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4470. 10 GREEK BRONZE COINS, ca. 3rd-1st century BC. Several Syria, one prob. N. Africa, Athens, Spain. To around AE15. Avg. F. Most at least partially identified in envelopes. All identifyable. Many scarce or even rare types.

4471. 4 BETTER ROMAN RINGS, ca. 1st-3rd century AD. All in nice condition, 3 with engraved bezels including one with an exceptionally fine green patina, the other with a key. To 24 mm.

4472. 3 HAN DYNASTY BOWLS, 207 BC-220 AD. The 3 footed bowls with green glaze, two with applied ornament. To 5 inches. Intact. Rare.

4473. 2 EARLY ISLAMIC SGRAFFIATO DISHES, ca. 12th-14th century AD. The two shallow dishes with yellow, green and brown glaze over incised sgraffiato designs. To 6.25 inches. Repair to both.

4474. 21 ANCIENT STONE SEALS, BEADS & AMULETS, ca. 3rd 1st millenium BC. Some with carving, including one mosaic glass bead. To 42mm.

4475. A DINOSAUR EGG IMPRESSION WITH SHELL. Dendrolithus sp. (Duckbill), Cretaceous, Kaoguo Formation, Xixia Basin, Henan province, China. The impression of an egg in matrix retaining much of the original shell. 2.75 x 5 x 6 inches.

4476. 3 ANCIENT ART REPRODUCTIONS, 20th century. Reproductions of The Vapio Gold Mycenean Cup, Apollo Accompanied by Muses (Benaki Museum) & The Snettisham Celtic Gold Bracelet (boxed). Makes nice presents.