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B3100. A BETTER HAN DYNASTY BELT HOOK, 207 BC - 220 AD. The body cast in the form of a scorpion. 2.4 inches. A rare and unusual type. In custom Chinese box.

B3101. A LARGE TAOIST STONE CEREMONIAL BLADE. Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, possiby earlier. The blade carved with side ridges and Tao Tieh mask on both sides, a mounting hole drilled through the neck. 2.5 x 9.5 inches. Carved of purple gray stone possibly serpentine. Excellent example with wear and a couple of tiny age chips. Rare.

B3102. A LARGE CHINESE BLACK STONE HEAD OF THE BUDDHA, ca. 17th-19th century, possibly earlier. The head nicely carved of heavy black stone. 6.5 x 6.5 x 12 inches. 28 lbs. Some possible restoration. Considerable light lime deposits.

B3103. A FINE CH'IEN LUNG PORCELAIN VASE, 1736-1795. The vase of elegant form painted with a court maiden under a pine tree opening a box to reveal her lucky pet bat inside, four Chinese characters in black on the reverse. 3.5 x 8.5 inches. Very fine painting with vibrant color and choice condition. Ch'ien Lung seal on base in red.

B3104. A VERY FINE CHINESE JADE CARVING, ca. 18th century. The openwork carving of high quality white mutton fat jade with a lucky symbol on the flat bottom side, two entwined tigers whose tongues meet over a lotus pad on the curved top. 1 x 1.6 x 2.5 inches. Choice quality and condition. Rare.

B3105. A FINE CHINESE JADE ARCHER'S RING, ca. 19th century or possibly earlier. The ring of light coffee colored lustrous stone masterfully carved with eight horses in a mountain landscape, all in wonderfully lifelike animated poses. 0.9 x 1.1 inches. In embroidered silk pouch. Rare this nice.

B3106. A CHINESE BAMBOO BRUSH POT, ca. late 19th-early 20th century. The cylindrical bamboo section with joint at bottom forming the base, the dark stained exterior carved with classic scene of mountain pavilions and streams, also three rows of engraved Chinese characters. 2.5 x 5 inches. Age cracks and half inch hole in bottom.

B3107. A CHOICE 'BLANC DE CHINE' MAIDEN, ca. early 20th century. Very finely modeled maiden, perhaps a concubine wearing long robes with bound with silk and jade ties, and holding a fan, her long hair reaching down over her hips on the reverse, her head lowered in respect. 9.5 inches. 46 and a single character inscribed in the interior. Exceptionally well done shy but sensuous expression on her beautiful features. Choice intact condition.

B3108. A HUGE CHINESE IVORY FIGURE, ca. mid 20th century. The figure carved from the larger half of a tusk with a finely modeled ancient Chinese warrior with wonderful style and meticulous detail. 28 inches, 16 lbs. Choice condition except for tiny tip of staff and tips of two banners. Signed on the bottom. On custom two tiered carved hardwood stand. Very rare and no longer being made.

B3109. A CHOICE CHINESE IVORY WARRIOR, ca. mid 20th century. The figure of wonderful style and meticulous detail. 7.75 inches. Choice intact condition. On silver inlaid custom rosewood stand.

B3110. A CARVED CHINESE 'BUDDHA', ca. mid 20th century. The corpulent figure of the Chinese god of happiness seated with one leg raised on custom stand. 2 inches. Excellent condition.

B3111. A CHOICE JAPANESE IVORY FIGURE, ca. late 19th, early 20th century. The wonderful polychromed figure of a yukata clad man holding a fan and a birdcage with door that opens to reveal a songbird inside. 12.75 inches. Signature carved on the bottom of one sandal. Rendered in the finest style from the face which is filled with an expression of serene joy to the minute carefully incised details which hold the polychrome. On curled rosewood base.

B3112. A SUPERB JAPANESE IVORY CARVING, ca. 19th century. The ivory sphere finely carved with a young prince among five masters or immortals and a dragon and foo lion, no doubt illustrating a scene from Japanese legend. 2.5 inches diameter. Wonderful composition and workmanship. Well aged golden patina. Signed.

B3113. A CHOICE JAPANESE IVORY NETSUKE, ca. early 20th century. The ivory netsuke carved with all twelve animals of the oriental zodiac. 1 x 1.25 x 1.5 inches. A masterpiece of composition and execution. Signed near the suspension hole.

B3114. A FINE SAMURAI SHORT SWORD, ca. 19th century or before. The tsuba with twin lotus leaves its retainer silver, the scabbard laquered wood, the small knife signed on the blade, the brass handle with mixed metal scene of two children watching a butterfly in copper and gold, the handle wrapped with sharkskin, the ornaments within the wraps Foo Lions of bronze and gold. 20.5 inches. One wrap strand torn, otherwise nice condition. Rare.

B3115. A CHOICE JAPANESE MIXED METAL PILL BOX, ca. late 19th-early 20th century. The silver case engraved with chrysanthemums and signed Toshimasu, the top with a superb mixed metal relief of a Samurai carrying an Oni (demon) on his back, the full moon over a stream before him, the relief of bronze with gold and silver inlay. 1 x 1.8 inches. A superb masterwork of the finest Japanese craftsmanship.

B3116. A CHOICE JAPANESE SILVER CIGAR CASE, ca. late 19th-early 20th century. The case with compartments for three cigars, the whole decorated with sea creatures on the front, a carp in a flower and bamboo edged pool on the revers, all done in superb repousse work, the clasp with hand formed spring. 2.75 x 5.2 inches. A masterpiece of fine Japanese art.

