The Treasury - Fine Greek Art


7591. CANOSAN GREEK POLYCHROME LADY, Greek colonies in Southern Italy, 3rd-2nd Century BC. Beautifully modeled ceramic figure of a young lady of style. She stands in contrapposto, with most of her weight on the right foot, the left leg bent. Her left hand rests on her hip, her right arm falls gracefully along her side. She wears a thin pink chiton (inner undergarment) belted at the waist with the loose folds hanging to the tops of her thighs. Over this she wears a blue outer himation open in the front, and a blue head covering. Her lips and earrings are painted red, her face and hands white, and her hair done in brown. Height is 18.3 cm. (7.2 inches). Condition: Choice and intact in an exceptional state of preservation with no repair or restoration or repainting. Provenance: An extensive North Eastern collection, acquired at auction at Harmer Rooke Galleries in the 1980's.

Canosan refers to one of the distinctive artistic styles of the Greek colonies of Southern Italy. Canosan pottery and figurines are characterized by the use of delicate pastel painted colors rather than glazes. Due to the delicacy of such paints one rarely finds a piece where more than traces of the colors remain. The current piece is highly exceptional in that nearly all of the original paint remains beautifully intact. An important piece worthy of the finest collection.