Property of a University Vice President


        The Emeritus Collection is a large collection of antiquities consisting of many hundreds of pieces of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern art collected from the 1950's to the 1980's by a distinguished university professor who served as Department head, Dean and Vice President of a major university. He is the author of a text book and over 100 articles in technical journals including papers on ancient technology and artifacts. We are especially pleased to present this wonderful collection to our customers.

        The collection includes a world class collection of ancient oil lamps with good examples of most known types. It also includes numerous pieces of Roman glass, pottery, weapons, tools, jewelry, legionary tiles, inscriptions and other rare and fascinating ancient relics. There are around 750 pieces almost all different and all guaranteed genuine and all with the excellent Emeritus Collection provenance. All pieces were purchased in the US from American dealers.

        The owner is now retired and wishes to divest himself of the entire collection at very favorable prices. Offers for the entire collection or for parts of the collection are invited and no reasonable offer will be refused. Rights to the 1500+ photos is included.

        The sale of the Emeritus Collection is an excellent one-time opportunity for both dealers and collectors to acquire all sorts of rare and desirable antiquities at very reasonable prices.

        As mentioned the Emeritus includes a world class collection of several hundred ancient oil lamps with almost no duplicates. Many rarer types including Bronze oil lamps, Multi-spout types, Roman figural lamps including gladiator and erotic types, North African red ware lamps, Egyptian frog lamps, all sorts of rare Middle Eastern lamps including a number of rare multi-spout early Israelite lamps, and many Greek lamp types as well.

        The collection also includes Roman silver spoons, Gnathian Greek pottery and black ware, a gold ring or two, rings and brooches of various types, glass and bronze bracelets, gaming pieces, knucklebones and dice, various types of weights and stamps and seals, cuneiform tablets, numerous spear points and knives, sling bullets with inscriptions, a dozen Roman legionary tiles with legionary stamps, and a small collection of bronze, faience and pottery figures.

        There is also a collection of Roman glass with few duplicates including vials, bottles, bowls and a Janus face flask and a date flask. And many very rare items such as a Roman bridge shoe, and a diverse collection of many other types of ancient items such as bells, compasses, iron tools, keys, locks, nails, axes, etc. are also included.

        A half dozen large amphorae, a couple of pieces of Greek red figure pottery, an excellent collection of different types of Roman red ware bowls, plates and jugs, several ancient stone vessels, a good selection of different plain ware types, various Cypriot types, transport amphora handles with stamps, a dozen or so ancient bronze vessels and many more interesting and rare items are also included.