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B3760. MACEDON, IMPERIAL TIMES. AE26. Hd. of Alexander The Great r./Alexander or emperor stg. facing, holding inverted spear and parazonium. EF. Rare this nice.

B3761. LESBOS, MYTILENE, ca. 350-250 BC. AE14, BMC 37ff, SNG Copenhagen 383, Von Aulock_. Head of Sappho r. wearing sphendone/Lyre. AVF. Extremely rare representation of the most famous poetess of Ancient Greece.

B3762. PHRYGIA, APAMEA, 2nd century BC. AE15, BMC 91. Turreted bust of Artemis-Tyche r./Marsyas r. playing double pipes. AEF. Very rare repesentation of Marsyas who was later flayed for competing in music with Apollo.

B3763. PHOENICIA, ARADOS, 2nd-1st century BC. Tetradrachm. Hd. City goddess r./Nike stg. within wreath. VF. Light deposits.

B3764. SABAEANS AND HIMYARITES, 3rd-2nd century BC. AR Drachm, Sear 6112v. Hd. Athena, Sabean letter on cheek/Owl stg. facing. F+.

B3765. POMPEY MAGNUS. AE20 of Soli-Pompeiopolis, Cilicia, BMC 54, Levante 880v. Head Pompey r./Nike adv. r. with wreath and palm. VF+. Rare.

B3766. NERO AND POPPAEA. AR Tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt, BMC 122. Radiate hd. Nero/bust Poppaea r. VF. Fine old cabinet toning. Rare this nice.

B3767. DOMITIAN AND DOMITIA. AE26 of Celenderis, Cilicia, BMC_, SNG Copenhagen_, Weber_, KAM_, Levante 546. Laur. bust Domitian r./bust Domitia r. EF. Extremely rare and choice EF portrait of Domitia.

B3768. TRAJAN. AE32 of Galatia, Von Aulock 6125. Zeus sd l. holding fulmen and scepter, to r., eagle. VF+. Scarce.

B3769. ANTONINUS PIUS. AE Drachm of Alexandria, Egypt, BMC 1065. /Elpis adv. l. holding flower and raising hem of gown. VF+.

B3770. SEVERUS ALEXANDER. AE34 of Antioch, Psidia, BMC_, Von Aulock_, Krzyzanowska Pl. XXX, XI, 26. /Priest with two oxen plowing r. AVF. Extremely rare.

B3771. SEVERUS ALEXANDER. AE25 of Caesarea, Samaria, Rosenberger 87v. Laur. bust r./Eagle supporting wreath with SPQR. VF+. Rare.

B3772. GORDIAN III. AE34 of Antioch, Psidia, BMC 104, Von Aulock 4952. /Wolf suckling twins, fig tree behind. AVF. Rare.

B3773. GORDIAN III. AE34 of Antioch, Psidia, BMC 85, Von Aulock 4956. /Emperor on horse with spear, another spear in lion below. F+. Rare.

B3774. GORDIAN III. AE37 of Tarsus, Cilicia, Paris 1689. /Emperor sacrificing over altar. F. Rare.

B3775. TRAJAN DECIUS. AE27 of Rhesaina, Mesopotamia, Castelin 66. /Temple. AVF. Rare.

B3776. AURELIAN. AE25 of Cremna, Psidia, BMC_, Von Aulock 8610. /Basket with prize wreath on table. EF. Rare.

B3777. AURELIAN. Billon tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt, BMC 2360. Laureate hd. r./Eagle. EF. Choice example.

B3778. JUSTINIAN I, 527-565 AD. AE Half Follis of Constantinople, Sear 165. Facing bust/K. AEF. Scarce.

B3779. JUSTINIAN I, 527-565 AD. AE Half Follis of Antioch, Sear 230. Facing bust/K. AEF. Scarce.

B3780. JUSTINIAN I, 527-565 AD. AE Half Follis of Carthage, Sear 267. Facing bust/K. VF+. Scarce.

B3781. MAURICE TIBERIUS, 582-602 AD. AE Half Follis of Carthage, Sear 561. Bust facing/K. EF. Scarce.

B3782. PHOCAS AND LEONTIA, 602-610 AD. AE Follis of Antioch, Sear 671. Stg. figures of Phocas & Leontia/M. AEF. Scarce.

B3783. HERACLIUS, 610-641 AD. Follis of Sicily, Sear 883. Busts Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine/SCL countermark over two figures. EF. Rare.

B3784. CONSTANS II, 641-668 AD. Gold Solidus, Sear 972. Helmeted bust facing/Constantine, Heraclius and Tiberius stg. facing. Choice EF. A very rare variety with no mention of the emperor's name.

B3785. SASANIAN KINGS, FIROZ, 459-484 AD. AR Drachm, G171. Bust r./Fire altar with attendants. Sharp EF.

B3786. ENGLAND, ATHELRED II, 978-1016 AD. AR Penny, Exeter mint, Seaby 668. Bust l./Long cross. Sharp EF.

B3787. ENGLAND, ELIZABETH I, 1558-1603. AR Shilling, fifth issue, crescent mintmark (1587-1589). Bust r./Shield. EF. Choice example with sharp bust. Rare this nice.

B3788. IRELAND, HIBERNO-NORSE, ca. 1035-60 AD. AR Penny in imitation of Aethelred II longcross penny, Seaby 4132 Phase III. Bust l./Long cross. Sharp EF. Rare.

B3789. IRELAND, 1689. AE Half Crown (Gunmoney). Bust l./Crown. EF.

B3790. IRELAND, 1690. AE Shilling (Gunmoney). Bust l./Crown. EF.

B3791. IRELAND, GEORGE III, 1805. Proof Half Penny, Seaby 4621. Bust r./Harp. FDC Bronzed Proof.

B3792. IRELAND, ELIZABETH I, 1583-1603. AR Shilling of 1561, Seaby 4505. Bust l./Three harps on shield. Nice VF. Extremely rare this nice!