The Treasury - Fine Asian Art


8331. HAN DYNASTY FIGURE OF A YOUNG GIRL, China, Han Dynasty, 207 BC - 220 AD. The heavy ceramic figure of a young servant girl wearing a short vest over a lighter full length court robe closed with a tassel at the front. She stands respectfully at attention with her hands clasped before her, her hair falling to both sides of her face and thence looped back up. Considerable remains of pigment overall under a light ancient patina. The figure cast in two mating pieces that meet just below her waist. Height is 37 inches. Front left corner of the base reattached, otherwise complete and original with no repair, restoration or repainting. Free standing without a base. Such large figures are found in the tombs of important court officials or nobles. Extremely rare. Provenance: Currently in an extensive North Eastern collection, acquired in the 1980's from the collection of a Manhattan entertainer.