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The mystery of Jason Owen's ancestry troubled my father Edgar Lyle Owen for years, and it has troubled me as well. In spite of many hours of research on Ancestry.com and scanning many hundreds of early Virginia Owen family trees and records his father and mother and deeper ancestry remain unknown. There were apparently at least several hundred Owen/Owens/Owin families living in Virginia in the 1700's that could well have been Jason's ancestors or relatives but so far no links have been found. So if anyone comes up with convincing candidates I'm quite willing to offer a monetary reward.

Also the details of Jason's life remain sketchy. I have his birth date of March 12, 1792 but location only VA. I see the location on other trees given as Cumberland Co., VA. But what is the source for Cumberland? It does make sense as it's just north of Patrick where he was married. It also may be important as records show a cluster of just earlier Owens in Albemarle Co. (possible parents and relatives?) which is just two counties north of Cumberland. So would really like to confirm Cumberland as birth Co. to help pin down possible parents and relatives for Jason...

His marriage records are available on Ancestry.com as Jason Owen m. Thompons, Betsy 3/13/1814 Patrick Co., VA (Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940) Virginia, Compiled Marriages, 1740-1850.

Jason also appears in the 1820 and 1830 US census in Gravson and Giles Co. VA respectively. And also a Jason Owen listed as a private in the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812 which I presume is him. All records I have for him are listed in the table below. Any additional records or information for Jason Owen would be greatly appreciated.

Lee Co., VA is where the Wilderness Road traversed the Cumberland Pass into KY where Daniel Boone c. 1775 helped open the way into KY. Boone's son was killed by indians in Lee Co. 1773 on one of those trips when he got separated. Anyway it's also of interest that there were several fortified 'stations' along the Wilderness Road in Lee Co., one of which was Owen Station. So one surely has to wonder which Owens founded and ran Owen Station and if there wasn't some connection with Owen relatives that prompted Jason to settle there in the 1830's?




0 3/12/1792 BORN Cumberland? Co, VA 18 1810 CENSUS Not in 1810 census so living with parents? 22 3/13/1814 MARRIED Patrick Co, VA (SW of Cumberland Co. half way to Lee Co.) 22 8/9/1814 MILITIA Jason Owen Private21 briefly served in Virginia Militia in War of 1812 in Lt. Colonel David Saunder's 7th Regiment, Abraham Penn's Patrick Co. Company (8/9/1814-9/14/1814) 22 9/14/1814 MILITIA End of duty of Penn's Company25. Not eligible for pension or bounty land ~23 1814-1820 MOVED Patrick Co. > Grayson Co. 24 ~1816 PRESLEY23(son) Born Patrick? or Grayson? Co. VA (NOT in Carter Co 1850 census) 28 8/7/1820 CENSUS Grayson Co, VA (with Betsey & Presley 4 years old) 28 ~1820 JESS(E)24(son) VA? (NOT in Carter Co 1850 census) 30 ~1822 HUGH (son) VA? (Hd household 1850 census in Carter?) 32 7/18/1824 WILLIAM B.22(son) VA? (Hd household 1850 census in Carter?) 39 1830 CENSUS Giles Co., VA (with Betsey, Hugh 8, Presley 14, Jesse 10) 39 ~1831 JOHN (son) Lee Co., VA? 42 8/7/1834 ARCHIBALD (son) Lee co., VA (in KY 1850 census) 42 Nov 1834 COURT19 Lee co., VA 43 Oct, 1835 COURT Lee Co., VA Jason ordered to pay $11 & costs to Jacob Spencer2 44 May, 1836 COURT Lee Co., VA Appeal of above order quashed2 44 6/24/1836 JOSEPH (son) Lee Co., VA 45 11/1837 COURT Lee Co., VA Jason ordered to post $100 for 1 year for breach of peace against Jordan Nelson2 46 8/16/1838 HARVEY (son) Lee Co., VA 47 Jul 1839 COURT20 Lee Co., VA 47 11/21/1839 LAND SALE16 to son Presley 23 in Lee Co, VA (likely prior to moving to KY with Presley staying behind)2 48? c. 1840 moved Lee, VA > Carter KY (with all but Presley & Jesse who stayed? in VA) 48 1840 CENSUS Not? in 1840 census in VA or KY so living with Hugh or ? on their land? 50 3/29/1842 GEORGE📷1(son) Carter Co. VA 54 11/11/1846 SOLD TO Carter Co. KY: Sold to Hiram Damron bay mare, 10 hogs, cow and feed corn to repay security bond of $20 8c.2 55 9/6/1847 DIED Carter Co. KY 55 9/1847 BURIAL Old County / Old Grayson cemetery west side of Grayson, Carter Co. KY14 - 11/18/1847 SONS Carter Co. KY: 7 sons together bought 100 acres for $100 perhaps from their inheritance from Jason

(birth estimates Lyle Owen 6/1989 from Harvey Owen Bible & 1850 Carter Co., KY census)


PRESLEY OWENS (Jan 1816 Lee Co, VA - 16 Oct 1902 Cllintonia, DeWitt, IL)

1850 Census	(Different Presley? born abt 1826 in District 70, Wirt, VA.) 

George Owens	54
Elizabeth Owens	45
Mahala Owens	30
Presley Owens	24
George Owens	21
Alfred Owens	18
Sarah E Owens	16
Willis Owens	13
Virginia Owens	7
Elizabeth Owens	65

1860. An apparent 6 May 1860 second? marriage to Delilah Jack (1814 - 1890) in DeWitt Co.

1864. On IL Tax Assessment List

1865. 40 acres in IL.

1865 IL Census w family ages but hard to read:

1867. 40 acres in IL.

1870 US Census - farmer Clintonia, illiterate, age 54 living with Byington Owens 19, Ann Owens 23.

1880 Census farmer Clintonia, IL. no household members stated

1900 US Census - widowed living in Clintonia, Dewitt, IL. A boarder living with elderly Stephen & Rebecca Hunter. Gives Jan, 1816 birth. Says can read & write.

1902. The Daily Review Feb. 2 1902 Newspaper reports Presley tried to kill Mrs. Hunter with gun in 1902 when 84. Presley-Owens-murderer.jpg.

1902. 16 Oct 1902 WILL: Leaves $1500 to son Henry, $1500 to daughter Elizabeth Hayes. Rest equally to sons Byington Owens, Henry Owen and daughter Elizabeth Hayes.
This tree Lists wife & kids Henry (1844-1915), Elizabeth Ann (1846-1916), Byington (1850-1932) mentioned in will w details:


JESSE OWENS (c. 1820 - )

1847-49 Mexican War enlistments. A Jesse (hard to read) J(for Jason?) 5'9" carpenter of Powhattan Co, VA deserted in 31? Jun 1847

Jas F M Owen 1860 census. Bedford** Co, VA? Southern Revenue District. Davis Mills PO. Farmer JAS = JASON? WHAT ELSE? 
M A Owen	6
Jas F M Owen	36
M A Owen	24
Wm H Owen	14
J B Owen	12
Benj M Owen	10
L B Owen	9
M F Owen	6


https://www.ancestry.com/mediaui-viewer/tree/5292309/person/-1471547218/media/e76c6c56-4bf0-4965-86e5-177c42cf0a4a PROBABLY NOT HIM. DIFFERENT B. AND SIBLINGS THROUGH VA



HUGH OWENS (c. 1822 - )



Hugh Owens	28
Vance Owens	24
Angeline Owens	6	(Gerina)(Murry)
Elias Owens	3
Leaner Owens	2
William Crame	16


1880. HUGH B. ~1822 W. AGNES B. VA IL IN 1880 CENSUS


WILIAM OWENS (c. 1824 - )






JOHN OWENS (c. 1831 - )





Laban Williams	39
Mary A Williams	36
Borceal Williams	17
Laban J Williams	13
Nancy J Williams	5
Telitha A Williams	2
John S Counts	23
Elizabeth Owens	45
John Owens	19
Archibald Owens	16
Joseph Owens	14
Hervey Owens	12
George Owens	10
Frances Robertson	20

Archible Owens	23	ARCHIBLE (MALE) Is this ARCHIBALD ????
Rhoda J Owens	25
Amanda J Owens	5
Eliza A Owens	10/12
Benjamin Davis	15
TREES: https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/42/?name=ARCHIBALD_OWEN&event=_virginia-usa_49&birth=1834&birth_x=5-0-0&count=50&event_x=_1-0-a&location=2&name_x=ps_ps&priority=usa



JOSEPH OWENS (c. 1836 - ) --- ---

Find no certain matches


See my Ancestry.com tree for decendents:


History18 --- George Owens by Linda Hall Marshall

George Owens was born 29 March, 1842 probably in Kentucky, although the bible records of Harvey Owen, George's brother, say George was born 28 March 1841 and the 1850 census for Carter County Kentucky lists George's birthplace as Ohio. However, the 1870 and 1880 census gives Kentucky as place of birth as does George's Civil War records and his death certificate.

George's father, Jason Owen, was presumably born in Virginia 12 March 1792. There are land records and court orders showing Jason living in Lee County, VA in the mid 1830's. He appears to have been a farmer; not a prosperous one. Around 1840 Jason and his family migrated to Carter County, Kentucky apparently leaving behind his eldest sons, Jess and Presley. Land records show they lived about ten miles south east of Grayson, Kentucky. Jason died 6 September, 1847 at age 55 and is buried near Grayson.

