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5160. BRUTTIUM, LOKRI EPIZEPHEROI, 326-300 BC. AR Stater, SNG ANS 519, Sear 487. Laur. hd. Zeus r./Eagle flying l. with hare in its talons. AEF. Better style than most. Nice example.

5161. SICILY, LEONTINI, 466-422 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Copenhagen 351. Hd. Apollo r./Hd. Lion r., 3 corn-ears, sturgeon below. VF+. From an old collection, not one of the new ones out of Sicily.

5162. ISLANDS OFF AFRICA, MELITA (MALTA), 2nd-1st century BC. AE26, 12.144 gm. Sear 6588, Weber 8526, Copenhagen 465. Bust of Isis l. wearing uraeus crown/Torso of Osiris l. with four wings. VF. Rare. Nice example.

5163. ISLANDS OFF AFRICA, COSSURA (PANTELLERIA), 1st century BC. AE26, 11.042 gm. Sear 6581, RPC 675. Hd. Isis r. crowned by Nike, REG countermark/COSSVRA, symbol of Tanit. VF. Rare. Ex. Duke of Argyll collection.

5164. AKARNANIA, LEUKAS, after 167 BC. AR Didrachm, Dewing 1463, Sear 2283v. Statue of Aphrodite Aineias r. on base holding aplustre, stag at her side, scepter surmounted by dove behind, all within laurel wreath/Prow of galley r, AKAP monogram beneath, magistrate's name above. VF+. Scarce.

5165. ATTICA, ATHENS, 4th-3rd century BC. AR Tetradrachm, Copenhagen 64v. Hd. Athena r./Owl stg. r., AQE, crescent to upper l., all within incuse square. VF.

5166. BOEOTIA, THEBES, 371-338 BC. AR Stater, BMC132v, Sear 2398v. Boeotian shield/Amphora with DI OK beside. VF. Sharply struck high profile amphora.

5167. ILLYRIA, EPIDAMNOS-DYRRHACHIUM, 400-350 BC. AR Stater, Sear 1890. Cow stg. r. looking back at suckling calf/DUR and club around square containing double stellate pattern. EF. Fine old cabinet toning. Excellent example.

5168. MACEDON, SKIONE, 480-424 BC. AR Tetrobol, Born 1528, Sear_. Young male hd. of hero r./Human eye within incuse. VF. Rare.

5169. MACEDON, PERDICCAS II, 454-413 BC. Tetrobol, Copenhagen 495, Sear 1487. Horse pacing r/Crested helmet in incuse. AVF.

5170. THRACE, ABDERA, 375-360 BC. AR Drachm, May 482v. Griffin l./Young male hd. r. in square surrounded by legend. VF. Scarce.

5171. THRACE, THASOS, 411-350 BC. AR Drachm, Copenhagen 1023. Hd. Dionysos l./Herakles drawing bow r. within square. EF. Rare.

5172. LYSIMACHOS, Kingdom of Thrace, 321-281 BC, AE-13, Head of Athena to right, Head of a lion surrounded by legend, SNG Cop. 1170, black patina, VF/nEF, very rare,

5173. Olbia, IV-III cc. BC. AE. Borysthenes head left / double axe, bow in a bow case, OLBIO.

5174. CILICIA, AIGEAI, AR Tetradrachm, S_, Cop_, VAulock_. Turreted hd Tyche r/Minerva stg l. EF. An exceptionally rare coin. Until a small group was found only 8 were known. Missing from most major collections.

5175. CILICIA, TARSOS, DATAMES SATRAP, 378-362 BC. AR Stater, Copenhagen 295, Sear 5645. Baal of Tarsos enthroned r. holding eagle-tipped scepter and corn-ear with bunch of grapes, thymiateriaon at his side, behind Aramaic legend, beneath throne, flower, all within a border representing battlements of the city/Satrap enthroned r. sighting arrow, quiver on his lap, in field above, winged solar disk. EF. Rare.

5176. SYRIA, SELEUKIS AND PIERIA, SELEUKEIA, after 109/108 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Veiled and turreted bust of Tyche r./Thunderbolt with fillet, on cushion placed on stool. EF. Quite scarce.

5177. SELEUCID KINGS, ANTIOCHOS VIII, 121-96 BC. AR Tetradrachm, Sear 7143. Fine style hellenistic portrait r./Zeus stg. AEF.

5178. SELEUCID KINGS, PHILIP PHILIDELPHOS, 93-83 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Hd. r./Zeus enthroned holding Nike. VF.