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12887. ROMAN MARBLE HEAD OF HADRIAN. Rome, 2nd-3rd century AD. Portrait head of the Roman emperor Hadrian (117-138). Carved in the round from fine-grained white Roman marble with finely polished surfaces. The 33 cm. height of this piece is slightly larger than life size. It powerfully depicts the emperor with his head turned slightly turned to the left, gaze fixed straight in front of him. His face is framed by thick curly hair and beard. The forehead is broad and smooth, the thick eyebrows are rendered with finely engraved features. The eye sockets are strongly chiaroscuro and his eyes are characterized by elongated eyelids carved in relief. The powerful wide nose increases the stern visage of the emperor. The cheekbones are high and strong, the bottoms of the ears show beneath the curly hair; the mouth is slightly open; the neck has an anatomically accurate modeling. The nose, ears and a few curls are chipped otherwise in excellent original condition. Provenance: A Florentine collection, Ex Dea Moneta. Comes with a 2009 Italian export permit.

With Hadrian begins a series of imperial Roman portraits bearded in imitation of the Greek philosophers. A wonderful classic sculpture that communicates the dignity and authority of this emperor who ruled at the pinnacle of the Roman empire.

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