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5794. Anonymous, 189-180 BC. AE As. Hd. Janus, I abv./Prow of galley, ROMA below. VF.

5795. L. Valerius Flaccus, c. 108-107 BC. Denarius, Valeria 11. Bust Victory winged/Mars stg. l. with trophy, flamen's cap, grainear to r. VF+

5796. M. Cato, c. 89 BC. AR Quinarius, Porcia 7v. Young hd. r. crowned with ivy wreath, hair long. M.CATO behind/Victory std. r. holding patera, VICTRIX in ex. VF+.

5797. L.Cassius Longinus, 63BC. Den, Cassia10. Hd Vesta/Togate fig dropping voting tablet into cista. EF. Some iridescent toning. Rare Roman voting scene.

5798. BRUTUS (assassin of Caesar), d. 42 BC. Denarius, RSC 8. BRVTVS, axe, simpulum and sacrificial knife/LENTVLVS SPINT, jug (capis) and lituus. VG. Scarce

5799. MARC ANTONY, 42-30BC, Legionary Denarius. Galley/Legionary standards. Legion XX. VF.

5800. MARC ANTONY, 42-30 BC, Legionary Denarius. Galley/Legionary standards. Legion X?. EF.

5801. MARC ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA VII, 32-31 BC. AR Denarius, RSC 1 var. Bust Cleopatra r./Bare hd. Antony r., Armenian tiara behind. AVF. Very rare and desirable.

5802. MARC ANTONY AND OCTAVIAN (AUGUSTUS), 40-39 BC. AR Denarius. RSC 1var. Hd. Antony/Hd. Octavian. EF. Scarce. Surface and metal better than image shows.

5803. AUGUSTUS, 27BC-14AD. Cistophor, RSC33. /AVGVSTVS abv. festooned altar with two stags. VF+. Scarce.

5804. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. AR Denarius, HRIC 46 ($1000-$3000). Bare hd. r./Anepigraphic, laureate wreath intertwinned with prows. This coin references his naval victory over Antony and Cleopatra at Actium. Some surface laminations. VF. Rare!

5805. AUGUSTUS, 27 BC-14 AD. AR Denarius. His bare hd. l./OB CIVIS SERVATOS within wreath. VF.

5806. AGRIPPA (struck by Caligula). Dupondius, RIC58. /Neptune stg. l. EF. Superb example with very sharp reverse and choice patina.

5807. AGRIPPA (struck by Caligula). Dupondius, RIC58. /Neptune stg. l. EF. Nice example.

5808. TIBERIUS, 14-37 AD. Denarius, Sear 567. /Livia std. The Tribute Penny Of The Bible. AEF. Nice example of this desirable coin. This coin published in 'Smith & Helwys Bible Commentary' by prof. Wesley Crook.

5809. TIBERIUS, 14-37 AD. Denarius, Sear 567. /Livia std. The Tribute Penny Of The Bible. VF. Nice example of this desirable coin.

5810. DRUSUS & GERMANICUS, struck by Tiberius. AE16 of Sardis, Lydia, RPC2992. Bare hd. Germanicus r./Bare hd. Drusus r. AVF. Rare.

5811. CALIGULA, AE AS, Bust of Caligula to left, C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON MTR POT Veiled Vesta, seated on throne, holding sceptre and patera, VESTA above, SC. Nicely centered and sharp including reverse. VF.

5812. CLAUDIUS & GERMANICUS, 41-54 AD. AR Drachm of Caesarea? GIC_. Bust Claudius r./GERMANICOS etc. Germanius stg. l. with branch. AVF. Surface somewhat better than image shows. Rare.

5813. CLAUDIUS & NERO. AR Tetradrachm of Caesarea. Laur. hd. Claudius/Laur. hd. Nero. EF. Excellent example.

5814. NERO, 54-68AD. AE As. /ARA PACIS, the altar of Peace. F+. Rare architectural rv.

5815. NERO, 54-68AD. Billon Tetradrachm of Egypt, Geissen 167. /Eagle stg. l., simpulum in field to r. VF. Scarce.

5816. NERO, 54-68AD. Denarius, C119. /Jupiter Custos. Refers to Jupiter's aid during Pisonian conspiracy. AEF.

5817. NERO, Denarius, youthful bust to right, Ceres standing left, holding corn and torch, RIC 24, nice silver toning, rare.