Jason's wife, Elizabeth (Thompson) Owen was also presumable born in Virginia 19 Nov, 1798. She lived 55 years having died 23 September, 1853 and is buried near Grayson, Kentucky.

George had eight brothers, all of whom appear to have been born in Virginia. They are as follows [this info from Harvey Owen Bible18 ELO]:

Name		Born		Died		Wife

Presley 1818/1819 ?
Jess 1819/1820 ?
Hugh 1821/1822 ? Agnes
William B. 18 July, 1824 Sarah
John 1830/1831 Samantha
Archibald 7 Aug 1834 18 Sept. 1910 Rhoda Jane
Joseph A. 24 June 1836 23 March 1925 Elizabeth C. Jones
Harvey 16 Aug 1838 12 Oct 1889 Catharine Hannah
George* 28 Mar 1841 15 Nov 1919 Margaret Ann Smith📷2

There is some evidence there may have also been one daughter named Elizabeth who died in infancy and who was born early in the marriage, but this is not proved.

Elizabeth (Thompson) Owens was 43 when George, her ninth and last known child was born. George was 5 and one half when his father died and 11 and one half when his mother died; he then probably lived with one of his older brothers for a time there in Kentucky. 1850 census records show brothers William and Hugh living near by.

George seems to have been close to his brother, Harvey, who was closest to him in age. After the death of his parents it is not known exactly what became of George, but by 1855 he migrated to Illinois with brother Harvey. Brothers John and William were already in Illinois by August, 1854 where a deed shows William as being in McLean County. In 1857 a letter was sent to Harvey Owen addressed to him at the Independence Post Office, McLean county, Illinois from William who was then in Kansas Territory. It is very likely George was with Harvey at this time as he would have only been 15 years old.

It was said by Minnie Owen (a daughter) that George and Harvey farmed together for a time on a rented place one and one half miles south, and one mile west, another one and one-half miles south of the Baird's "Twin Maples Farm", near the Elba Center Post Office, Knox county, Illinois. A sworn affidavit from a James Catterton in Knox County, Illinois dated January 1880, states that George worked on Mr. Catterton's farm for four years before the Civil War, and that he had known George since 1857.

Records show that George and his brother, Harvey, enlisted together in the Civil War (Union) on 5 August, 1862 under Capt. L. D. Shinn in Company H 102 Infantry as volunteers. This enlistment was in Elba Township, Knox County, Illinois. Minnie stated that George, and probably Harvey, attended a picnic at "Twin Maples Farm" in Knox County before going off to the war. This farm was then owned by a Rhinerson family.

Brother Harvey was given a medical discharge a year later on 7 October, 1863 at Louisville, Kentucky. Harvey had a heart disease.

Shortly after enlisting George was stricken with typhoid fever at Frankfort, Kentucky. That was between the eighth and the twelfth of October, 1862. He was ill there for about two weeks then was moved on a cot to the hospital in Jeffersonville, Indiana where he remained until the later part of November. He then returned to his company in Scottsville, Kentucky but apparently not really fit for duty for some three months. He also suffered from chronic diarrhea and in December of the same year he contracted measles. George's friends, Orange Daniel and James Catterton looked after him for much of this time, and remained his lifelong friends. Another trusted friend of George's was Ira E. Mott, also a member of the same company.

George remained a private throughout his service days. He was discharged 6 June, 1865 near Washington, D.C. He then returned to Knox County, Illinois to resume farming.

George was never to fully recover from the affects of his wartime illnesses and in even later years he received a government pension which began around 1880 or 1883. He was unable to do the labor required for farming; as he grew older he was a semi-invalid. The last six years of his life he was confined to his room, requiring much care provided by Margaret.

George had coal black hair, grey eyes and stood 5 foot 9 inches tall and was of medium build. A later photo of him taken around 1900, making him around 60 years old, shows him as having thin white hair and white beard. This writer notes that he looked very old and feeble for his sixty years. One of George's daughters, Minnie, stated in a 1953 interview that George was a "soft-haired" man. George could not write, always "making his mark" on the various legal documents requiring signatures. It appears neither George nor his father, Jason, were ever to be considered prosperous men. This writer rather imagines life was not easy for these men.

Three years after the Civil War George married Margaret Ann Smith. They were married 18 March, 1868 by Justice of the Peace, Henry Smith, in Knox County, Illinois.

Margaret stated in a 1934 affidavit that she came to Illinois in 1859 at age eleven with her parents, Peter Smith and Susan (Householder) Smith. They came from Pennsylvania where she said she had been born near Hancock, Maryland, but that she was born in Pennsylvania. Margaret had no brothers or sisters. Margaret's obituary lists two half-brothers, Joseph and Jacob Light. apparently Margaret's own father died or divorced before she came to Illinois as the 1860 census shows Margaret as living with her mother, then Susan Lite, and her step-father John W. Lite in Elba Township, Eugene post office. Her step-brothers and sisters are listed as John W. - 9 years, Peter - 6 years, R___an - 4 years (a female), and Joseph W. - 1 yr. Gayle Lubar, a grand-daughter of George's, spoke of a Mary Swartz as also being a half-sister. Margaret Ann Smith was born 18 January, 1848.

It is said Margaret admired Abraham Lincoln and owned many books about him. It is also said that she attended the Lincoln-Douglas debates as a young girl. Since they lived in Gilson (IL) which is close to Galesburg, Illinois, this is very possible. Those debates were held in August through October, 1858 and Margaret came to Illinois in 1859, so there is room for doubt on this point, although Lawrence Hall, a grandson, insists he remembers her speaking of it; since this gentlemen is my father, I believe Margaret heard the debates!! (Or at least one debate which was held in Galesburg on 7 October, 1858.)

A photo of Margaret showing her seated with some of her family around 1900, at the approximate age of 52, shows her to be a nicely built woman with brown hair parted in the center and pulled tightly back. She is wearing glasses and her ears stick out a little farther than would be desirable. For a mother of twelve, she has worn her years well, looking proud and stately. In a 1981 interview Margaret's daughter-in-law, Hazel (Sund) Owens, spoke very kindly of Margaret saying she was a small woman but a hard worker and good cook. Hazel called Margaret a "busy little soul who kept her house nice and clean." She mentioned that Margaret was a good baker and with twelve children, who could doubt that? Hazel stated she never had any trouble with her in-laws and that she liked them both.

George and Margaret's twelve children were born over a twenty year span. George was 28 when the first child was born and 48 when the last two, twin boys, arrived. There were six boys and six girls --- equality prevailing; although the 1870 census shows there was an infant boy, Mathew F., four months of age, born after Minnie. Apparently this infant died. Thus, counting him, there were thirteen children in all. All of the children except the twins were born before George was able to purchase his own farm. This writer does not know where this large family lived during these twenty years; perhaps they rented a farm or lived with Margaret's family. But it is known that they lived in Knox County, Illinois for this time, the best guess being that they were tenant farmers.

The children (are now listed in a table) are as follows:

In the 1870 census George had $500 of personal property. In 1880 he applied for a military disability pension which he began receiving. In 1888, at age 57, George and Margaret bought their own 40 acre farm in Elba Township, Knox County, Illinois. On February 14, 1888 they paid $2000 for this 40 acres from one A. J. Warner and his wife, Marion. I think it is safe to assume they saved this money from the pension.

It is said they all lived in the woods while the farm house was being built. They seemed to have been very poor. Daughter Minnie said in a 1953 interview that some of the sons, Smith and Edson, did chores for neighbors, Rhinerson's in return for board and room to help make ends meet.

Minnie also told of little Nora, who as a youngster would pull George's beard and tell him she wanted to "see the moon man" whereupon George would take her out to see the stars and the moon. So although poor, George appears to have been rich of heart.

In 1874 George and Margaret sold their share of the 105 acres left to seven of the Owen brothers jointly by their father, Jason Owen. This property was in Carter County Kentucky and George sold his share to his brother, Joseph Owen for $25.

On December 14, 1919 at age 74 (and four years before he died) George turned the farm over ty quit claim to his wife, Margaret, for one dollar. George and Margaret continued living there and George died 15 November, 1919 at age 77 of bronco pneumonia. He was buried 18 November, 1919 at Williamsfield, Knox County Illinois. Funeral services were held in the M.E. Church of Williamsfield conducted by pastor Rev. J. T. Bliss. Young soldiers of the community and the G.A.R. were present also. In George's obituary it speaks of his "march with Sherman to the sea, he and his comrades were under continuous fire from the enemy for 114 days. They met peril of every kind suffering for food in a county of abject poverty." ... With his parents dying when he was so young and then being in the Civil War, leaving him a weak man physically, unable to write, one wonders how much happiness this man found in life. Unable to record his thoughts, they remain buried with him forever; all we can do is speculate.

