Most of these AE coins are from the Virzi collection. Many are apparently extremely rare and have not been attributable.
Any attributions will be most appreciated.

* * *

4908. ITALY, HERACLEIA, 330-228 BC. AE11, Sear 618. Hd. Heracles bound with wreath/Club, bow & quiver. VF. Rare.

4909. ITALY, HERACLEIA?, 330-228 BC. AE10, Sear 618 similar. Hd. Heracles wearing lion skin/Club, bow & quiver. VF. Rare.

4910. ITALY, PUNIC COINAGE UNDER HANNIBAL, ca. 215-205 BC. AE 27 Sextans, SNG Copenhagen 365/6. Laur. hd. Apollo r., uncertain object behind/Horse stg. r., uraeus sun disk above. VF. Rare.

4911. SICULO-PUNIC, SICILY MINT, TIME OF HANNIBAL, ca. 215-205. AE20, Copenhagen 372. Hd. Tanit/Horsehead. VF.

4912. RARE PUNIC DOUBLE STRIKE. AE17. Horse with palm tree behind overstruck on hd/Bearded male head neatly merged with rearing horse the other side. VF. Rare mint error.

4913. PUNIC,. AE30, Muller 180,181,181a variant with different symbols. Hd. Tanit l./ Horse with large star above. VF. Scarce or rare.

4914. SICILY, KATANA, 413-404 BC. AR Litra, Sear 774. Hd. Silenos l. crowned with ivy/KATANAIWN, winged thunderbolt. EF. Scarce.

4915. SICILY, LEONTINI, ca. 475-470. AR Didrachm, Sear 826 (500). Naked youth cantering horse to r./Lion's hd. r., four corn grains around. F+. Rare. Inexpensive example of this desirable coin.

4916. SICILY, SYRACUSE, ca. 435 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Slow chariot crowned by Nike r./Hd. Arethusa r., dolphins around. VF+. Ancient scratch with toning over on obv. An exceptional sharp Arethusa hd. of fine style.

4917. SICILY, SYRAKUSAI. 275-216 B.C. Calciati, vol II, pag.406, n201, AE22. Hd. Arethusa? l./Pegasos flying r. VF.

4918. SICILY, ATL. 357-336 B.C. Calciati, vol. III, pag.288, n3, AE14. Radiate? hd. r./Athena? stg. facing with spear and shield. AVF.

4919. SICILY, SYRAKUSAI. 317-289 B.C. Calciati, vol II, pag.284, n149 Ds 73 Rs 96 Rl 2, AE13, Cop. 744 similar, Weber 1664 similar. Hd. Apollo l., traces of legend before/Hound lying l., hd. reverted, SW in ex. EF. Rare.

4920. SICILY, ENTELLA. 425-404 B.C. Calciati, vol. I, pag.317, n1., AE15. Female hd. l./Male hd. r. EF. Rare.

4921. LAKONIA, LAKEDAIMON (SPARTA), 2nd century BC, AE18, Sear 2840v. Jugate hds. of Dioscouri r./Two amphoras, LA, NI. VF+. Scarce coin of Sparta.

4922. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE16x19. Female hd. r./Apollo std. l. on omphalos. VF. Rare.

4923. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE22. Hd. l./Apollo std with lyre?. VF. Rare.

4924. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE17. Hd. Poseidon r./Hd. Amphitrite? l. EF. Rare. Tag says Hadrumetum.

4925. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE20. Hd. Athena l./Eagle stg. l., cornucopia to l. VF+. Rare.

4926. SICILY, PANORMOS, ca. 350-300 BC. AE17, Virzi plate 45, 1315. Male hd. l., dolphin behind/Pegasos l. EF. Rare.

4927. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE11. Hd. Apollo r./Bull butting l. VF. Rare.

4928. SICULO-PUNIC? AE11, Resembles Muller 257 but hairstyle is different. Female hd. l., hair drawn up/Horse prancing l. EF. Rare.

4929. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE11. Horse rearing r./Forepart man-headed bull stg. r. VF. Rare.

