(Asia Minor)



9353. AEOLIS, KYME, 3rd century BC. AE16, Sear 4193. Dr. bust Artemis r., bow and quiver at shoulder/One-handled vase between laurel branches. EF. Scarce. Choice example.


11671. AEOLIS, KYME. Circa 155-143 BC. AR Tetradrachm (31mm, 16.40 g, 12h). Stephanophoric type. Metrophanes, magistrate. Head of the Amazon Kyme right, wearing tainia / Horse prancing right; one-handled cup below raised foreleg, MHTPOΦANHΣ in exergue; all within wreath. Oakley obv. die 2; SNG Copenhagen 104. EF, attractively toned with hints of gold iridescence. A choice example both in style and sharpness of condition. Provenance: From the Demetrios Armounta Collection.


10738. AEOLIS, KYME. Circa 165-140 BC. AR Tetradrachm (32mm, 16.29 g, 12h). Straton, magistrate. Head of the Amazon Kyme right, wearing tainia / Horse prancing right; one-handled cup below raised foreleg; all within wreath. Oakley obv. die 41; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock 1638 (same obv. die). Good VF, toned with some iridescence.



8193. BITHYNIA, KALCHEDON, early 4th century BC. AR Drachm, S3738. KALC, bull stg on corn ear, caduceus before/Mill sail incuse with raised dots. VF.


9418. BITHYNIA, KIOS, 350-300 BC. AR Hemidrachm, 2.31gm, Sear 3757var. (also see Sear 3758). Laur. hd. Apollo r./AQHNO DWROS, above and below trireme prow with ram l., grain ear to l. VF+. Rare. Surface and metal better than image shows.



PRUSIAS I, c. 228-185 BC

10225. BITHYNIA, KINGS, PRUSIAS I CHLOROS. Circa 230-182 BC. AE (28mm, 9.72 g, 12h). Laureate head of Apollo left / Athena-Nike standing left, holding wreath and shield; monogram to inner left. RG 16; SNG von Aulock 6880. Good VF, dark brown and green patina. A choice sharp example.


PRUSIAS II, c. 185-149 BC

9354. BITHYNIA, KINGS, PRUSIAS II, 185-149BC. AE23, Sear 7266. Hd. Dionysos wreathed with ivy r./The Centaur Chiron stg. r. playing lyre. EF. Rare. Chiron the most famous of the centaurs was skilled in music and the healing arts, he raised many famous heros in their childhoods, including Jason, Herakles, Aescalepius, and Achilles! Choice example with excellent sharp detail, one of the best I've seen. A choice example of a rare and desirable mythological type!






8560. CARIA, ALINDA, 2nd century BC. AE16, Sear 4777v. Laureate young male head r./Club within oak wreath. VF. Another exceptional example of Greek art with a classical head of very fine style. Beautiful olive green patina. Very rare, can't find any previous sales.


7708. CHOICE EXAMPLE: CARIA, KAUNOS, 2nd half 4th century BC. AE13, Sear 4821. Bull butting r. / Sphinx std. r. K A. EF. Scarce.


10343. CARIA, MYLASA, EUPOLEMOS, Strategos . 295-280 BC. AE 16mm. Three overlapping Macedonian shields, the outer two with spearheads in the center / EUPO-LEMOU, sword in a sheath; labrys left. SNG Helsinki 223-224; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC Caria pg. 128, 1-3; SNG von Aulock -; Laffaille -. Good VF.


6529. CARIA, TABAI, 2nd century BC. AR Drachm, Hd.531. 17 x 20 mm. 2.48 gm. Hd. Hercules r./Statue of Artemis of Ephesos. F+. Old cabinet toning. Rare.



9391. CILICIA, AIGEAI, AR Tetradrachm, 25 mm, 14.41 g. S_, Cop_, VAulock_. Turreted hd Tyche r/Minerva stg l. EF. An exceptionally rare coin. Until a recent small group was found only 8 were known. Missing from most major collections.


8918. CILICIA, AIGEAI, 3rd century BC. AR Tetradrachm, 27 mm, 14.15 g. Sear_, SNG Copenhagen_, Van Aulock_. Turreted hd Tyche r./Minerva stg l. EF. An exceptionally rare coin. Until a recent small group was found only 8 were known. Missing from most major collections.