Margaret continued to live at the farm. Jay lived with her since he never married and helped farm the place as he had done for many years. On 25 September, 1925 Margaret, at age 77, sold the farm to Samuel A. Duncan for one dollar and "other good valuable considerations". Samuel Duncan was a son-in-law, married to daughter Blanche Owen. One wonders why she "sold" the farm to Samuel and not to Jay ... Margaret eventually moved from the farm to a rented house in Elmwood owned by a Craig family and lived there for a year at least, maybe longer. Her grandson, Lawrence Hall, well remembers carrying in the coal for her in the winter; the year was 1930.

Margaret then probably moved to Haw Creek Township, Knox County, Illinois where she died on 27 July, 1939 at age 91. She died of acute enteritis and senility arteriosclerosis. She is buried beside George in Williamsfield, Illinois; A few of their other children are nearby.

George and Margaret had 24 grandchildren and 45 great-grandchildren.

Note: As often happens with family names, spellings are changed over the years and it is interesting to note that George's father was an Owen. Thus we can see a change in this generation as George's name appears on all legal documents as Owens. It appears that this was just a naturally occurring event ... George could not write his name and people around referred to the family as Owens and it more or less just happened. So be it ... Owen or Owens ... George was our forefather and the legacy he left was more lasting and meaningful than the simple addition of an S.


As written in the genealogy of the Scott family prepared by Diana Kay Scott in August 1, 1982. She says that George Owens (Kay's father) died Nov 18, 1919 at age 77 1/2 of pneumonia and is buried in the Williamsburg, Illinois cemetary.


Mar 15, 2018

Finding who our Jason Owen's parents were was a lifelong ambition of my father Dr. Lyle Owen. Now, finally I believe I've accomplished this task and found them. The logical process I used is as follows.

Family history states Jason was born May 12, 1792 in Virginia and the first actual record for him is his March 13, 1814 marriage to Elizabeth Thompson in Patrick Co. All subsequent records of him prior to his ~1840 move to Kentucky are also from Patrick, Grayson, Giles and Lee counties in the same general area or a little west. Therefore it's reasonable to search for his birth and parents in Virginia, likely in the same general area of western Virginia. The first complete Virginia census is the 1810 US census. Jason who would have been 18 doesn't appear in that as a head of household. Therefore we can reasonably assume he was living with his parents in 1810. Thankfully the 1810 census records male and female family members in each of 5 age categories though only the head of household and county of residence are named.

So what I did was to search for all Owen households in Virginia in the 1810 census who had a male child in the 16 to 25 age range where Jason, 18 would fit. There are 37 matches. So it's almost certain that one of these 37 head of household Owens was the father of Jason.

I then went exhaustively through listed sources and family trees on Ancestry.com to match each of these head of household Owens for consistency with Jason. There was only one clear match with no inconsistencies. That was an Owen Owen (1742 - 1819) in Campbell Co. Campbell Co is just 2 counties NE of Patrick Co. and he also appears in Carroll Co which borders Patrick Co. on the west.

So he and Jason clearly lived in the same area at the same time.
He would have been 50, and his wife Jane Hughes 32 in 1792 so they are both of fertile ages.
There is also a 1792 gap in Owen and Jane's listed children when Jason could have been born.
There are actually two boys listed in the 16-25 age range in the 1810 Owen Owen census record. One is probably William Owen (1785 - 1875), a listed son of Owen Owen, who would have been 25. The other son is unlisted in any trees so Jason then 18 is the logical candidate to be this unlisted son. And there are no listed Owen Owen children born near 1792 so there is a gap that Jason would fit into quite well.
One tree states Owen Owen opened a circulating library of 2000 books in Lynchburg, Campbell Co. in 1791 so this suggests Jason was most likely born in Lynchburg, Campbell Co. VA.

So since Jason was almost certainly born in Virginia and most likely in the general Patrick Co. area where he was married, and his parents had to be one of the 37 households with a son his age in 1810, and Owen Owen is the only one of those 37 that shows no inconsistencies and is in the right area of the right ages of husband and wife and whose trees show a 1792 gap in listed children it is almost certain that Owen Owen and his wife Jane Hughes are in fact the long lost parents of my Jason Owen.

OWEN OWEN - Jason Owen's father

Father Robert Owen 1708-1765, Mother Rachel Hook 1712-1786 https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/44479532/person/6217479771/facts?_phsrc=rmn215&_phstart=successSource . THIS MOTHER 30 WHEN OWEN OWEN BORN SO OK.

However source 3 below has mother as Rebecca Humphrey (1699 Co Merionethshire, Wales - >1750Now, Montgomery, PA) as mother [43 PROBABLY TOO OLD & MARRIED IN WALES] and Robert III Owen (1697 Duck Creek, New Castle, DE - Mar 1754 Merion, Philadelphia, PS) as father and only Jane Hughes as wife married 1729 Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales. This is the tree I've recorded abv. SO LIKELY WRONG DAD & MOM. BUT USED THEM IN TREE ABOVE.

However The History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania (1876) by William Watts Hart Davis writes that our Bucks Co, PA Griffith Owen (from Wales in 1721 m. Margaret Morgan prob. of New Britain) had four children including an Owen Owen Sr, who married Catherine Jones and had 4 sons and 4 daughters, the eldest son being our Owen Owen, jr. who married Jane Hughes, daughter of Christopher Hughes of Bedminster and they had 8 daughters, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, Mary, Margaret, Zillah and Hannah. He also states that Owen Owen Jr. was a man of active, vigorous mind, of influence in his day, and lived to the age of ninety [he was actually 77 so an inconsistency here] So this has a 3rd alternative father and mother. (See source 4 below for image.)

Source 5 below has yet other parents who seem too old as they both died around the time of Owen Owen's birth.


0 1742 BIRTH New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA (date on gravestone, other sources say 1747,1750) 13 25 Feb 1765 d. FATHER Robert Owen in Frederick, Frederick Co, MD 13 25 Feb 1765 INHERITANCE10 Robert Owen's will names 10 kids: John Owings, Thomas Owings, Jeremiah (Jemimah?) Owings Folsom?, Robert Owings, Rachel Harper, Lydia Pyles, James Owings, David Owings, Margret Cherk, Owen Owings. Robert owned Horseshoe Plantation in Frederick Co., MD 29 1771 MARRIAGE 1 To Mary Goode (1756-1810) Bedford, Bedford Co, VA 30 20 Dec 1772 b. DAUGHTER Rachel Owen (1772-1845) by Mary Goode? 30 1772 MARRIAGE 2 To Jane Hughes (1748/1760-1835) Bedford, Bedford Co, VA (2 simultaneous wives?)(12 years at marriage? son at 16?) 31 1773 b. DAUGHTER (Mary?) Ann Owen (1773-1850) by Mary Goode? 33 1775 b. DAUGHTER Sally Owen (1775-) by Mary Goode? 34 1776 b. SON Septimus Davis/Davies Owen M.D. (1776-1840) by Jane Hughes 34 1776 b. DAUGHTER Polly Owen (1776-1856) by Mary Goode 34 1776 MILITARY Staunton, Augusta, VA 5th regiment, Private in Captain John Abner's Company (patrollers of Staunton) Augusta Co Militia. (another Owen Owen 1777 Military private in PA - perhaps his KY land grant below?) 37 1779 INHERITANCE10 From his brother Thomas Owen who left Horseshoe Plantation to his remaining brothers including Owen Owen. 38 1780 b. SON Thomas Owen (1780-1857) by Mary Goode 38 1780 b. SON Benjamin Franklin Owen (1780-1850) by Jane Hughes (source 3 below) 39 9 Oct 1781 LAND PATENT 1000 acres in VA for 1600 pounds (Have image) (likely purchased with his 1779 inheritance) 42 1784 b. DAUGHTER Mary Sarah Hughes (Owen?) (1784-1821) by Jane Hughes 43 1785 b. SON Owen Owen (1785-1867) by Mary Goode? (or is he same as William O(wen?) next? 43 1785 b. SON William O(wen?) SR Owen MD (1785-1875) by Jane Hughes (source 3 below). Other sources say by Mary Goode - 23 Jan 1786 LAND GRANT 1000 acres on Brush Creek, Nelson Co, KY (Book Number 5 Kentucky Land Grants)(but no evidence of him in KY so perhaps another of the several Owen Owens) 44 1786 RESIDENCE Staunton, Bedford, VA (source 3 below) 44 9 Nov 1786 d. MOTHER Rachel Hook (1712-1786) dies Frederick, Frederick, MD 44 9 Nov 1786 INHERITANCE Rachel's will probated in Frederick Co, MD 48 1790 RESIDENCE Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA (moved from Staunton. source 3 below) 49 1791 OCCUPATION Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA (Established a circulating library of about 2000 volumes. source 3 below) 50 3/12/1792 b. SON Jason Owen prob. Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA 59 1801 b. SON? C M Owen (1801-) VA (but only a single FEMALE <10 shows in 1810 census)(Jane Hughes barely young enough only if b. 1760) 68 1810 CENSUS Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA 68 1810 b. GIRL Rebecca Jane Owen (c 1810-<1879) Campbell Co. (but both wives too old so perhaps granddaughter?) This is the girl <10 in 1810 census? 77 3 Jun 1819 DEATH Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA (confirmed on gravestone) 77 5 Jun 1819 BURIAL Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA (confirmed on gravestone) Old City Cemetery.(date source 3 below) - 1820 CENSUS Floyd Co, KY (son Owen (1785-1867) Missing older bro of Jason)(see linked trees at source 1. below.) - 1835 d. WIFE Jane Hughes (?-1835) Lynchburg, Campbell Co, VA (confirmed on gravestone)


According to Nancy Owen family tradition, her Lynchburg Owen Owen was of Welsh Quaker descent. If so he most likely descended from the original Welsh Quaker's of Merion, PA, which was the center of Welsh Quakers in the 1600's. What is today Lower Merion Township, a western suburb of Philadelphia, was part of the Welsh Tract given to early Welsh immigrants by William Penn, himself a Quaker. Griffith Owen and several Owen Owens originally from there became prominent Philadelphia citizens documented by a number of primary sources.