4930. SICILY, SYRAKUSAI. 317-289 B.C. Head of Apollo on Obverse. Calciati, vol. II, pag.241, n114. AE18. Hd. Apollo? or ruler? l./Bull butting l., club above. EF. Could be a rare 'mule' of two coins of Heiron II.

4931. SICILY, KATANA, AE12, Calciati 7/7 (this coin), Virzi Tav. 27 N. 818 (this coin). Bearded male hd. r./Grape bunch. VF. Very rare. This is the only one of its type listed in Calciati which shows a clear XI in the legend rather than the usual KATANIWN so Calciati's attribution here is somewhat questionable. Ex. Thomas Virzi collection.

4932. SICILY, AKRAGAS. 287-279 B.C. Calciati, vol. I, pag. 201, n119., AE15. Hd. r./Eagle stg. r., hd. reverted. EF. Rare. Akragas?

4933. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE22. Hd. r./Nike? stg. l. VF. Rare.

4934. HISPANIA, SEGUNTUM, 130-80 AD. AE17 Quadrante, Burgos 291. Scallop shell within beaded border/Dolphin, 3 pellets below, Punic letters around. VF. Scarce.

4935. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE13. Hd. r./Hound stg. l. hd. lowered. VF. Rare. Ex. Thomas Virzi collection. (tag says Eryx). Similar to issues for Segesta but not in Copenhagen there.

4936. SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, MOTYA? AE10, Jenkins "Coins of Punic Sicily", Part I, plate 23. Horse stg. l./Crab. VF. Rare.

4937. SICILY, ADRANON. 339-317 B.C. Onkia. Calciati, vol. III, pag. 160, n7. SNG Morcom n506., AE15. Hd. Athena l./Cuttlefish. VF. Scarce.

4938. SICILY, MOTYA, AE12, Jenkins "Coins of Punic Sicily", Part I, plate 23. Hd. r., line behind./Crab. VF. Rare.

4939. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE22. Forepart butting bull l., corngrain abv./Horse prancing l. VF. Rare.

4940. ITALY/SICILY, "Mercenari dell'area di S.Caterina Villaermosa" Calciati Vol III.Pag.322, n2., AE17. Bearded male hd. r./Lyre. VF. Rare.

4941. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE27. Hd. Zeus r., half of thunderbolt below chin/Eagle stg. r, YAS to r. VF. Rare.

4942. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE17. Hd. Apollo r./Man-headed bull stg. r., tripod abv. VF. Rare.

4943. SICILY, ENTELLA, CAMPANIAN MERCENARIES AT, 4th century BC. AE20, Compare ANS 1325, Cal. I, 319, 9. Male hd. wearing helmet with cheek pieces r./Pegasos r. VF. Rare.

4944. SICILY, KEPHALOIDION. 305-280 B.C. Calciati, vol I, pag. 371, n3., AE12x16. Hd. Heracles in lionskin r./Pegasos r. VF. Rare.

4945. SICILY, KATANA, 4th century BC. AE26 thick fabric, Weber 1279. Hd. of river-god l. bound with reeds/Man-headed bull stg. l. F+. Very rare and rarely found better.

4946. SICILY, TYNDARIS, ca. 344 BC. AE12, Weber 1754. Hd. Apollo l./Forepart horse r. EF. Rare. Beautiful patina.

4947. SICILY, NAKONA (site unknown), before ca. 400 BC. AE 11 Uncia, Weber 1464. Hd. of nymph to r., hair gathered up behind and bound with cord wound three times round the head and tied in a knot, she wears necklace and earring/Goat stg. r., pellet abv. EF. Excessively rare. Wonderful style hd.

4948. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE13. Male hd. r./Horse prancing r. EF. Rare. N. Africa?

4949. SICILY, AMESELON. 343-339 B.C. Dilitron. Calciati, vol. III, pag. 333, n1 OS. SNG ANS n1354. Coin restruck on invisible undertype, perhaps Morgantina, AE26. Bearded, helmeted male hd. r./Large tripod. F. Rare. Ex. Thomas Virzi collection (tag says Tauromenion)

4950. SICILY, CAMPANIAN MERCENARIES IN, AE14, BMC 4. Crested Campanian helmet r./KAM monogram within olive-wreath. VF. Rare.

