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5700. 42 KUSHAN AND OTHER EARLY BRONZE INDIAN COINS, ca. 2nd-century AD & later. Many different types, most identifiable with study. Avg. VG-F. To 27 mm. Nice eBay money maker!

5701. 9 INDO-SCYTHIAN DRACHMS AND OTHER LATER INDIAN SILVER COINS. Avg. AVF. 3 or 4 dark and in need of cleaning. All identifiable. To 30 mm.

5702. 22 BEADS FROM PAKISTAN. ca. BC through antique. Amethyst, glass, stone, shell, coral & ceramic including one bronze terminal. To 42 mm.

5703. 11 INDUS VALLEY ARTIFACTS, ca. 3rd-1st millennium BC. Various offering dishes, human & animal heads, etc. To 2.75 inches. Some chips.

5704. 6 ANTIQUE PAKISTANI SILVER & COPPER ITEMS, ca. 19th-early 20th century. Includes 4 silver rings, one silver box lid with repousse work and a beaten copper dish. To 2.75 inches. The rings all wearable, 3 set with red garnets?, one with poppy flowers. Everything handmade.

5705. 19 ROMAN AND BYZANTINE BRONZE ARTIFACTS, ca. 2nd-9th century. To 36 inches.

5706. 5 GERMANIC BRONZE BRACELETS, ca. 5th-8th century AD. To 2.9 inches.

5707. 2 ROMAN BRONZE BRACELETS, ca. 1st century BC- 3rd century AD. To 2.75 inches.