeus. This variant is quite rare and is usually found in Sicily. A choice example and deserving of further study.

B2196. ZEUGITANIA, CARTHAGE, late 3rd century BC. AE44, Sear 6533, 102gm. Head Tanit l. wreathed with corn, wearing single drop earring./Horse stg. r., above sun-disk between two uraeus cobras. VG. Excessively rare, one of the largest, rarest and most impressive of all Greek coins and missing from many major collections. Nearly all the very few extant examples are in very worn condition as is the current example.

B2197. ZEUGITANIA, CARTHAGE, ca. 221-202 BC. AE30, SNG Copenhagen 334, Sear 6507. Head of Tanit wreathed with corn l./Horse stg. r., palm tree beyond. AEF. There is evidence this issue may have been struck by an Italian mint under Hannibal during his occupation of Italy. A wonderful large well centered example with great detail, style and a choice chestnut patina. Very rare especially this nice.

B2198. ZEUGITANIA, CARTHAGE, later part 3rd century BC. AE20, S6526v. Head of Tanit wreathed with corn l., 3 pellets behind/Horse head r., circle to r. EF. Wonderful sharp well centered example with great detail and style. Rare this nice.