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4853. MEDAILLES IMPERIALES ROMAINES ET GRECQUES: A UNIQUE EARLY NUMISMATIC SCRAPBOOK, ca. 18th-early 19th century. Two volumes hardbound with marbled boards and endpapers, goldstamped burgandy leather spines. Hundreds of pages all with pasted in 18th century engravings of Roman Imperial portraits of the highest quality, as well as coins and some gems etc. Also many pages of descriptive biographic and numismatic descriptions as well as genealogical charts penned in French in a very neat hand. Portraits and descriptions include not only the well known emperors but members of wives and family including many rarities. It also includes many early Byzantine rulers as well. The only clue to the early numismatist who put this wonderful testament to the hobby together I've found is the name Alexandre stamped in gold on the spines under the titles. Any identification or information about this person would be much appreciated. 8 x 9 x 4.5 inches. Generally excellent tight condition. Unique!

4854. Cn. Lucretius Trio, 136 BC. Denarius, Lucretia 1. Hd Roma/The Dioscuri. Sharp EF.

4855. M.Furius L.f.Philus, 119 BC, Denarius, Furia18. Laur. hd. Janus/Roma erecting trophy. VF

4856. P. Satrienus, 77 BC. Denarius, Satriena1. Hd young Mars r./ROMA abv. she wolf l. EF. Refers to founding of Rome

4857. MARC ANTONY, 42-30 BC. AR Legionary Denarius of 32-31 BC. War galley r./Legionary standards. Legion XVII. VF. Old cabinet toning. Struck to pay his legions in his and Cleopatra's war with Octavian.

4858. JULIUS CAESAR, AR Denarius. His portrait r./. EF for wear but weak at top of head.

4859. JULIUS CAESAR & AUGUSTUS. AE20 of Macedon. Hd. Augustus r./Hd. Julius Caesar r. VF. Rare.

4860. AUGUSTUS, . Denarius. /Shield within wreath. EF.

4861. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. Tetradrachm of Antioch Syria, GIC 106. /City goddess std. r. holding palm, river-god Orontes swimming below. VF.

4862. Augustus AS with a very rare countermark of VARVS (VAR),

4863. Augustus, Denarius, Bust to right, CAESAR AVGVSTVS, shield with SPQR CIV in two lines, gVF/gF , nice toning, a banker's mark on the obverse.

4864. Augustus (under Tiberius) with Nero countermark, Sestertius, Augustus riding on an elephant quadriga, DIVO AVGVSTO SPQR, large SC, TI CAESAR DIVI ... TR POT XXX II X, countermark NCAPR, dark patina, gF/gF, but still a nice example of this rare sestertius.

4865. TIBERIUS, 14-37 AD. Denarius, Sear 567. /Livia std. The Tribute Penny Of The Bible. VF+. Slightly grainy.

4866. Caligula, AS, Bust of Caligula to left, C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON MTR POT Veiled Vesta, seated on throne, holding sceptre and patera, VESTA above, SC Fully centered, nice forest green patina. VF.

4867. Caligula AS, Bust of Caligula to left, C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON MTR POT Veiled Vesta, seated on throne, holding sceptre and patera, VESTA above, SC Fully centered, dark patina, some harsh cleaning at left of bust, nice detailed coin, VF.

4868. Claudius Denarius (Fouree), bust to right, TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG PM TRP XI IMP PP COS V Constantia seated on curulic chair, CONSTANTIAE AVGVSTI, some corrosion, but a good eye appeal, VF/VF.

4869. CLAUDIUS, . Denarius. /Victory stg. l., serpent below. VF+.

4870. NERO, AR Tetradrachm. /Eagle on fulmen. VF+.

4871. NERO, AR Tetradrachm. /Eagle on fulmen. VF.

4872. NERO AS CAESAR, 50-54 AD. Denarius, HRIC1 ($1000-$3000), Vagi 679 ($2500-$3500). Bust of the very young Nero to right, NERONI CLAVDIO DRVSO GERM COS DESIGN, round shield, in four lines: EQESTER ORDO PRINCIPI IVVENT, minted under the reign of Claudius, a very nice denarius of Nero with a good toning, a small scratch in the left field behind the bust, very high relief, showing only wear at the high points of the hair, very rare, EF/EF.

4873. Nero Sestertius, Bust to right, NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER PM TR P IMP Roma seated left, holding Victory, ROMA S-C, expressive portrait of Nero, green-balck patina, some weakness in the obverse legend at 6 o clock, gVF/GVF. Light removable sandy deposits near edge.

4874. Otho, Denarius, Bust to right, IMP OTHO CAESAR AVG TRP, Securitas standing, SECVRITAS PR, legend missing at 12 o clock (small flan), VF/aVF, small scratches on reverse, good and detailed portrait.