5818. OTHO Denarius, Bust to right, Securitas seated left, holding wreath and scepter, RIC 8, VF/nVF,

5819. OTHO Denarius, Bust to right, Securitas seated left, holding wreath and scepter, RIC 10, VF/nVF.

5820. Otho, 69 AD. AR Denarius, Bust r. /Securitas standing, SECVRITAS PR. VF portrait.

5821. VESPASIAN, 69-79, Denarius. /JUDAEA CAPTA, Female Judaean captive beneath trophy. F+.

5822. VESPASIAN, 69-79, Sestertius of 71 AD, RIC 427, Hendin 775. /JUDAEA CAPTA SC, Vespasian stg. l. under date palm holding spear and parazonium, foot on helmet?, to r. bound Judaean female captive std. r. mourning. F. Inexpensive example JUDAEA clear.

5823. JULIA TITI, daughter of Titus. AE As, HRIC_. Bust r. with hair in bun/Ceres std. l. Rare!

5824. JULIA TITI, Denarius, draped bust to right, Venus standing, leaning at column to right, holding sceptre and helmet, RIC 56, VF, rare,

5825. DOMITIAN, 69-79AD. Denarius. /Minerva stg. EF. Especially sharp figure of Minerva. Some iridescent toning.

5826. NERVA, 96-98. Denarius, C25. /Clasped hands holding legionary standard. VF.

5827. NERVA, 96-98. Didrachm of Caesaria, S868. /Clasped hands holding legionary standard. VF.

5828. NERVA, 96-98. Sestertius, RIC.100. /Libertas stg. holding pileus and scepter. Superb EF portrait worthy of the finest collection! Very rare this nice.

5829. TRAJAN, 98-117 AD. AE Sestertius. /Providentia leaning on column above celestial globe. Choice EF portrait. A superb coin worthy of the finest collection.

5830. TRAIANUS, Cistophor, bust to right, 6 corn ears, RIC 717, VF/gF,

5831. MARCIANA Denarius, draped bust to right, Eagle with open wings, RIC 743, a very rare denarius of the sister of Traian, issued postumus, VF/gVF,

5832. AELIUS, 136-138. As. /Spes adv l, holding flower & lifting skirt. VF. Scarce.

5833. MARCUS AURELIUS, 139-180. AE40. /City goddess & Aurelius? VF.

5834. LUCIUS VERUS, 161-169. AE Sestertius. /Concordia. EF. Superb limegreen patina!

5835. FAUSTINA SR., wife of Antoninus Pius. Sestertius,. /Aetertinas stg. l. VF+.

5836. FAUSTINA SR., wife of Antoninus Pius. Sestertius,. /Faustina stg. l. VF+. Nice.

5837. BARBARIC FAUSTINA SR, wife Antoninus Pius. Barbaric style denarius. Struck by Celts or ancient counterfeiters. VF. Rare!

5838. COMMODUS, 166-192. AE37 of Asia Minor. /Isis? and Serapis stg. facing each other. VF. Rare. Rv. detail significantly better than image shows.

5839. COMMODUS, 177-192. Sestertius, Cohen305. /Commodus on platform distributing donative. VF+. Scarce.

5840. COMMODUS Denarius, Bust to right, COMM ANT AVG P BRIT, Felicitas standing left, holding victory and caduceus. In RIC this reverse is listed only with the legend M COMM ANT P FEL AVG BRIT. Unlisted in RIC, a rarity. VF,

5841. PESCENNIUS NIGER, 193-194 AD. Denarius HRIC 3 ($3000-$10,000). /APOLLONI SANCTO, Apollo stg. l. leaning on a column, holding a branch. Choice EF+ portrait & reverse. Rare!

5842. PERTINAX Denarius, bust to right, Providentia standing, holding her arm upwards to star, RIC 11, gVF/VF, nice toning, very rare,

5843. DIDIUS JULIANUS, Denarius, bust to right, Fortuna standing, holding rudder, globe and cornuacopia, RIC 2, fine toning, a very impressive portrait, a coin in near extremly fine of this very rare emperor who ruled only 66 days.

5844. MANLIA SCANTILLA, Denarius, wife of Didius Julianus, draped bust to right, Juno standing, holding patera and sceptre, peakock in front, RIC 7a, VF/nVF, a great rarity,

5845. MANLIA SCANTILLA, wife of Didius Julianus, 193 AD. Denarius, HRIC 1($3000-$10,000). /IVNO REGINA, Juno stg. l., peacock at feet. EF. Extemely rare

5846. DIDIA CLARA, Denarius, daughter of Didius Julianius, draped bust to right, Hilaritas standing, holding palm branch and cornuacopia, RIC 10, a bit rough, VF, a great rarity of roman coinage!

5847. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, 193-211 AD. AE37 of Stratonike. /Isis stg. l. holding torch. VF. Scarce.

