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5179. DIE MUNZEN, MEDAILLEN UND PRAGUNGEN mit Namen und Titel FERDINAND I von MORIZ MARKL, 1896. Two volume leather spines with scarce marbled boards done in the 'oil marbling' technique. Catalogue of 2743 coins and medals of Ferdinand I, with 63 plates of superb engravings. One volume text, the other all engraved plates. Ex. Joseph Ternbach collection. Rare.

5180. ANONYMOUS, 275-270 BC. AE25 Double Litra, Crawford 16/1a. Female hd. r., hair bound with ribbon/Lion crouching r., spear in his mouth, ROMANO in exergue. VF. Scarce.

5181. L. Seius, proconsulship, after 250 BC. AE18 of Panormos Sicily, Plant 874. Triskeles with gorgoneion at center/Legend with D D at center. VF. Scarce.

5182. SICILY, THE HISPANI, SPANISH MERCENARIES UNDER POMPEY, 1st century BC. AE20, Copenhagen 1080v. Hd. Athena l., wearing crested Corinthian helmet, P below, uncertain symbol above./Horseman with spear r., HISPANORVM below. VF. Extremely rare. Nice example with clear types, readable legend.

5183. BRUTUS, Denarius, Fouree, head of Libertas right, Brutus between two lictors preceded by an accensus, BRVTVS in exergue, gVF,

5184. MARC ANTONY, 42-30 BC. AR Denarius of 33 BC, Sydenham 1208, RSC 71. Bare hd. of Antony r./Legend in two lines. VF. Struck by the moneyer M. Silanus, the step-brother of the Brutus who assassinated Caesar. Scarce denarius with good portrait of this famous Roman.

5185. MARC ANTONY, 42-30 BC. Denarius, RSC 13a. Radiate hd of Sol r./Antony dressed as priest holding lituus.VF. Scarce

5186. MARC ANTONY, 42-30 BC, Legionary Denarius. Galley/Legionary standards. Legion VI. F.

5187. OCTAVIAN, AR Cistophor of 28-27 BC, RSC 218. Laur. hd. r./Pax stg. l. with caduceus, cista mystica to r., all within laurel wreath. VF. Scarce. This issue commemorates the general peace that was proclaimed upon his return to Rome in 29 BC after his defeat of Antony and Cleopatra. Of considerable historical interest.

5188. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. AR Cistophor, 11.46 gm. Suth 234a. Group VI, 24-20 BC. /Capricorn with cornucopiae within wreath. Seutonius remarks on this coin. VF.

5189. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. Denarius, RSC 90. His bare hd. bearded r./The temple erected where Caesar was cremated. AVF. Scarce. Interesting architectural reverse.

5190. DIVINE AUGUSTUS & LIVIA, (by Tiberius). AE34 of Colonia Romula (Seville), RPC 73. Hd. Augustus r./Hd. Livia l. on globe. F. Scarce.

5191. GERMANICUS, As, Germanicus in quadriaga to left, GERMANICUS CEASAR, Germanicus standing, SIGNIS RECEPT VICTIS GERM, VF, dark green patina,

5192. CLAUDIUS, 41-54. AE22 of Cassandrea, Macedon. RPC 1515. Laur. hd l./Hd. Ammon r. AVG countermark on rv. as in RPC. VF. Rare. Excellent patina.

5193. NERO, As, bust of Nero to left, Macellum in Rome, VF, rare.

5194. DOMITIAN, 69-96 AD. Denarius, HRIC 56. /PRINCEPS IVVENTVIIS, goat stg. l. within laurel wreath. VF. Scarce.

5195. DOMITIAN, 69-96 AD. AR26 Cistophorus, Crawford 667. Bust r./Legionary standards. Nice VF. Scarce.

5196. DOMITIAN, 69-79 AD. AE23 of Caesarea, Judaea, Hendin 747($325). /Nike adv l. w wreath and trophy. VF. Rare.

5197. DOMITIAN and DOMITIA, AE22 of uncertain city prob. Cilicia. Laur. hd. Domitian r./Bust Domitia l. VF. Very rare. Nice patina. Any attribution appreciated.

5198. TRAJAN, 98-117. AR Tetradrachm of Tyre. Portrait r. with eagle and club/Bust Melquarth r. AVF. Old cabinet toning.

5199. HADRIAN, Sestertius, Bust of Hadrian to right, Hadrian welcomed by Fortuna, Victory between them, ADVENTVI AVG ITALIAE, VF,

5200. HADRIAN, Sestertius, Bust of Hadrian to right, Hadrian and Gallia standing facing each other, altar between, ADVENTVI AVG GALLIAE, Obverse: VF, the face harshly cleaned, Reverse: nEF, rare Sestertius,

5201. ANTONINUS PIUS, 138-161 AD. AE As. Head of Pius r./Bust of Faustina Jr. r. VF. Scarce.

5202. FAUSTINA JR, AE22 of Neapolis JUDAEA, Hendin_. /Cult statue of uncertain diety, perhaps Artemis, with plumes, animals below. F+. Rare.

5203. COMMODUS AS CAESAR, 166-177. AR Denarius, HRIC 89. /PRINC IVVENT, Commodus in military garb holding branch and scepter l., trophy of arms behind him. VF. Scarce

5204. COMMODUS, 166-192. AR Denarius. /Commodus on platform haranguing legionaries soldiers with standards. VF. Scarce

5205. PERTINAX, 87 days (January 1 to March 28) in 193 AD. AR Denarius, RIC4a, HRIC 6. /LAETITIA TEMPOR COS II, Laetitia stg. l. holding wreath and scepter. Legend meaning 'Joy of the Times', referring to the passing of Commodus. VF. Rare.

5212. A ROMAN PROVINCIAL SILVER TORQUE WITH TWO ROMAN DENARII PENDANTS. Severan Period, ca. late 2ndľ3rd century AD. The twisted silver wire torque with loop and hook clasp, with denarii of Septimius Severus and Geta as Caesar made into pendants with silver loops. 5.5 x 5.7 inches. Very rare and interesting.

5206. GETA AS CAESAR, 198-209 AD. AR Denarius, HRIC 3. /CASTOR, Castor stg. l. holding scepter beside a horse. Refers to Geta's position as Princeps Juventutis. Castor was a patron diety of the equestrian order. VF+. Scarce.

5207. MACRINUS, 217-218. AE26 of Nikopolis. Bust r. in military garb/Minerva stg. r. with spear and shield. EF. Excellent patina.

5208. VANDALS, GAISERIC, 428-477 AD. AR Siliqua, BMC 7. Bust r./Victory stg. VF. Rare.

5209. ENGLAND, CNUT, 1016-1035. AR Penny, Seaby 1159. Cuirassed bust holding long cross l./Short cross. EF. Excellent well centered and struck example.

5210. ENGLAND, HENRY VIII, 1526-1544. AR Groat. Crowned bust of Henry VIII r./Long cross over shield. EF. Excellent well centered and struck example with clear portrait.

5211. IRELAND, HENRY VIII & JANE SEYMOUR, 1536-37. AR Groat. Long cross over shield/Harp. VF. Scarce.