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4903. CONSTANTIUS II, 324-361 AD. Gold Solidus, HRIC 2. /Roma and Constantinopolis std. holding shield inscribed VOT XXX MVLT XXXX. EF.

4904. A SCYTHIAN GOLD ORNAMENTED SWORD HILT, ca. 5th century BC. The heavy iron hilt ornamented with two gold animal style applicaes. 1.75 x 3 inches. Very rare and interesting piece.

4905. A SINU TUMBAGA GOLD FROG. Columbia, ca. 600-1200 AD. The small cast gold frog with double attachment loops on the sides. 20 mm. Scarce.

4906. A SINU TUMBAGA GOLD MONKEY. Columbia, ca. 600-1200 AD. The cast gold monkey with the front legs ending in attachment loops. 18 x 22 mm. Scarce. Would make an excellent pendant.

4907. A TAIRONA GOLD FROG, ca. 800-1500 AD. The cast gold frog with the front legs ending with suspension holes. Would make the perfect centerpiece of a most elegant necklace. 14 x 23 mm. 6.2 gm. Choice and rare.