4962. CILICIA, HIEROPOLIS-KASTABALA, ANTIOCHOS IV EPIPHANES. AE22. Hd. turreted city goddess r. monogram in field to left. Reverse: Artemis? seated left wearing kalathos, holding small scepter; eagle below her seat. SNG Levante 1564. Choice EF. Rare. Provenance: The Thomas Virzi collection.


10419. CILICIA, KELENDARIS, 465-450 BC. Obverse: Seated nude youth holding a whip in the act of dismounting from his horse which gallops left. Reverse: K [E] L [IN]; Ibex kneeling left, behind to the right; above, a branch of ivy. VF. AR 18.0 mm, 10.55 g, 4:00. Pz.2810, SNG Paris 53, collection Hirsch 1590. Ex a Bourgey sale. An artistic variant composition with the goat reaching up towards the ivy. Considerably better than photo.


10994. CILICIA, TARSOS, MAZALOS Satrap of Cilicia, 361/0-334 BC. AR Stater (24mm, 10.74 g, 11h). Baaltars enthroned left, holding grain ear, grape bunch, and scepter; grape bunch(?) below throne / Lion attacking stag to the left; letter below; all within dotted border within incuse square. Nice especially sharp reverse. SNG France 326-7. Good Fine, toned, scratches.


7712. CILICIA, TARSOS, MAZALOS Satrap, ca. 361-334 BC. AR Stater, 22 mm, 10.54 g. Sear 5649. Baal of Tarsos std. l./Lion on stag. EF. test cut above lion. Obverse much better than photo.



10479. IONIA, PHOKAIA, Circa 521-478 BC. AR Diobol (9mm, 1.15 g). Archaic head of Athena(?) left / Quadripartite incuse punch. SNG Copenhagen (Vol. 7) 389-94 (Uncertain coins of Greece and Asia Minor); SNG Kayhan 522. VF, obverse slightly off center. From the N.T. Collection. Ex CNG. A wonderful archaic Greek head.


10220. IONIA, TEOS. Ca. 500-475 B.C. AR stater (19 mm, 11.77 g). Griffin seated right, raising forepaw; below belly, M; in right field, E / Quadripartite incuse square. Balcer grp. IV, 12 corr. (A12/P16); SNG Copenhagen -. VF, uneven toning. The letter M below the griffin's belly, while faint on this coin, is still apparent. Balcer does not note it in his description for this obverse die.



9400. LESBOS, METHYMNA, AR Obol, 0.65 gm. Hd. Athena wearing Attic helmet r./Turtle in incuse square with pearls. VF. Excessively rare. See another only slightly better example listed on VCoins by Dr. Martina Dieterle at $2188 as of 8/10. There is also one other occurrence in an old M&M catalog where it is listed as uncertain Asia Minor.



10337. LYCIA, PHASELIS, 4th-3rd century BC. AE16, 4.42 g. Prow of galley right. Stern of galley right. ΦAΣ above, dolphin in left field. Cop 123v, Von Aulock 4429v. VF. Nice example. Scarce. VF.



6534. LYDIA, TRALLES. AE18. Hd. Zeus r./Thunderbolt in wreath. EF. Choice example!



8573. MYSIA, KYZIKOS, 2nd-1st century BC. AE27, BMC.165v, Sear 3867v. Laureate head of Apollo r./Large tripod lebes. VF. Superb gem-like patina, considerably better than image.


9419. MYSIA, LAMPSAKOS, 480-450 BC. Trihemiobol, AR 12 mm, 1.26 gm, Sear 3879. Janiform archaic female hd/Hd. Athena r. VF. Scarce. A superior well centered example with all types clear. Another currently (8/10) listed on VCoins at $699.



The tetradrachms of the subsequent Pergamene kings all retain the likeness and name of Philetairos, the first king of Pergamon.


10480. PERGAMON, KINGS, EUMENES I. 263-241 BC. AR Tetradrachm (29mm, 16.26 g, 12h). Massive brutal diademed head of Philetairos right / Athena seated left, supporting shield and resting elbow on small statuette on sphinx; ivy leaf above knee, bow behind, A on throne. Westermark dies V.VII/R.1b; SNG France 1604 (same obv. die). VF, darkly toned, some roughness.