However I've found no direct line of descent of my Owen Owen from these early Pennsylvania Owens documented in primary sources though there are a number of Ancestry.com trees without stated sources that make this connection.

And even though the Quaker Meeting house (now restored on the Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church property) was the first house of worship established in Lynchburg c. early 1700's, there is no evidence that my Lynchburg Owen Owen was a practicing Quaker as he doesn't appear in any of the meeting records during his life in Lynchburg. A few other Owens do appear who could possibly be related.

As for my Owen Owen himself, the only primary source records I've found, other than his Revolutionary War military service as a 5th Regiment Private in Captain John Abner's Company 'The Raiders of Staunton' (Staunton just a few miles NW of Lynchburg), are from the same area, possibly even the same location. The 1771 and 1772 marriages are from Bedford Co., and he appears in the 1810 VA Census in Lynchburg. However he could well have lived in the exact same place as Campbell Co was formed from the eastern section of Bedford Co in 1781, and Lynchburg Town was chartered from the 45 acre John Lynch property in northern Campbell Co. in 1786.

The only other primary source record I've found is the Owen Owen gravestone (Owen-Owen-stone-best.jpg) in the Lynchburg Old City Cemetery, Plot 102 W.

		In Memory of?

	??ied In Lynchburg(e)
	1742 Died June 3 1819
	Jane Hughes Owen
	His wife Died 1835
	Mary Owen Hughes
	His Daughter Died 1821
	Septimus Owen
	M.D. his Son Died 1840
	? 1802 ? 
	[Here repaired break in stone]
	Owens great grand Son
	Robert L. Owen 			(Nancy Owen says this is Robert Latham Owen, the 1st Senator from Oklahoma, that repaired the stone)

The Lynchburg(e) line on the stone is particularly intriguing as it suggests he did something in Lynchburg in 1742 but I can't decipher that apparently 5 letter word. One would think it might reference his birth, or perhaps just says 'Lived', or possibly 'Moved' but I can't make any of these possibilities work. A clearer photo of the stone is needed.

As for possible parents and ancestry of the Lynchburg Owen Owen there are several candidates.

1. Robert Owen (Owings) (c1708 Prince George's Co, MD - 1765 Frederick Co, MD)
s/o Robert Owen (s/o Edward Owen), wife Rachel Hook (c1712 - 1786 Frederick Co) owner of Horseshoe Planation in Frederick Co, MD. He and wife are right age and an old two page tree (Robert-Owen-father-Owen-Owen.jpg & Owen-Owen-MD.jpg) lists an Owen Owen (c1747/50 - ) as his eldest son. A wife Mary is listed which is consistent with Mary Goode, 1st wife of my Owen Owen. This report also lists a brother John that moved to Bedford Co., VA by 1750's and purchased 180 acres there.

While a secondary source this is all consistent with my Owen Owen and first marriage to Mary Goode. However primary sources say that an Owen Owen and John Owen were briefly in Jail in VA as suspected Tory sympathizers. And later an Owen Owen and John Owen appear together in West Virginia. This lends weight to the possibility that there may have been two Owen Owens marrying two different wives in Bedford Co. in 1771 and 1772 as there is the Owen Owen wife Jane Hughes 1819 stone in Bedford and that Owen and John Owen may have moved to West VA after their stay in jail. Solving the mystery of the two Owen Owen wives might help solve this, as well as following up the links in the tree.

Second page of this tree states Owen Owen (1747/50 - > 22 May 1826 Floyd Co, KY) moved to Bedford abt 1771 (marriage date to Mary Good), then to Floyd Co, KY abt 1801. 1820 census lists him there.
If this is all correct then this is the first Bedford Co. Owen and likely not Jason's father as my analysis was based on the Owen Owen showing in Bedford in the 1810 census.

So even though the ages of Robert Owen m. Rachel Hook are right and they had a son Owen Owen in Bedford he is probably not my Owen Owen. However his brother John is listed as puchasing land in Bedford in 1782, and witnessing purchase of land in 1787 when one might expect John to have moved with Owen to W. VA ~1801 as stated abv. (Unless that's another John Owen?)

Finding death records or gravestones of this Owen Owen, John Owen and Mary Goode might help. CHECK THIS.

These parents do have reasonable dates. Owen (Owings), Robert [6] c1708 • Prince George's County, MD - <25 FEBRUARY 1765 • Frederick County, MD married 25 Feb 1729/30 Prince George's Co to Rachel Hook, b c1712, d 1786 Frederick Co. d/o James Hook and Margaret Thrasher (d/o Benjamin Thrasher). James Hook b c 1680-85 Prince George's co and s/o Thomas Hooke and Annaple Magruder. Thomas was b c 1645 Bristol Somerset, England ad d c 1697-98 Prince George's o. Thomas was s/o Humphrey Hooke and Florence Smith. The source for them seems to be Robert-Owen-father-Owen-Owen.jpg.

Robert Owings will of 14 May 1762 was proven 25 Feb Frederick Co, MD naming 10 Owings including an Owen Owings.

9 Nov 1786. Wife? Rachel's will probated in Federick Co.

Son Owen Owen b. c. 1747/50 m. Mary ____Goode, one of 10 children mentioned.

More info mentioned including m. of Delilah Owen in Bedford Co. 1803 to her 1st cousin Owen Owen a son of my Owen Owen.

So if all this is correct then this Robert Owen and Rachel Hook look like the most likely parents of my Owen Owen. Therefore I've used them in my direct ancestor tree.

				Robert Owen()

			Robert Owen (c1708 Prince George's Co, MD - <1765 Frederick Co, MD) Owned Horseshoe Plantation in Frederick Co, MD.
			(married 25 Feb 1729/30)
			Rachel Hook (c1712 -  ) d/o James Hook () & Margarent Thrasher (d/o) Benjamin. 

		Owen Owen (c1747/50 - ) married Mary (Goode? Bedford Co, VA 1771) [and/or Jane Hughes (Bedford Co, VA 1772)]
		Rachel Owen (c1755 Prince George's Co, MD - 1819 KY) m(1). Josiah Harper 1771. m(2) Henry Musgrove
		Thomas Owen (? Prince George's Co, MD -1779). Will (1 Jan 1777) left property to mother & brothers John, James, Owen, David.
		Lydia Owen (1740 - ) m. 1757
		John Owen (? - ?) Moved to Bedford Co, VA by 1750's
		James Owen 
		Margaret Owen
		Robert Owen ( - d. by 1777)
		David Owen
		Thomas Owen

2. Robert III Owen (1690 - ) [6} and wife (1699 - )
Owen, Robert III [6] 1697 Duck Creek, New Castle, DE - Mar 1754 Merion, Philadelphia, PA m. Humphrey, Rebecca [6] (1697 Duck Creek, New Castle, Delaware, USA - Mar 1754 Merion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. These have very interesting and illustrious trees going far back but their birth dates are too early to be my Owen Owen's parents.
This is Nancy Owen's choice of parents. However the main problem here is they seem to old to be the parents of Owen Owen (1742 - 1819). The wife would have been 43, possible I suppose but extremely unlikely. There are two possible ways around this problem. First one could suspect an intermediate generation between this couple and my Owen Owen (1742 - ) which would work age wise but I find no records to suggest anyone. The second is that Owen Owen was born 1724 rather than 1742 and the last two digits were reversed on his stone. There is in fact a different documented Owen Owen (1724 - ) which we consider next.
NANCY OWEN TREE: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/7201668/person/-1104642198/facts

3. Owen Owen (Sr.) s/o Griffith Owen
were prominent and well documented Owens of Welsh Quaker Merion Co, PA then in Philadelphia. Owen Owen (Sr.) married Catherine Lewis (1690 - 1741) in 1722 just 2 years prior to the 1724 birth of Owen (Jr.). The 1876 Bucks County History even states that Owen Owen (Jr.) married a Jane Hughes, the name of my Owen Owen's wife on his stone. However the history also goes on to say they had 8 daughters. If this is correct then it had to be a different Jane Hughes, d/o Christopher Hughes of Bedminster, and in fact there is another Jane Hughes stone that is apparently hers. A secondary source but if correct then this is impossible.

