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5015. EUROPEAN BRONZE AGE SWORD, ca. 1000 B.C. This 75 cm long bronze sword has two cutting edges. Wonderful bright green patina. The sword was found in eastern Germany. Very rare in this length and superb condition.

5016. A FINE GREEK BRONZE KRATER HANDLE, ca. 3rd-1st century BC. The attachments terminating in finely worked Pan heads with horns and protruding tongues. 4 x 4 inches. Nice red and green patina. Choice example.

5017. A GREEK BLACK-FIGURE LEKYTHOS, ca. 5th century BC. The vessel with a laurel wreath band in black figure technique around the shoulder. 4.8 inches. Intact with minor deposits.

5019. A GREEK RED-FIGURE LEKYTHOS, ca. 4th century BC. The tall-necked vessel with the head of a fashionable lady flanked by palmettes. 6 inches. Small firing line behind head.

5020. A CHOICE SMALL GREEK RED-FIGURE PITCHER, ca. 4th century BC. The vessel with a finely rendered lion flanked by palmettes. 2 x 2 inches. A little gem.

5022. A LARGE GREEK KYLIX, ca. 4th-3rd century BC. The two-handled shallow wine dish on high stemed base, the body with multiple laurel and other bands in black-figure technique and added red, the tondo with rings of black and red. 4.75 x 11 inches. Repaired from several large shards with one small patch. Still an excellent example.

5023. A CORINTHIAN RING ARYBALLOS, ca. 6th century BC. The doughnut shaped perfume vessel with with wide rim and small strap handle, the body with faint but complete remains of a duck, a mouflon and a lion. 2.3 x 2.8 inches. Intact and rare. The clay in excellent condition with a hard glossy surface.

5024. A CORINTHIAN ARYBALLOS, ca. 6th century BC. The small perfume vessel of spherical form with a wide rim to distribute the scent of the perfume, the body decorated with a procession of four Greek hoplite warriors r. bearing spears and large shields. 2.2 x 2.25 inches. Couple of tiny flakes patched on the bottom not interfering with design. Very rare and desirable processional scene with hoplites. Classic early Greek art!

5025. AN ATTIC RED FIGURE LEKYTHOS, ca. 5th century BC. With the bust of a young maiden in exceptionally fine Classical style. 3.1 inches. Repair to neck and upper handle. A beautiful little vase.

5026. AN ATTIC RED FIGURE LEKYTHOS, ca. 5th century BC. Decorated with an Eros squatting l. in exceptionally fine Classical style. 3.2 inches. Repair to neck and upper handle, minor flakes to surface. A beautiful little vase.

5027. AN EXCEPTIONALLY RARE EARLY GREEK PEDESTAL LAMP, ca. 5th century BC. The small black glazed lamp with wide filler hole and loop handle on wide based unglazed pedestal. 2.6 x 3.6 inches. Handle reattached. Perhaps used as a votive temple lamp. The only one of this type I've carried.

5028. BEAUTIFUL BLACK-GAZED MEDUSA HEAD KALENE-WARE GUTTOS. Athens, Greece or South Italy, Ca. 4th Century BC. Elegant and complex black-glazed oil vessel with ring handle, tall protruding spout, thick disc foot and nice ribbed body and raised relief Medusa head on tondo. Size: 5"H x 6". Condition: Cracks on ribbed sides professionally repaired with small patch under shoulder. Large and finely styled example.

5029. AN ATTIC GREEK GUTTOS, ca. 5th century BC. The oil lamp filler with side handle and spout and spirals design in black figure technique. 2.3 x 3.2 inches. Excellent condition and a very rare early type.

5030. AN ATTIC GREEK LEKYTHOS, ca. 5th century BC. The black glazed vessel with palmette. 3.5 inches. Surface somewhat abraded.