Technical Support Page

Known Issues

PROBLEM:  Loss of scroll position when returning to a page. Browser incorrectly returns to top of page.

FIX:               Use right click to open new windows. This leaves original page open in the correct scroll position.

1. Some browsers may lose scroll position in our GALLERIES pages when returning from opening full sized images. The browser will incorrectly return to the top of the page instead of the scroll position it left from. This seems to be because your browser is not caching our pages and thus has to reload them from the top every time. It may be possible to fix this by changing a cache setting in your browser's preferences.

This issue should now be fixed in most browsers. If you still experience this problem please let us know with which browser and version.

2. When the ORDER button for an item is clicked a new Place Order page should open leaving the old page with the item information which is needed to place the order open for referral. However if your browser is in TABs Mode the old page will instead be placed in a new TAB where it can be referred to. The TABs Mode can be changed in your Browser Preferences if you wish.

....... Please report any technical problems or suggestions to:, or Edgar L. Owen, Ltd., PO Box 714, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, USA. Tel/Fax: 973-398-9557.