8574. MYSIA, PERGAMON, 2nd-1st century BC. AE20, Sear 3960. Head Athena r./Trophy of armour. EF. Excellent sharp example.


8575. MYSIA, PERGAMON, 2nd-1st century BC. AE16, Sear 3963v. Head Athena r. wearing crested helmet ornamented with star/Owl facing with wings spread on palm branch. EF. Choice example with fine contrasting patina that brings out the detail.


6537. PERGAMON, ROMAN TIMES, c. AD 40-60. AE 17, RPC 2375v. Draped bust Senate/Turreted bust Roma. EF. Choice forest green patina. Uncertain countermark in obverse field.



9379. PAMPHLIA, ASPENDOS. AR20 Drachm, Sear 5385v. Naked horseman (Mopsos, the founder of Aspendos) galloping r. hurling spear/Boar walking r., 3 countermarks. AVF. Rare variant. This type refers to the legend that Mopsos sacrificed a boar to Aphrodite in fulfillment of a vow.


10431. PAMPHYLIA, SIDE. Circa 205-100 BC. AR Tetradrachm (28mm, 16.70 g, 12h). Deino-, magistrate. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet / Nike advancing left, holding wreath; pomegranate in left field, ΔEI-NO across field. SNG France 677; SNG von Aulock 4787. VF, lightly toned, a beautiful coin considerably better than photo.





7727. PHRYGIA, KIBYRA, 166-84 BC. AR Drachm, Sear 5126v. Young male bust r. wearing crested helmet/Horseman with spear galloping r. VF+. Scarce.




7204. PISIDIA, KOMAMA, 1st century BC. AE15, see Sear 5451 for a similar coin. Bearded male hd. Zeus? r./Lion bounding l., KO in ex. EF. Choice examples of a very rare coin from a very rare city. Seldom offered.



10333. PISIDIA, TERMESSOS MAJOR. AE23, Copenhagen 341v. Helmeted portrait bust of the hero Solymos left. Reverse: Solymos seated left. Near VF. Very rare.



7723. PONTOS, AMISOS, Late 2nd-1st century BC. AE26, 19.81 g. Hd Athena/Perseus holding harpa and hd of Medusa. VF+. Excellent example of this sought after mythological type depicting the killing of Medusa by the hero Perseus.



MITHRADATES VI, EUPATOR, Mithradates the Great, c. 120-63 BC


10474. PONTOS, KINGS, MITHRADATES VI, 120-63 B.C. Gold stater (in the name of Lysimachos), time of the 1st Mithradatic War, 88-86 B.C. Head of deified Alexander the Great wearing horn of Ammon right. Rv. BASILEWS LYSIMAXOY; Athena enthroned l., Δ to inner left below her outstretched arm, &Sigma below and trident in ex. De Callatay, p.141v, SNG Cop. 1091v, AMNG 2480v. EF. Choice example much superior to almost all on the market.


11005. PONTOS, KINGS, MITHRADATES VI, Thrace, Odessos mint. Circa 80-72/1 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26mm, 16.21 g, 12h). In the name and types of Alexander III of Macedon. Mithradatic alliance issue. Struck circa 120-90 BC. Head of Herakles right, with the features of Mithradates VI of Pontos, wearing lion skin / Zeus Aetophoros seated left; ΛAKΩ in left field, OΔH in exergue. Price 1193; Callatay group 3 (D3/R1); Topalov, Odesos 32. Good VF, toned. Considerably better than usual portrait of this historically important and powerful king.




10217. ILLIUM (TROY, Greek Ilion from which Homer's Iliad takes its name) AE 10.4 mm, 1.16 grams. Obverse: Helmeted facing bust. Reverse: Athena Ilias to rt. Choice example for these. Rare.



9417. ASIA, ROMAN PROVINCE OF, C. FABIUS PROCONSUL, 57-56 BC. AR Cistophoric tetradrachm, Sear 5151var. Cista mystica containing serpent within ivy wreath./ Two coiled serpents either side of bowcase, EUHNOS HRWDOY. The magistrates name also appears on "proconsular cistophori" in the name of C. Fabius. Ref.: Gerd R. Stumpf, Numismatische Studien zur Chronologie der Roemischen Statthalter in Kleinasien. VF. Rare.