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B3182. R. NEILSON, HAREM SCENE, ca. early 20th century. Oil on board, signed lower right. Nicely painted scene of a Middle Eastern Sultan with three of his harem women in a sumptuous marble palace. 12 x 16 inches. Fine quality art.

B3183. A SIGNED JAPANESE PAINTING ON SILK, ca. early 20th century. The painting of pink peonys with a butterfly, signed in calligraphy and seal stamped. 9.5 x 12 in nice gold leaf frame.

B3184. A SIGNED JAPANESE PAINTING ON SILK, ca. early 20th century. The painting of camilias and cherry blossoms, signed in calligraphy and seal stamped. 9.5 x 12 in nice gold leaf frame.

B3185. A CHOICE EUROPEAN IVORY NUDE, ca. late 19th, early 20th century. The superbly carved nude descending a rocky path, a jug is carelessly held in her right hand along her thigh, a wine cup raised high in her left. 5.6 inches. Simply wonderful proportions and execution with superb detail down to the paper thin wine cup. Intact and flawless except for a microscopic flake from the bottom of the cup.

B3186. A FINE PARIAN FIGURE OF EVE, ca. early 20th century. Standing completely nude in a slight contraposto pose with her clothes draped over a column, she regards the fateful apple held in her right hand. 5.3 inches. An elegant piece of clear design, excellent detail and style.

B3187. A CHOICE VICTORIAN SHELL CAMEO, ca. 19th century. Delicately carved scene with a Grecian maiden wearing a pleated himation bound at the waist and crossed over her breasts. She is seated on a stone outcropping before a tree, the ruins of an aqueduct in the distance, a flock of birds above her outstretched hand. 1.3 x 1.75 inches. An outstanding example carved with great artistic skill. Boxed.

B3188. AN AMERICAN PRIMITIVE CARVED WOOD CROW, ca. 19th century. The crow of polished hardwood with inlaid lighter wood eyes. 4.75 inches. Wonderful naive style.

B3189. A CRIMEAN WAR GLASS BOTTLE WITH FINE IRIDESCENCE, 1853-56. The club shaped bottle of quite heavy glass with molded inscription reading R. ELLIS PUTHIN/MANUFACTURED/ON SUPERIOR/AERATED WATERS/TO THE ROYAL FAMILY. The bottle apparently discarded by British troops during the war. Found in the Crimea. 8.25". The entire surface covered with beautiful frosty peacock iridescence better than on most examples of ancient glass. A gem with an interesting historical context.

B3190. LE FORUM ROMAIN ET LES FORUMS DE JULES CESAR, D'AUGUSTE, DE VESPASIEN, DE NERVA ET DE TRAIAN, Ferdinand Dutert, Paris 1876. Elephant Folio (13.25 x 20 inches). 44+ text pages, + 12 full page engraved plates (some double paged plates are counted as two plates in the index). One additional double page plate has been removed. Some text engravings including a few of Roman coins. Some foxing, mostly on one plate. Marbled boards and end covers, gold stamped burgandy leather spine (small repairs at top & bottom) & triangular burgandy corners. Otherwise internally and externally sound. Rare and interesting.

B3191. M. VALERII MARTIALIS EPIGRAMMATA, 1734. Two volumes, gold stamped leather spines, 607+ pages. Engraved title pages, one with Nerva, one with quadriga. 2 x 5.5 x 8 inches (both vols together). Generally tight & clean with just a few minor defects.

B3192. CARTHAGE, A MOSAIC OF ANCIENT TUNIS, 9 x 11 inches, card covers. 238 pages, copiously illustrated. Excellent history and archeology reference with numerous antiquities of all types illustrated from this fascinating and often overlooked ancient culture.

B3193. A LARGE FOSSIL FISH. Cretaceous, Ceara, Brazil. The fish looking somewhat similar to a Cealocanth with what appear to be the remnants of appendages front and back, but probably not, nevertheless and expecially nice and well preserved specimen with great detail in head, scales and tail. The fossil 24 inches. The tail expertly reattached. Rare and deserving of further research.

B3194. A FINELY PRESERVED FOSSIL FISH. Prob. Eocene, Green River formation, southwestern Wyoming. The fish preserved in excellent condition, nearly every detail intact. The fossil 7 inches in nice 12 x 14 inch matrix. Rare this nice.

B3195. AN ORTHODONT SKULL. 3 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches. Most of one side remaining, lower jaw, fragments of upper, and most of posterior cranium on the reverse.

B3196. AN EXTINCT TREE FERN FOSSIL, Lepidodendron. Carboniferous. 'Mahony, PA '66' in back in black ink. Nice large specimen in matrix, covered with original bark pattern. The fossil 11 inches. Tree ferns were once one of the dominant early trees, today mostly extinct, they exist only in New Zealand and a few other locations. Great example.