5848. GETA, Denarius, large draped and cuirassed bust to right-front, Geta standing left, holding branch and spear, behind him a trophy, RIC 16 variant. This type of bust is not known for silver coins of Geta (see BMC 228, here an aureus), rare, gVF/VF

5849. GETA AS CAESAR, 198-209. Denarius, H39. /Securitas std. l. EF+. Sharp strike, surface and metal much better than image shows.

5850. ELAGABALUS, 218-222 AD. AE23 of Tripolis, Phoenicia, Cop. 292sim. /Altar of Zeus Hagios with in tetrastyle temple. In center abv. steps a flaming altar, to the l. the radiate sun god stg., to the r. the moon goddess stg. VF. Rare.

5851. SEVERUS ALEXANDER, 221-235. AE33 of Antioch. /She wolf suckling Romulus & Remus. AVF. Scarce.

5852. MACRINUS, 217-218. AR Denarius, HRIC 20/2. /Fides stg r. foot on helmet and holding two legionarry standards. FDC. Choice sharp example.

5853. MACRINUS Denarius, Bust to right, Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and scepter, RIC 15, fine toning, EF,

5854. DIADUMENIAN Denarius, draped bust to right, Diadumeniaus standing frontal, head to right, holding standard and scepter, right of him two standards, RIC 102, nice toned coin, nEF,

5855. DIADUMENIAN, 218 AD. AR Denarius. /Diadumenian stg. with military standards. EF. Excellent bright shiny surface and metal much better than image shows.

5856. GORDIAN I, March 19-April 12, 238 AD. AR Denarius, RIC 1 (R2). /Togate emperor stg. l. with branch and parazonium. Choice sharp EF. Very rare.

5857. PUPIENUS, 238 AD. Sestertius, RIC23. /Victory stg holding wreath & drapery. VF. Scarce. Excellent portrait.

5858. PHILLIP I, 224-249 AD. AR Antoninianus. /Lion walking r. Choice EF example. Beautiful bright surface with excellent metal much better than image shows.

5859. PHILLIP I, 224-249 AD. AE Sestertius. /Elephant with rider stg. l. EF. Scarce and interesting coin.

5860. PHILIP I, 224-249. Billon tetradrachm of Antioch. Eagle stg. EF. Choice portrait.

5861. TRAJAN DECIUS, 249-251 AD. Double Sestertius, 31.64 gm. HRIC 26($1000-$3000) /Felicitas stg. AVF. Scarce.

5862. HOSTILIAN, 250-251. AR Antoninianus, HRIC 13/2. /PRINCEPS IVVENTVTIS, Hostilian stg. l. holding legionarry standard and spear. Sharp EF even better than image shows. Scarce!

5863. CLAUDIUS II, 268-270 AD, AE32 of Sagalassus, Psidia, Copenhagen 222. /Large lion stg. l. holding spear in mouth. VF. An interesting type. Somewhat better than image.

5864. HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Antoninian, bust to right, clasping hands, RIC 138, nEF,

5865. HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Antoninian, bust to right, sacrificial implements, RIC 143, nEF,

5866. HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Antoninian, bust to right, Herennius standing, holding spear, RIC 147c, EF,

5867. AURELIANUS, Denarius, bust to right, Victory to advancing left, holding wreath und palm branch, in front captive, RIC 73, Rome mint, nice green patina, rare denomination, nEF,

5868. CONSTANTINE I, THE GREAT, 306-337 AD. AR Siliqua, HRIC 35 ($1000-$3000). Diademed hd. of Constantine r., his eyes lifted towards heaven, anepigraphic/Victory walking l. EF. This type commemorates his great Christian vision before the battle of the Milvian bridge. Rare!

5869. ROMULUS, died 309 AD, Follis, RIC 257v. /Domed mausoleum surmounted by eagle. Rome mint. VF. Scarce

5870. VETRANIO, 350 AD. Centenionalis, HRIC 6. /Vetranio stg. with 2 Chi Rho standards. VF+. Excellent patina.

5871. PROCOPIUS, 365-366. Siliqua, H2 ($1000-$3000!). /VOT V in wreath. EF. Very RARE!

5872. JUSTINIAN I, 527-565 AD. AE42 Large module Follis. Facing bust/M, date. EF. Choice sharp example with excellent patina.

5873. TIBERIUS CONSTANTINE, 578-582. AE Large Module Follis. Facing bust/Large M with cross above. EF. Choice example with exceptional forest green patina.

5874. NAPOLEON III, AE52 Medallion. Bust Napoleon r./Arc de L'etoile. UNC.

5875. MEXICO, CHARLES V & JOHANNA, 1537-56. 4 Reales. Pillars of Hercules/Royal arms. Choice example of the first coinage minted in the new world. One of the best examples from a recent hoard. Toned EF. With info.