The 1907 Thomas Virzi Provenance


7881. SICILY, AITNA, c. 405-401 BC. AE16. Female hd. r./Horse galloping r. EF. Rare city.



10416. SICILY, AKRAGAS, c.510- 480 BC. Obverse: AKRA; Eagle standing upright on the left facing left. Reverse: Crab seen from above in an incise circle. Near VF/Good VF. AR 20.0 mm, 8.67 g, 7 h. SNG Delepierre 520, Jenkins, Gela, pl.37, 7.


7883. SICILY, AKRAGAS, c. 500 BC. AE23 Tetras. Eagle r. on hare, pecking at hd./Crab, 3 pellets and crayfish below. EF. Scarce variant in choice condition.


6490. SICILY, AKRAGAS, before 406 BC. AE Hexas. Eagle stg. r. on prey/Crab, 2 fish beneath. VF. Scarce. A great reverse.


9402. SICILY, AKRAGAS, PHINTIAS, 287-279 BC. AE22, Sear 1030v. Laur hd Apollo r./Two eagles on hare, one with head back screaming. VF. The same classic reverse scene as the famous tetradrachm of Akragas.


7885. SICILY, AKRAGAS, PUNIC OCCUPATION, 213-211 BC. AE 24. Hd. Zeus r./Eagle stg. facing with spread wings. VF. Rare type for Akragas.



4918. SICILY, ATL. 357-336 B.C. Calciati, vol. III, pag.288, n°3, AE14. Radiate? hd. r./Athena? stg. facing with spear and shield. AVF. Very rare city. Provenance: The Thomas Virzi collection, 1907.



4951. SICILY, CAMPANIAN MERCENARIES IN, AE14, BMC 4. Crested Campanian helmet r./KAM monogram within olive-wreath. EF. Rare. Provenance: The Thomas Virzi collection, 1907.



7886. SICILY, ERYX c. 360-300 BC. AE18 Onkia. Female hd. r., hair drawn up behind / Donkey standing right, barley grain before. VF. Very rare.




8092. SICILY, KENTORIPAI, c. 350-330 BC. AE Drachm, Sear 1080. Hd. Persephone l., 4 dolphins/Panther crouching l. VF. Very rare large Sicilian bronze!


8907. SICILY, KENTORIPAI, after 241 BC. AE Hexas. Hd Demeter r./Bird std. on plow, two pellets to l. VF+. Excellent sharp example of this interesting type.




9422. SICILY, LEONTINI, ca. 475-470. AR Didrachm, Sear 826 (£500). Naked youth cantering horse to r./Lion's hd. r., four corn grains around. F+. Rare. Inexpensive example of this desirable coin.



3973. SICILY, THE MAMERTINI, after 288 BC. AE22, Copenhagen 456. Laur. hd. Apollo r./Naked warrior with spear and shield adv. r. VF. Nice example. Very fine style. Provenance: The Thomas Virzi collection, 1907.


3975. SICILY, THE MAMERTINI, after 288 BC. AE18 Pentonkion, Copenhagen 464. Laur. hd. Zeus r./Naked warrior wearing helmet adv. r. with spear and shield. VF+. Excellent example with fine apple green patina. Very fine style. Provenance: The Thomas Virzi collection, 1907.


3977. SICILY, THE MAMERTINI, after 288 BC. AE22 Triunce, Copenhagen 468v. Laur. hd. Apollo r./Nike stg. l. holding wreath and palm. VF. Rare. Excellent example. Provenance: The Thomas Virzi collection, 1907.



7893. SICILY, MORGANTINA, c. 340 BC. 9.12 g. AE22 Hemilitron. Hd. Sikelia r./Eagle l. with snake clasped in its talons. EF. Choice example and one of the finest known. Rare.




10576. SICILY, PIAKOS, c. 425-420 BC. AE Hemilitron 17.32 mm 4.76 grams. Obverse: Laureate horned head of a young river-god left; before, six pellets. Reverse: Hound attacking hind to right, seizing her by the throat; in left field, acorn; in right field, oak leaf. Ref . AIIN suppl. 20 (1975), p. 92, group I, pl. 7, 2a. CNS III p. 197, 2. VF. Extremely rare Sicilian Greek mint. Better than photo.

An unsigned work of the "Maestro della foglia" circa 410, Head of young river-god l., with small horns, wearing laurel wreath; in field l., P - I - A - K among six pellets. Rev. Hound dragging hind to r. and biting her neck; at sides, acorn and leaf. AMB 397. Rizzo pl. 60, 14. Jenkins, Enna etc., pl. 7, 2b. Calciati 2/1. C. Boehringer, AIIN supplemento 25, Die frŸhen BronzenmŸnzen von Leontinoi und Katane, pl. 22, 4. Very rare. A very attractive reverse composition, green patina and extremely fine. See another nearly identical in condition in NAC Auction 27 (12.05.2004) which made 3100 CHF ($2399) on a 2000 estimate.



7896. SICILY, SYRACUSE, 470-460 BC. AR Litra. Hd. Athena r./Octopus. EF. Choice example. Scarce.



8036. SICILY, SYRACUSE, 415-410 BC. AR Hemidrachm, 1.77 gm. McClean 2724/25. Artemis-Arethusa hd. l., dolphins either side./Triga of horses galloping r., Nike flying toward charioteer abv. VF. Dies engraved by Euainetos as his signature is readable on the exergual line on some specimens. Of the finest style and very rare.


7902. SICILY, SYRACUSE, Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE 23 Hemilitron. Laur. hd. Zeus Eleutherios r./Thunderbolt, eagle r. EF. Choice example.


8540. SICILY, SYRACUSE, Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. AE25 Hemilitron. Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios r./Thunderbolt, eagle to r. EF. Choice example with very fine patina.


8909 SICILY, SYRACUSE, 344-336 BC. AE Litra, Sear 1189. 28-29 mm, 32.08 g. Hd Athena l./Starfish, 2 dolphins. VF. Choice patina.


8541. SICILY, SYRACUSE, AGATHOKLES, 317-289 BC. AE22, BMC.2.422, Sear 1200. Bust Artemis r., quiver over shoulder/Thunderbolt. VF. The great appeal of this coin lies in its superb gem-like emerald green patina.


6496. SICILY, SYRACUSE, HIERON II, 275-215 BC. AE27. Hd. l./Horseman with spear r. EF. Choice sharp detailed example with excellent patina.


7905. SICILY, SYRACUSE, Hieron II. 275-215 BC. AE27, Sear 1221. Diad. hd. Hieron l./Horseman galloping r. with lance. AEF. Choice example.



8095. SICILY, THERMAE HIMERENSIS, 407-340 BC. AE20. QERMITAN, hd. Hera l. /Hd. Herakles l. wearing lion’s skin. AEF. Scarce & an exceptional example better than photo.



8097. SICILY, THE TYRRHENOI, 340-330 BC. AE Drachm. Hd. Athena r. wearing crested Attic helmet with neckguard. /Athena stg. l. holding spear and resting shied on ground. VF+. Very rare and an excellent example.