4875. VITELLIUS, 69 AD. Denarius, HRIC 21. /XVVIR SACRFAC, tripod-lebes, dolphin above, raven below. VF.

4876. VESPASIAN & TITUS. AR Tetradrachm of Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem, GIC 747. Laur. bust Vespasian l./Laur. bust Titus r. VF. Old cabinet toning. Scarce.

4877. TITUS, AE25 of Judaea, Hendin 745 ($350). /Judaea std. mourning beneath trophy, her hands bound behind her back. VF.

4878. Titus, 79-91 AD, Denarius, Bust to left, IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM, Dolphin on altar, TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII PP, gVF/VF with a very nice portrait and a good toning.

4879. Domitian As, Bust to right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XI CENS PER PP Moneta standing left, MONETA AVGVSTI, gVF/gVF.

4880. DOMITIAN, 69-79 AD. Denarius, . /Clasped hands before legionary standard topped by eagle. VF

4881. JULIA TITI, daughter of Titus. Denarius, H3($1000-$3000). /Venus stg. from behind. VF. Rare Lady.

4882. Trajan, Sestertius, Bust to right, IMP CAES NERVEA TRAIANO AVG GER GAC PM TRP COS V PP, Victory beneath a trophaeum, SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, SC, nice even dark patina, good portrait, gVF.

4883. Hadrian, Dupondius, Bust to right, IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG PM TRP COS III, Salus standing left, SALVS PVBLICA, bright green patina, detailed coin, nice portrait, nEF.

4884. HADRIAN. AR Denarius. /Stg. with palms. EF+.

4885. MAXIMINUS, 235-238. Denarius. /Victory adv. r. with wreath and palm. EF. Fine old cabinet toning with iridescence.

4886. PUPIENUS, 238 AD. Denarius. /Pax std. l. EF

4887. CLODIUS ALBINUS, 193-197 AD. Denarius. /Aescalepius stg. l. EF.

4888. MACRINUS, 217-218. Denarius. /Felicitas std l. with long caduceus and cornucopia. FDC. Choice sharp example.

4889. PHILIP II, 224-249. Antoninianus. /stg. with long caduceus and cornucopia. VF. Flan chip & crack. Scarce hd. l. issue.

4890. HERRENIA ETRUSCILLA, wife of Trajan Decius. Antoninianus, HRIC 2. /Fecunditas stg. l. with cornucopia and touching head of child before her. EF. Scarce

4891. AEMILIAN, 253 AD. Antoninianus, /Spes stg. l. EF. Slight rv. deposits.

4892. AEMILIAN, 253 AD. Antoninianus, /Hercules stg. facing with club. VF+/F. Scarce.

4893. VABALATHUS, 266-272. Antoninianus, HRIC 1. Bust r./Bust Aurelian r. EF. Choice example with full silvering.

4894. Laelian, ca. 269 AD. Antoninianus, Bust to right, ...LAELIA..., Victory to right, extremly rare emperor who reigned only a few days, his coins probably struck at an irregular mint in Mogontiacum, RIC9, gF to aVF.

4895. Marius, ca. 269 AD. Antoninianus, Bust to right, IMP C MARIVS PF AVG Clasping hands, nice Antoninian with most of the silvering remaining, rare emperor, who reigned only a very short period after Postumus. Normally Antoniniani of Marius are only found in AE without the silvering. gVF/aVF.

4896. Allectus, 293-296 AD. AE-Antoninianus, Bust to right, IMP C ALLECTVS PF AVG, Galley travelling to left, VIRTVS AVG, nEF, wonderful portrait, nice dark-green patina, Camulodinum mintmark Q, aEF.

4897. Constantius I, CHLORUS, 293-306 AD. AE-Folles, bust to right, DIVO CONSTANTIO PIO, Large altar, two eagles beside, MEMORIA FELIX, gVF/gVF, minted in Trier (PTR).

4898. SEVERUS II, 305-307. Follis,. /Genius stg. l. EF. Nearly full silvering. Scarce.

4899. CHOICE EF VETRANIO, 350 AD. Centenionalis, HRIC 6. /Vetranio stg. with 2 Chi Rho standards. EF+. Choice sharp strike.

4900. PROCOPIUS, 365-366. AE3, HRIC 6 ($300-$1000). /Procopius with labarum and shield. VF+.

4901. CONSTANTINE III. AR Siliqua. VF. Edge chip. Rare.

4782. 25 CHOICE EF CONSTANTINIAN PERIOD ROMAN BRONZE COINS. All sharp EF with fine detail in hair and reverses. Considerably better than image. Great dealer lot, should sell individually for double.