B3117. A FINE JAPANESE BRASS MATCH CASE, ca. late 19th-early 20th century. The case in the form of dragon holding a ball, the case hinged to open at the dragon's mouth. 1.5 x 3 inches. A splendid example of fine Japanese craftsmanship.

B3118. AN INDUS VALLEY ROCK CRYSTAL AMULET, ca. 3rd-2nd millennium BC. The crystal carved in the form of an animal, perhaps a bird. 1.75 inches. Excellent condition.

B3119. AN INDUS VALLEY SCHIST AMULET, ca. 3rd-2nd millennium BC. The gray stone carved in the form of an animal, perhaps a bird. 2.35 inches. Excellent condition.

B3120. AN INDUS VALLEY TORSO OF A FERTILITY GODDESS, ca. 3rdľ2nd millennium BC. With applied eyes and mouth and incised hair detail. 2 x 3 inches. Sharp details. Scarce.

B3121. AN INDUS VALLEY HEAD OF A FERTILITY GODDESS, ca. 3rdľ2nd millennium BC. With applied eyes and mouth and incised hair detail. 1.6 x 1.9 inches. Very sharp details. Scarce.

B3122. AN INDUS VALLEY HEAD OF A HORSE, ca. 3rdľ2nd millennium BC. With pressed and incised details, stippling to the mane, a hole through the muzzle for a bridle. 2.75 inches. This example perhaps a unicorn as there is the stump of a central horn between the ears. An excellent example. Scarce.

B3123. A GANDHARAN GREEN SHIST BUDDHAPADA FREIZE WITH FOOTPRINTS OF BUDDHA, ca. 1st-2nd century AD. The freize of square form, carved in sunken relief with the footprints of Buddha, a stylized lotus incised on the soles, and the character 'Om' in each toe impression. 10 x 12.5 inches, 17 lbs. Before actual representations of Buddha were made, auspicious symbols, such as the wheel, bodhi tree, stupa, and footprints such as these were worshipped in their place. Footprints symbolize not only the physical presence of Buddha, but also his spiritual domination. Immediately after his birth Buddha took seven steps over the earth, thus indicating his divine nature. Cf. Pal, Light of Asia, p. 135, no. 67. See also Sotheby's, Indian and Southeast Asian Art, 3/20/97 lot 36 for a nearly indentical (unbroken) example which sold for $51,750. Very rare. On custom stand.

B3124. A LARGE AND FINE GANDHARAN STUCCO BUDDHA, ca. 2nd-3th century AD. The Buddha seated in meditation with legs crossed and hands clasped in his lap. Especially fine and large example of wonderful style with great serenity. 11 x 18.25 inches, 20 lbs. In two pieces with a clean break. We can provide needed repair. See eg. Sotheby's March '97, lot 45 for a very similar example only slightly larger which sold for $65,750. On custom stand. Very rare.

B3125. A SUPERB GANDHARAN STUCCO BUDDHA, ca. 2nd-3rd century AD. The Buddha seated in meditation posture wearing long robes. 7.75 x 9 inches. Of the finest style with wonderful detailing. Flake to right arm, some surface abrasion, the back flat where originally attached. On custom stand.

B3126. A SUPERB GANDHARAN STUCCO BUDDHA, ca. 2nd-3rd century AD. The Buddha seated in meditation posture wearing long robes. 8.4 x 9 inches. Of the finest style with wonderful detailing. Stable lines, the back flat where originally attached. On custom stand.

B3127. A SUPERB GANDHARAN STUCCO BUDDHA, ca. 2nd-3rd century AD. The Buddha seated in meditation posture wearing long robes. 7.25 x 7.25 inches. Of the finest style with wonderful detailing. Chip to hands, stable lines, the back flat where originally attached. On custom stand. >

B3128. A SUPERB GUPTA HEAD, ca. 4th-5th century AD. The head of a young prince rendered with wonderful style and delicacy, he wears a turban or crown with a large jewel above his brow. 1.25 x 1.4 x 2.4 inches. The face with unbelievable nobility and sensitivity. Museum quality. Extremely rare.

B3129. A LARGE INDIAN CARVED WOOD PLAQUE, ca. 19th century or earlier. The openwork plaque carved with the large figure of a voluptuous goddess wearing only a loincloth and jewelry, in the act of applying the sacred red dot to her forehead, four male attendants around and floral motif above. 10.5 x 43.5 inches. Nicely carved in a very sensuous style.

B3130. A CHOICE KHMER BRONZE GODDESS, ca. 16th century. The goddess with 20 smaller arms issuing from her upper arms and wearing a loincloth dancing on two prostrate demons, and wearing a two tiered headdress bearing multiple heads, a mounting tenon on the base. 7 inches. Choice detail, style and condition. Very rare.

B3131. A SUPERB BALINESE WOOD CARVING, ca. early-mid 20th century. The bust of a lady wearing a large multi-tiered headdress. 7.5 x 15.5 inches. Choice flawless condition. A masterpiece of wood carving which would compare favorably with those of any age. Infinitely superior to the usual Balinese examples.

B3132. AN EARLY ISLAMIC LIDDED PYXIS, ca. 7th-11th century AD. The ceramic pot with remains of turquoise glaze, the intact lid wit original bronze ring. 3.5 inches. Intact. Quite rare.

B3133. AN EARLY ISLAMIC BEAD WITH INSCRIPTION, ca. 7th-10th century AD. The cylindrical bead with molded inscription encircling. 13 x 17 mm. Rare.

B3134. A CHOICE SELJUK BRONZE FELINE, ca. 12th-14th century AD. The geometric feline with alert posture emphasized by large erect ears. 2.25 x 2.25 inches. A wonderful example in choice condition. Very rare.