However this Owen Owen (Jr.) is the PA one born 1724, died 1845. And trees state he died 1845 in Carroll Co., VA. However there is also a Carroll Co, MD a lot closer and just east of Frederick Co. where Horseshoe Planation was. However if he did move to VA to Bedford which is close to Carroll, VA he is certainly a good candidate for my Owen Owen. That would take only the single correction of switching the last two digits on his Lynchburg stone, which could be a routine typo transcription error by the stone carver. In any case if he was born 1724 his listed 1845 death date at age 121 is clearly in error, and 1819 would be much more reasonable. This would also be consistent with the 1876 Bucks Co History which states "he was a man of active, vigorous mind, of influence in his day, and lived to the age of ninety" as he would have been 95 at his death in 1819. There is also one tree which has Owen Owen (1750-1845 Carroll, VA) and another Owen Owen (1724-1775).

Also if he still married Jane Hughes (1760 - 1835) at age 12 in 1772 when he was 48, which is unusual but certainly possible, she would still be young enough to be Jason Owen's mother in 1792 at age 30 he being age 68, which is again unusual but certainly possible. He would certainly be young enough to father the listed children the first b. 1776 when Jane was 16 which is quite reasonable.

So this scenario is certainly possible though somewhat unlikely on several points. And it does require only the single reversal of the Owen Owen stone birthdate to be consistent with fairly well documented data. And in fact a number of trees give this as the Owen Owen that married Jane Hughes, though some give her birth date as 1748, which would make her 44 in 1792 too old to be Jason's mother.

However a possible fly in the ointment of this scenario is the 1876 Bucks County history that states that Owen Owen (Jr.) married a Jane Hughes and had 8 daughters (Catharine, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, Mary, Margaret, Zillah and Hannah). However this 1876 secondary source could be erroneously listing the children of the other Jane Hughes rather than my Jane Hughes. So this Owen Owen (Jr) is still a reasonable possibility.

https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/47215644/person/24075634330/facts?_phsrc=rmn229&_phstart=successSource https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/42/?name=OWEN_OWEN&birth=1750&birth_x=10-0-0&count=50&location=2&name_x=p_1&priority=usa&spouse=JANE_HUGHES

To test this scenario should try to find him in Carroll Co, MD. If there then not my Owen Owen. Also finding the Other Jane Hughes and her husband. Checking none of the PA Jane Hughes appear to have married any Owen, most Hughes is married name, so find no other viable Jane Hughes, in particular any with 8 daughters. Has Owen Owen 1728 Baptism but where? https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=owen_owen&event=_maryland-usa_23&birth=1734&birth_x=10-0-0&count=50&location=2&name_x=1_1&priority=usa Owen Owen (1732 - 1809) & Catherine Lewis both died 1809 stone but where?: https://www.ancestry.com/mediaui-viewer/tree/77823025/person/40372606478/media/288f6763-dffc-4c1d-844b-e208b18e5bc6?_phsrc=oeD42&_phstart=successSource

Trees have Owen Owen (Sr.) born Frederick, MD 1717-1741 Carroll, VA. m. Mary Goode (Goad) & lots of different dates: https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/42/?name=owen_owen&event=_maryland-usa_23&birth=1734&birth_x=10-0-0&count=50&location=2&name_x=1_1&priority=usa

					Griffith Owen ( ) Colonial Council 1685-1707

				Griffith Owen (Bucks Co, PA) from Wales 1721. in Assembly 1749-60. So NOT son of Griffith abv? Surveyor & clerk. m. Margaret Morgan (New Britain?)
			Owen Owen m. Catherine Jones
		Owen (Jr.) m. Jane Hughes d/o Christopher Hughes of Bedminster had 8 daughters (IF NO SONS CAN'T BE MY OWEN OWEN & DIFFERENT JANE HUGHES ???)
	Catharine m. Abel H. James

				Owen Owen son Griffith? Coroner Philadelphia 1730, Sheriff there 1728 
				John Owen son Griffith? () Sheriff of Chester Co, 1729-31

4. Owen Owen sailing from Wales There is also an Owen Owen that came through Virginia after sailing directly from Wales, but he is fairly well documented as marrying a Sophia Wade he apparently met on the ship and then traveling on to TN???? So they also seem not to be my Owen Owen parents.

5. Owen Owen s/o Owen Owen s/o Robert Owen
I think this is the double gravestone Owen Owen and Catherine (Lewis?).

				Robert Owen (1657 - 1697) m. Rebecca Humphrey
			Owen Owen son? (21 Feb 1690 Phila, PA - 6 Jun 1741 Chester, PA)  (m. 1st, 23 Mar 1714 Merion, PA)? Anne Wood (1688-1743))
			(m. 2nd, 24 Oct 1722) Catherine Lewis (21 Feb 1690 Phila, PA - 6 Jun 1741 Phila, PA suspicious same dates as husband) 
		Owen Owen (1750-1845). But if mother m. 1722 a 1724 b. of 1st child seems right. 

Sadly there seem to be no primary records of the birth of my Owen Owen anywhere, even in the extensive Quaker meeting records. I did find one that is described as a 1742 birth of an Owen Owen but when one looks at the original it is clearly the death of an Owen Owen in 1748. This discrepancy needs to be explained. Is there an actual 1742 birth record somewhere?

There are a number of primary records for Owen Owens in the MD, PA and DE areas but so far I haven't found any that logically link to my Lynchburg Owen Owen. These are listed for consideration next.



						Lewis 1704 Land, 1708 2x Wills & Probate 


					Griffith 1713, 1714, 1722 - Land, residence
					Richard 1723 - Land, residence
					Evan 1726 - Land, residence
					William c1716 - Will

				NEW CASTLE CO, DE OWENS 1742 +_10 YEARS3 (All land, residence)

					Mary (= Widow Owen?)	1741 2x (apparent widow of one of men above)
				William 1741
				Griffith 1737, 1740, 1746, 1750
				Owen 1738, 1739 2x 			[THIS OWEN OWEN ONLY on these dates. CONSISTENT W A 1724 OWEN OWEN > VA, but at 14 & 15 too young to own land unless bought for him?]
				Owen(only 1 name)	1749		[Age OK to be mine & own land if b. 1724. Or same as Owen Owen abv?]
				John 1748,1749 2x, 1750 2x
				Stephen 1750
				Robert 1748
				Lewis 1750
				Anne 1738
				Hugh 1748, 1749 2x

				NEW CASTLE CO, DE OWENS 1762 +_10 YEARS6 (All land, residence)

			Guinee 1762 marriage
			Rebecca 1753 marriage, 1771 marriage
			Chrisy	1763 marriage
			Elisabeth 1758 marriage
			George 1753 marriage
			Hugh 1755 land
			Robert Will 3x
			John wife Elenor multiples, 1772 Quaker meeting
			Elenor 4 Sep 1772 Death
			James Jr. (26 Aug 1772 - 20 Dec 1774) Quaker
			James Sr. 22 Dec 1774 Death (confusion with son above?)			


						1738 Lehigh Co, PA, 45 acres land > son David Owen in 1769
						1741 LeHigh, 90 acres land > son Thomas Owen in 1759
						1743 Saucon Twsp, Lehigh Owen Owen, Thomas Owen signed petition to found it

						1732 - 12 Mar 1809. b. 1732? Double gravestone8 of Owen Owen + Catherine Lewis both d. 1809. 
						Perkasie, Bucks Co. s/o Griffith & Margrot (Margaret) Owen, children Owen Owen, Griffith Owen (9 Feb 1758 - 5 Feb 1840. buried same cemetery
						Parents of Owen Owen (1770 - 1786) buried same cemetery. So NOT my ancestor.
						1734 Land Bucks Co, PA
						1734 Bucks, Land
						1738 Bucks, Land
						1738 Bucks Co, Land
						1740 Sacoon, Bucks Land
						1740 Bucks, 50 acres Land

						1722 Phila, m. Katherine Lewis			[M1]
						1722 Phila, Quaker
						1723 Phila, Quaker
						1734 Phila, Newspaper, 2 runaway slaves	[M2]
						1735 Phila, m. Priscilla Hammingham 		[M2]

						1724 Chester, Will				[D1]
						1724 Chester, Quaker
						1725 Chester, Quaker
						1725 Whitland, Chester, Will - lists wife Katherine, siblings & children
						1728 Chester, Will				[D2]
						1738 Chester, Quaker

						NEW CASTLE, DE. BORDERS CHESTER CO, PA TO N. (The Duck Creek, New Castle, DE Owens)
						1738 New Castle, DE, Land 2x
						1739 New Castle, DE, Land 2x
						1796 ?Also

						More trees in member stories dox


						1742 Bucks, Quaker monthly meeting at Richland, Bucks********
						1748 Bucks, Land (seems same as Phila? as same date)
						1748 Bucks?, Quaker. Death of Owen Owen. REFERENCES HIS BIRTH 21 EIGHTH 1742, BUT IMAGE IS A DEATH 21 AUG 174821 ****
						1739 Phila, Newspaper, Horse stolen or missing13.
						1740 Phila, Newspaper, Camel on display14.
						1741 Phila, Carpenter
						1741 Phila, Will19. (1690-1741) Names wife Anne, children including another? Owen Owen?***
						1742 Phila, Newspaper, his Publick House where he recently deceased lived11.
						1742 Phila, Newspaper, Widow of Owen Owen is Ann Owen. Notes estate, debtors, 2 land parcels for sale.
						1743 Phila, Will		[same as above or different one?]
						1748 Phila, Land		[A SON OF THE ABOVE DIED 1741?]
						1748 Phila, 500 acres land
						1751 Phila, 500 acres land

						1741 Chester, Quaker. "Difference" w another member 30Fourth1741 (says Jun but April?)
						1751 Chester, Will (so not the 1741 Phila died Owen Owen) but also listed in Phila same dates, acres [same? land Phila, d. Chester?]