4951. SICILY, CAMPANIAN MERCENARIES IN, AE14, BMC 4. Crested Campanian helmet r./KAM monogram within olive-wreath. EF. Rare.

4952. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE16. Hd. bearded Heracles in lionskin r./Legend around club. VF. Rare.

4953. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE12. Young male hd. in close fitting beaked helmet r./Heracles stg. with club. VF. Rare. Tag says Velia.

4954. SICILY, ROMAN RULE?, AE12 Hexas, Weber 1766. Veiled female hd. (Isis?) r./Two cornears on one stalk with crescent abv. VF. Rare. (Tag says Tyrrheni, Weber 1766 but this is in error).

4955. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE17. Hd. Apollo? l. wearing long looped braids/Two cornears with Q abv. VF. Rare.

4956. SICILY, HIMERA. 409-407 B.C. Calciati, vol. I, pag. 46, n45., AE15, BMC 37. Man-headed bull stg. l./Boar l. VF. Very rare. Tag says Sicily, unattributed, Gabrili x45.

4957. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE17. Male hd. r./Club, bow and bowcase, RUF abv. VF. Rare.

4958. ITALY/SICILY, UNATTRIBUTED, AE22. Female hd. r./Nude male std. l. on rocks, dog or stag at his feet. VF. Rare.

4959. SICILY, SYRAKUSAI. after 212 B.C. under Roman Rule. Calciati, vol. II, pag.429, n231. SNG Cop. n911., AE17. Female hd. r./Female figure with scepter? stg. l. VF. Rare.

4960. SELEUKID, UNATTRIBUTED. AE 22. Hd. Apollo r./Athena stg. r., inverted anchor before. EF. Rare.

4961. SELEUKID, ANTIOCHOS IX, 113-95 BC. AE 20, Sear 7173. Winged bust Eros r./Nike advancing l. with wreath. VF. NOTE: According to Arthur Houghton & Oliver Hoover who are currently working on a new catalog of Seleukid coins, this type normally has the date in the left field, but this example has it in the exergue, and bungled at that. The beta and sigma are backwards and the iota should precede the sigma on the left. A very rare variant thus and currently unpublished, however this coin to be published in their forthcoming catalog.

4962. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE22. Hd. turreted city goddess r./Artemis? std. l., eagle below. Choice EF. Rare.

4963. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE15. Lion hd. r./LUSI, cornear. EF. Rare.

4964. SICILY, SYRACUSE, ca. 310-304 BC. AE13, Copenhagen 776. Hd. Athena l./Thunderbolt. VF. Rare.

4965. BRUTTIUM, RHEGION, ca. 270-203 BC. AE17, Copenhagen 1961. Laur. hd. Apollo r./Lion walking r. EF. Nice contrasting patina. Very rare this nice and much superior to the Copenhagen example.

4966. IONIA, ERYTHRAI, 200-133 BC. AE20, Sear 4446. Hd. young Herakles in lionskin r./Legend (magistrate's name and title) with small club and facing hd. of Herakles at end. Choice EF. Scarce.

4967. PHRYGIA. APAMEIA. Circa 133-48 BC. AE24. Bust Athena r./ANTIFWN, eagle stg. r. on meander, caps of Dioscouri to either side. EF.

4968. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE18. Female hd. r./Two bulls, or possibly twin river bull gods with human heads, stg. r. EF. Rare.

4969. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE15. Jugate hds. r./Prow r., Phoenician inscription around. EF. Rare.

4970. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE16. Male hd. r./KA MNH, nude male stg. r. with long staff with something around bottom, his r. hand outstretched r. EF. Rare.

4971. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE11. Man-headed bull r./Cornear with side shoot to r. VF. Rare.

4972. SICILY, SYRACUSE, ca. 478-413 BC. AE12 Uncia, Weber 1625, Copenhagen 678? Female hd. r., dolphin downwards behind/Cuttlefish, pellet above (rv. image is inverted). VF. Rare first bronze issues of Syracuse.

4973. GREEK, UNATTRIBUTED. AE18. Hd. young Heracles in lionskin r./Large monogram, bow, arrowhead and frond around. EF. Rare.