						1740 birth VA22  
						1753 Prince William Co, VA Rent Role (VA Early Census Index)
						1754 Prince William Co, VA Rent Role (VA Early Census Index)

						1814 Savannah, GA. Death record20. Planter aged 63 (1750/1 - 23 Feb 1814), inflammation of lungs, 
						"buried from the house of his son Mr. GW (George Welshman) Owens, attorney at law Anson Square". 
						(Possible other Bedford Owen Owen wife Mary Goode?)


						1769 Craven Co. Census subs. No Township listed.
						1773 Land 400 acres
						1774 Land
						1774 Craven, NC. Probate (Martha wife, previous husband Gosper Granade - separate record 1767?) several separate records/dates26
						1778 Land Washington Co, NC,sup>27

						1780 Petition to governor [NOT MY OWEN OWEN]

						1767 Land

						1754 Estate25 
						1761 Will28. Owen Owens half brother. From or to Ezekiel Owens, weaver, 12 Dec 1752. Notes other half bros etc. 

						1775-83 Military PA 5th Regiment Private.
						1777 Military rolls 6 Sep 1777 PA 5th Regiment Private. Several dates in 1777 
						1778 Military rolls several dates 
						1779 Church records. residence. purchase of 10 yards of woolen cloth for 60c. 
						1780 Church records. residence. purchase of linen. 3 records 

						PHILA CO, PA
						1761/72? Abigail, Owen Owen (widow?)

						BUCKS CO, PA
						1778 Hilltown Tax records
						1780 Tax & exoneration records
						1786 Died, (1770 - 1786) died aged 16. [Owen-Owen-PA-gravestone.tiff & Owen-Owen-PA-gravestone2.tiff]
						buried Hilltown Baptist Church Cemetery Upper Perkasie, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

						1776 Census subs. Dorchester Co, Transquakin Hundred Twnship. MD.
						1790 Co? 1st US Census MD.

						1768 Marriage to Desiah Doud 

						1827 Death Owen H Owens (1774 - ) Wife Mary.
						1885 NY State census (~1773 - ) wife Margrett Owens, son Owen Owens age 48 ( - 1833) 
						1776 NY, NY Military. Col. C. Wynkoop's Reg't 

						1780 Bedford, Tory Prisoner list9, Owen Owen & John Owen
						1780 Bedford, Tory Prisoner list, Owen Owen & John Owen
						1787 Land. Augusta Co, Staunton, VA.
						1790 Co? 1st US Census VA.

						WV (THEN PART OF VA**)
						1785 Harrison Co. Owen Owen, John Owen. 6 & 4 white souls. 1 dwelling, 1 other bldg. [likely same Owen & John from VA abv Mary Goode??]

						1786 KY Land17. (Oct 1746 Bala, N Wales - 1810 Washington Co, KY) w info on wife Sophia Wade (1750 Wales/Ireland-) 
						dad Thomas (1712-1809) mom Margaret Thomas (1726-1796), son John Mason (1775-). 	[APPEARS TO BE SEPARATE OWEN OWEN NOT MINE]

							1691+10 Merion, Land+. Robert f/o Evan > f/o Gainor, Evan, OWEN, Elizabeth, John, Robert, some born in Wales
							Bio16. of An Owen Owen in Washington Co, KY in 1810. Perhaps the other from VA? Or the 3rd one from ship >VA>KY w Irish wife Sophia? Wade?



NEED TO CHECK WILLS, MADE VS PROBATED & STONES..... ALSO this all depends on dates of PA, MD, DE border & the counties within.

The Mason-Dixon line was surveyed 1763-1767 to settle border dispute between PA, MD & DE. Prior to this MD claim extended N to 40th parallel which crosses PA N of Phil. And in 1682 Penn was granted the three lower counties which later became DE Colony. However MD considered these part of its original grant. In 1732 MD agreed to cede these counties to PA. As part of the agreement the Mason-Dixon line was surveyed to settle the matter.

Likewise West Virginia was long a part of Virginia, and only separated in 1862. Until then references to VA could actually refer to WV.

Mason-Dixon map: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Marycolony.png
Delaware Colony: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delaware_Colony
WV 1861 statehood vote by county: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Virginia#/media/File:October_24,_1861_county_vote_for_West_Virginia_statehood.jpg FOOTNOTES:
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23. AN OWEN J OWEN (1785 VA - 1867 AZ), B. TO MARY GOODE (GOAD) (<1753 BEDFORD -1810 FLOYD KY) https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/114734794/person/360133974606/facts
24. Owen Owen stone broken & displaced. (Jan? 179? - Died Jun? 18??) link says 1770-1839. Where? Owen-Owen-stone2.jpg
25. Several hard to read pages. https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/5327/32364_225622-00511?pid=8949&backurl=https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv%3D1%26dbid%3D5327%26h%3D8949%26tid%3D%26pid%3D%26usePUB%3Dtrue%26_phsrc%3DWoa7%26_phstart%3DsuccessSource&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=Woa7&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true#?imageId=32364_225622-00513


Lynchburg was named for its founder, John Lynch, who at the age of 17 started a ferry service across the James River in 1757. In 1786, the Virginia General Assembly granted Lynch a charter for a town, which took in the 45 acres of land that Lynch owned. Lynchburg was incorporated as a town in 1805, and as a city in 1852.

The Society of Friends, or Quakers, were the first religious group to settle in Lynchburg. The city’s first house of worship was the South River Meeting House of the Society of Friends, located on Fort Avenue. The Meeting House was restored and is now part of Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church. Lynchburg (Susie 434-239-2548)is often called the “City of Churches” for the large number and variety of religious buildings found in the city today.

Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church (http://www.qmpc.org/church.htm) is named in honor of Lynchburg’s early pioneer Quakers, members of the Religious Society of Friends, whose restored eighteenth-century meeting house is located on church property. Sarah Clark Lynch and her son John, founder of the city of Lynchburg, donated land for the South River Meeting House, and the Quaker meeting’s membership grew and flourished. However, financial hardship, accompanied by unpopular Quaker positions on social issues including slavery and their anti-war sentiments, convinced many of the Friends to join the widespread western migration, and the number of Quakers in Lynchburg and the surrounding area dwindled. In 1839, the last meeting was held at South River.The abandoned stone meeting house soon displayed signs of neglect and began to fall into ruins. In 1856, the roof collapsed under heavy snow and little remained except the walls. Nearby, a stout stone wall protected the cemetery of the Quaker dead. This symbol of peace also became a symbol of war when Union army soldiers encamped on the grounds of the abandoned meeting house during the 1864 Battle of Lynchburg.

Tobacco and iron were the chief products of early Lynchburg. The extensive use of Lynch’s ferry system on the James River resulted in Lynchburg becoming one of the largest tobacco markets in the U. S. The James Calloway Furnace, which operated around 1770 until 1779, and the Davie Ross Furnace, which was in business from 1781 until 1837, supplied the Continental Army with pig iron and cannon balls during the American Revolution.

Lynchburg served as a major storage depot during the Civil War, as well as a burial place for many of those killed during the war. Confederate Generals are buried here, including General Jubal Early, who commanded the Confederate forces during the brief Battle of Lynchburg. The breastworks for the defense of the city can still be seen at Fort Early. Lynchburg is also known for its proximity to Appomattox where the Civil War ended on April 9, 1865.

Lynchburg is often called the City of Seven Hills. Each of the hills has an interesting history behind its name. White Rock Hill was named for the beautiful white rocks one could see on the drive up to the hill. Franklin Hill was possibly named for Benjamin Franklin, a frequent visitor to the area. Diamond Hill was perhaps named for the lots on the turnpike that were triangular shaped. Federal Hill could have been named for the Federalist party that was very influential in the early years of Lynchburg’s development. College Hill was named for the military college sponsored by the Methodist Protestants from 1858 until the time of the Civil War. Garland Hill was named for the Garland family that lived there for more than 100 years. Daniel’s Hill was named for Judge William Daniel who owned and subsequently sold most of the land on the hill.

The Seven Hills of Lynchburg are where much of Lynchburg’s history and the projects of the Lynchburg Historical Foundation have taken place. We invite you to read a summary of our mission, programs, coalitions and plans for the future. Please consider helping Lynchburg preserve its past and its future by joining our organization today.

Miller Claytor LN Riverside Park, Lynchburg, VA was lived in by Owen Owen and Jane Hughes Owen. It was originally located at 863 Church St. where the post office is now.
October 15, 2009 photo of Miller Claytor Home in Lynchburg where Owen Owen lived: Owen-Owen-house.jpg


Here are some selected descendants of the Lynchburg Owen Owen including the most prominent one and my branch. Data comes from the best documented Ancestry.com tree https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/6577935/person/-1221039229/facts, Wikipedia for the famous ones, and my family tree for my branch.

						Owen Owen (1942 - 1819 Lynchburg, VA)
						  m. 1772 Lynchburg	
						Jane Hughes (1960 - 1835 Lynchburg, VA)
					Rachel Owen (1772 - 1845)
					Charles McCormack Owen (1775-1880)
					Septimus (Davis or Davies) Owen M.D. (1776 - 1840)
					Benjamin Franklin Owen (1780 - 1850)
					Mary Sarah Owen (1784 - 1821), m. a Mr. Hughes, perhaps a relative of her mother?
					William (Owen) Owen M.D. (1785 - 1875). m. Jane Latham
				William Otway Owen M.D. (1820 - 1892). Surgeon-in-Chief over 30 Confederate hospitals in Lynchburg.
				Robert Latham Owen Sr. (1825 - 1873). Civil engineer, surveyor, VA planation owner, President VA and TN railroad. [Wikipedia, Robert L. Owen Sr.]
				   m. 4 Oct 1853
				Narcissa Clark Chisholm (3 Oct 1831 - 11 Jul 1911). Orphaned daughter of Cherokee chief Thomas Chisholm, granddaughter of Chief John D. Chisholm. [Wikipedia, Narcissa Chisholm Owen]
			Maj. William Otway Owen M.D. (1854 TN - 1924). A US Army doctor.
			Robert Latham Owen Jr. (1856 Lynchburg - 1947). One of 1st two US Senators from OK. [Wikipedia, Robert Latham Owen]
					Jason Owen (12 Mar 1792 VA - 6 Sep 1847 Grayson, Carter Co, KY).		(2 males 18-25 show on 1810 census. presumably William & Jason) 
				Harvey Owen (16 Aug 1838 - 1889)
			Edgar Owen (1866 - 1962)
		Edgar Lyle Owen, Ph.D. (1906 - 2005). Head of Economics Dept., Univ of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK.
	Edgar Lauren Owen (1941 - Living)
					Rebecca Jane Owen (1810 - 1879).	(1 girl <10 does show on 1810 census, but Jane Hughes would have been 50, too old to be mother)

Records seem to indicate that Owen Owen was married to 2 wives simultaneously. However polygamy was a felony in early Virginia (see Source 2 below) so this seems unlikely. His gravestone has Jane Hughes as his wife. So was the marriage of Mary Goode to another Owen Owen of the same name in the previous year in the same county? This also seems unlikely so the mystery continues for now.

However I think it safe to assume that Jane Hughes was Jason's mother. Only she is on the gravestone, Source 4 below mentions only her as Owen Owen's wife. However both wives would have been young enough assuming that Jane was b. 1760 rather than 1748.

Source 1: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/44479532/person/6217479771/facts?_phsrc=rmn215&_phstart=successSource
Source 2: https://www.loc.gov/resource/mtj1.001_0327_0328/?sp=1
Source 3: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/7201668/person/-1104642198/facts?_phsrc=rmn184&_phstart=successSource
Source 4: https://EdgarLOwen.com/Owen-Owen-ancestry.jpg
Source 5: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/30825273/person/12473288521/facts?_phsrc=rmn184&_phstart=successSource
Source 6: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/23738952/person/26056365159/facts?_phsrc=rmn184&_phstart=successSource
Source 7: Owen Owen Sr. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/86371338/person/260072563413/facts?_phsrc=rmn217&_phstart=successSource
Source 8: All trees have Owen Owen Sr. b. 1732 too young to be Owen Owen Jr's dad b. 1742 or even 1750. This Sr. has an Owen Owen son b. 1771 which is OK but not my Owen Owen. So who is correct dad? Robert? as before but what is source. He seems too old. He would be in New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA where my Owen Owen was born in 1742. https://www.ancestry.com/search/categories/42/?name=owen_owen&event=_pennsylvania-usa_41&count=50&event_x=_1-0&location=2&name_x=p_psx&priority=usa&spouse=catherine_jones&spouse_x=1_1
Source 9: ***An Owen Owen in 1739 in right place for my Owen Owen to be born. https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?
all owens then and there. but these all in New Castle DE, NOt new castle PA ***, could birth place abv be New Castle DE not New Castle PA? Owen Owen & Griffin Owen show in land records in Newcastle DE*** but History of Bucks co PA places parents there: indiv=1&dbid=61025&h=395778&tid=&pid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=rmn221&_phstart=successSource https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=_owen&event=1742_New+Castle-Lawrence+Co.+PA&count=50&event_x=10-0-0_1-0&location=2&name_x=p_p&priority=usa
Source 10: Horseshoe-plantation.jpg https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=robert_owen&event=_maryland-usa_23&birth=1708&birth_x=10-0-0&child=owen_owen&count=50&event_x=_1-0&location=2&name_x=p_s&priority=usa

LEONARD OWEN - A likely relative of Jason

Leonard Owen was quite possibly an older brother of Jason's. He lived in Patrick Co., VA and was married there by the same Preacher who later married Jason and Elizabeth Thompson. He also had a son named Archibald as did Jason. Supposedly there is an 1802 will in Patrick Co. in which an Elizabeth Owen leaves her entire estate to Leonard in consideration for care given in her old age however I haven't been able to locate this will. If so then this Elizabeth could well have been the mother of Jason. As of Mar 24, 2018 think I've found Jason's parents and his mother is Jane Hughes. Also the slightly older brother of Jason in Owen Owen's 1810 census is probably another Owen Owen. So Leonard may be an uncle or cousin rather than a brother.


- c. 1756 Father born estimated date? 0 c. 1776 Born, VA source 1850 US census. Or 1777 Surry Co, NC? Patrick VA? 16 1792 Birth of Jason possible brother? Where in VA? 25 1802 Inheritance From mother Elizabeth of entire estate, other children (Jason? age 10) excluded. 26 Aug 16, 1803 1st marriage to Jane Quarles in Patrick Co., VA 28 1805 Archibald A. born in Patrick Co., VA 28 1805 Death 1st wife Jane Quarles (in childbirth?) 29 Oct 26, 1805 2nd marriage to Nancy Hampton in Patrick, VA. 30 1806 Birth daughter Jane Owen (1806-1896) 32 Dec 11, 1809 Filed divorce after 2nd wife Nancy Hampton gave birth to biracial child 33 Feb 8, 1810 Divorced Patrick Co., VA 33 Jul 3, 1810 Birth of daughter Lucinda (1810-1831) - by Hannah Landreth prior to marriage? 34 1811 Death of 2nd wife Nancy Hampton - Suspicious timing. Murder/suicide? 34 8/15/1811 3rd marriage to Hannah Landreth in Patrick Co., VA 35 Nov 13, 1812 Enlisted War of 1812 (same Leonard?) 44 1820 Census Hd household Patrick Co., VA 54 1830 Census Hd household Patrick Co., VA 64 1840 Census Hendricks IN 74 1850 Census Washington, Hendricks, IN with 3rd wife Hannah age 70 80 Mar 28, 1857 Death Hendricks Co., IN. Alternate 1856

Source for most data above is: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/101116767/person/290006929442/facts?_phsrc=rmn19&_phstart=successSource

Different dates & mothers for children here: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/26062946/person/1776625858/facts?_phsrc=rmn19&_phstart=successSource

FOOTNOTES TO OWEN ANCESTRY (Some numbers match those in my Owen Documents file)

1. Obituary of Edgar Owen written by Edgar Lyle Owen

2. Lee Co, VA documents with letter by Edgar Lyle Owen

3. Marriage Bond - Jason Owen March 13, 1814 signed by 22 year old Jason Owen and Mitchel Thompson, the apparent father of bride Betsy Thompson his 16 year old daughter. In this folder there is also an 1833 Mitchel Thompson Will in which he leaves most to his son Raleigh by his 2nd wife Nancy Catherine McCraw after his 1st, my Mary Griffin, and an 1820 Catherine Thompson, widow of Robert Thompson, Will both hard to read but see no mention of Elizabeth Betsy in either. Lyle in note thinks this is Catherine (Hammock by previous marriage) Thompson, Mitchel Thompson's mother (my g-g-g-g grandmother) who died 1820.

There is a Mitchell Thompson in Carroll and Grayson Co's, VA b. 1766 (https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=Mitchell_Thompson&event=_virginia-usa_49&birth=1765&birth_x=10-0-0&count=50&event_x=_1-0-a&location=2&name_x=s_s&priority=usa) who had 2 wives the right age but can find no mention of an Elizabeth Betsy Thompson b. 1798 among the listed children. If this is her father she would be a daughter by first wife Mary (J?/Jane?) Griffin c. 1773 - c. 1840 (married 10/13/1784 Amherst Co, VA) as he married second wife Nancy Catherine McCraw marriage in 1810. There is a 1798 gap in Mary Griffin's listed children so she is the probably mother of Elizabeth Betsey Thompson, wife of my Jason Owen.

Mary Griffin's dates in Mitchell Thompson trees are given as 1773-1840. Father Thomas Griffin. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/18182134/person/1037694737/facts gives father Cyrus 1748-1810 and Lady Christina Stuart 1749-1807 as parents which seems OK.

There is a Mary Griffin 1763 Williamsburg, Independent Cities, VA - <1810 Fauquier Spring, Fauquier, VA. wife of Mitchell Thompson 1766-1854 (married 10/13/1784 Amherst Co, VA with parents Thomas 1730/45 and Mildred ? 1740. Only 1 child is listed b. 1790 so Elizabeth could well be a later daughter as it would be unusual in those times to have only 1 child. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/8533900/person/-660115393/facts?_phsrc=eIs157&_phstart=successSource . See also https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/18182134/person/1037694737/facts?_phsrc=eIs157&_phstart=successSource same with different parents Cyrus Griffin 1749-1810 & Lady Christina Stuart 1749-1807

So this Mary Griffin wife of Mitchell Thompson is most likely mother of Elizabeth Betsey Thompson wife of Jason Owen. And Mitchell Thompson 1766-1854 is almost certainly the father. A Mitchell Thompson signed her marriage bond, and this one is the only one in the right place at the right time.

4. https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=Mitchel_Thompson&event=_virginia-usa_49&birth=1766&birth_x=10-0-0&count=50&event_x=_1-0-a&location=2&name_x=p_p&priority=usa

5. Catherine Hammock apparently was Mitchell's 2nd wife and he her 2nd husband after a William Hammock so Hammock may not be her maiden name. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/43390163/person/13096286711/facts

6. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/8533900/person/-660151755/facts

7. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/42826468/person/20069185870/facts

8. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/54959031/person/13763312243/facts

9. ALTERNATE PARENTS FOR ROBERT THOMPSON: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/89292027/person/48585846378/facts

10. ALTERNATE WIFE OF ROBERT THOMPSON II: JEAN VIA https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/4306036/person/6150317621/facts

11. JANE HESCOTT VIA ALTERNATIVES (HESCOTT BY PRIOR MARRIAGE?): https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/1067957/person/6927666420/facts

12. ALTERNATE PARENTS & WIFE TO ROBERT THOMPSON SR. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/46574000/person/6949982311/facts

13. MORE MARY GRIFFIN ANCESTRY HERE: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/8533900/person/150930779/facts

14. Grave of Jason Owen & Betsy (Elizabeth) Thompson reported by Delores Shaffer to be in small 1/2 acre cemetery on west side of Grayson, KY called variously the Old County Cemetery or Old Grayson cemetery. Mrs. Shaffer said she had seen years ago (from 11/13/1989) in it a small Owen stone maybe 8 or 10 inches high, then still standing with the name Jason on one side and Elizabeth on the other, and their were dates on the stone. She said she thought it now likely fallen or covered with leaves since the cemetery was much neglected. 11/13/1989 letter14 of Lyle Owen to Mrs. Shaffer recording what she had told him in a telephone call the day before. The stone doesn't show up on Burial or Cemetery searches on Ancestry so the stone may not now be known.

15. Land deed to Catron Thompson of land formerly owned by her son Mitchell Thompson. Sold for delinquent Taxes. I think another property same. https://www.ancestry.com/mediaui-viewer/tree/4869687/person/25780859587/media/5690a1e8-e48f-4cfb-a998-2933e3436ebf

16. Old map of VA including Lee Co. where Lyle Owen marked the location of Jason Owen property by matching landmarks on the deed. There is also a Station Creek mentioned. This is no doubt a reference to one of the Stations of the Wilderness Road that ran through there. Could this have been Owen Station where Ewing is today? See notes on Owen Station in the JASON OWEN section above. This folder also includes 2 letters from Lyle with more info.

17. The Douglas Archives Website: http://douglashistory.co.uk/history/index.htm

18. Harvey Owen Bible. Copy of family history pages.

18. Typed copy of this in folder 18 includes Xeroxed copy of photo of George and family with Lyle Owen notes

19. Lee County, Virginia Order Book 4, p. 45. November, 1834. "The court doth asign to Charles Sage overseer of the old road from James Allens to the top of Powels Mountain the following list of hands. Claibaum Young, William Young, Prestion Rogers, ___ Rogers, William B. Duff, James M. Duff, Jasin Owins, Presley Owins, James B. Sage, Ruebin Fanning, Andrew Sturgeon, John Larimore, Henry Lambert, James Allen two hands, John Query, Robert Query, John Hall, Abraham Young, and James Young two hands." Copy in folder 19.

20. Lee County Order Book 4, page 418, July, 1839. Jason Owens appelant against Jacob Spencer appellee. Copy in folder 20.

21. Jason Owen private in War of 1812. https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=4281&h=99495&tid=&pid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=eIs277&_phstart=successSource
Source: War of 1812 Service Records Administration, Index to Compiled Military Service records for Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, Washington, D.C. National Archives and Records Administration. Rolls M602 Data Base is a listing of men mustered into the Armed forces between 1812 and 1815. Saunder's was apparently one of 11 companies in this regiment. Companies were apparently manned from specific areas of Virginia. Best info is at http://1812va.org/significant-war-of-1812-events-in-virginia/.

22. Copy of letter from William B. Owen (Jul 18, 1824 - ) to brother Harvey describing his difficult Jan. 1857 journey from MO to KA in the dead of winter at Univ. of VA. http://lva-linux-temp.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com:8991/F/NPE8XTV631HQ2VHS8A6EKP9KMEGIFMACUE6SGD3KH3XM4VJK71-60668?func=full-set-set&set_number=001271&set_entry=000001&format=999

23. Presley Owen folder. Contains an 1839 deed of land in Lee Co. in repayment of $4 15c from Presley.

24. Jesse Owen folder. Contains a Jul 24, 1989 Lyle Owen letter with data about Jesse. https://www.ancestry.com/search/?name=Jesse_Owen&event=_lee-virginia-usa_1731&birth=1816&birth_x=5-0-0_1-0&count=50&event_x=0-0-0_1-1-a&location=2&name_x=s_ps&priority=usa

25. Source for details is Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia http://1812va.org/significant-war-of-1812-events-in-virginia/

Mike Lyman says: March 15, 2018 at 9:44 am Edgar: He got married in March 1814 before his tour of duty started in August 1814, thus you should accept Patrick County as where he was when he entered service. He was then in Captain Abraham Penn’s Company from Patrick County. This company had duty from August 9 1814 to 7 Sep 1814 under command of Lt Col Saunder’s 7th VA Militia Regt. Thus he was not eligible for a pension or bounty land If you need his service records order them from NARA More info regards his property may be in the Patrick County records. Penn's Company saw no combat in the war. Mike Lyman

26. Cyrus Griffin bio. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_Griffin


1. Photo of George Owen, brother of my great grandfather Harvey.

2. Photo of Margaret Ann Smith, wife of George Owen, brother of my great grandfather Harvey.

ADDITIONAL NOTES & REFERENCES ***HAS LOTS OF DUCK CREEK, NEW CASTLE, DE OWENS https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/82552317/person/48583236265/facts?_phsrc=Woa12&_phstart=successSource & HERE https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/10718698/person/-588818033/facts?_phsrc=Woa12&_phstart=successSource ****HORSESHOE PLANTATION ROBERT > OWEN (M. MARY) & JOHN MOST LIKELY SOURCE OF BEDFORD CO OWEN OWEN THAT MOVED TO W VA BY 1785 https://www.ancestry.com/mediaui-viewer/tree/104087348/person/300037489841/media/86dbe2bf-f186-40f1-ba4d-0fdd9f0309f4?_phsrc=Woa13&_phstart=successSource **Rachel (1772 - 1845) d/o Owen Owen & Mary Goode. CARROLL CO VA. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/2635696/person/260028160675/facts **Owen Owen (1775 - ?) s/o my Owen Owen Lynchburg 1830/40 > Franklin KY 1850. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/2635696/person/260028160784/facts?_phsrc=Woa19&_phstart=successSource **LoTS OF MIXED OWEN OWEN & BRO JOHN INFO https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/79276625/person/40398846261/facts?_phsrc=Woa19&_phstart=successSource I'm trying to learn more about our common ancestor Owen Owen (1750-1819) and hope you can help. You have his first wife Mary Good (Goad) dying before 1772. Do you have a source for that or just assuming it based on Owen Owen's marriage to Jane Hughes in that year? That would solve the problem of seemingly having 2 wives at the same time but I had thought maybe there were 2 Owen Owens that married these two separate wives? What is your source for Mary Goode's death date please? I've tried in vain to find a death record or stone for her... Also if you are interested I can provide a couple of corrections to your Owen Owen entry if you like.... Sincerely yours, Edgar L. Owen Robert Latham Owen, Sr. Stone with railroad info. Other sources. Owen Owen children. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/6577935/person/25791467740/facts?_phsrc=oeD47&_phstart=successSource https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/60144481/person/32081095245/facts https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/16235801/person/359298573/facts **OWEN OWEN PARENTS - NEW INFO** https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/6577935/person/6929423997/facts https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/6577935/person/-1221039229/facts *****BOOK ON OWENS OF PA*** Owen Family of Wales and Pennsylvania 1680-1750 Wales and Pennsylvania Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families. The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Genealogical Publishing company 1981 Edition from Baltimore Maryland Pg 539 https://www.ancestry.com/mediaui-viewer/tree/6577935/person/6929453968/media/bfe70529-a6d9-4ecb-a4d6-941cf8806d1c