All our pre-Columbian art is in the US legally and every piece has good provenance. In addition every piece has been vetted as authentic by at least two experts in the field. All pieces were purchased from reputable established US dealers or auction houses in the 1990's or before. We oppose looting and will not list any piece suspected of being looted. You can be assured you will have no problems with any pieces you purchase from us.

       Pre-Columbian art is known for its fine gold objects. Gold was plentiful in the new world and the cultures of the New World were once rich with gold objects. Unfortunately almost all were melted down by the conquistadors and shipped back in gold bars and coins to Europe. Consequently the remaining pre-Columbian gold ornaments are highly prized by collectors and eagerly sought after.

12853. INTRICATE SINU GOLD FINIAL. 25 x 40mm. 9.32 gm. Very fine and intricate work. Provenance: The Emeritus Collection. Verso. Verso 2.

On sale at: $4850.

6469. IMPORTANT SINU GOLD AVIAN FINIAL, ca. 500-1000 AD. The heavy cast gold finial with a large waterbird seated on the terminal. The majestic avian of waterbird variety standing on an expanding cylindrical shaft, the strong legs with long toes gripping the shaft, the smooth back with wings folded and flaornament tail plumage, its rounded breast and underside distinguished by four rows of openwork spirals separated by herornamentbone bands, another openwork spiral beneath the tail, with head held erect, and beak slightly open; pierced at the base of the terminal for attachment. Uncleaned with remains of red cinnabar patina. 3 x 3 inches, 83 gm. The Sinu mastered the art of lost wax casting with the creation of such sculptural figures, used to crown ceremonial staffs. Cf. Wardwell, figs. 69 and 71, and Emmerich, fig. 91. for examples of avian finials, the later two in the collections of the Textile Museum, Washington, D.C., and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Also see a very similar piece in Sotheby's NY, 11/92, lot 48 estimated at $40,000-60,000 when gold was less than $400/oz.! An extremely rare and important piece.

On sale at: $34,000.

6470. FINE SINU GILDED AVIAN FINIAL, ca. 500-1000 AD. A masterpiece of Pre-Columbian metalworking art, the finely worked heron sits on the tip of a ceremonial finial. Gilt copper. Stable crack to rv neck. 4". An extremely rare museum quality artifact.

On sale at: $4500.

6468. CHOICE VERAGUAS GOLD PENDANT. Columbia, Chiriqui or Diquis, ca. 500-1500. Beautiful cast high karat yellow gold zoomorphic figure with twin attachment loops on rv. 1.7x1.8", 15.84gm. Boxed.


8895. FINE TAIRONA GOLD TUMBAGA JAGUAR PENDANT. Columbia, ca. 800 AD. The cast feline in a crouching position with tail erect, twin suspension holes on front legs. 24 mm. An excellent animated figure full of life. Rare. Would make a stunning pendant!

On sale at: $3500.

9340. SINU GOLD MONKEY. Columbia, ca. 600-1200 AD. The cast gold monkey with the front legs ending in attachment loops. 18 x 22 mm. Scarce. Would make an excellent pendant.

On sale at: $1450.

9341. TAIRONA GOLD FROG, ca. 800-1500 AD. The cast gold frog with the front legs ending in suspension holes. Would make the perfect centerpiece of a most elegant necklace. 14 x 23 mm. 6.2 gm. Choice and rare.

On sale at: $2450.

9339. CHOICE CALIMA GOLD NECKLACE. Cauca valley, ca. 500 BC 500 AD. Complete necklace of fine gold beads with nine figural gold beads which appear as either crocodiles or human effigies. 22 inches, 18.07 gm. Complete and very rare thus. Wearable with care.

On sale at: $6500.

6463. FINE SINU GOLD BEAD NECKLACE, ca. 500 AD. The necklace composed of numerous graduated gold beads including a small bell, the 3 largest beads with fine intricate molded filigree. This necklace also holds a surprise - numerous additional tiny gold beads hidden inside the larger ones! Can be taken out to make an additional strand of some length. 24". 39.68 gm. Very Rare.

On sale at: $2800.

6464. SINU GOLD BEAD NECKLACE, ca. 500 AD. The necklace composed of numerous graduated gold beads. 20". 14.87 gm. Rare.

On sale at: $1200.

7549. HEAVY TAIRONA GOLD NOSE ORNAMENT, Circa 5th-8th century AD. Gold nose ornament with flattened terminals. Tairona culture, Columbia, 800-1500 AD. This gold pendant shows the excellent level of metalworking skills of the pre-Columbian goldsmiths and hints at the wealth that drove the Conquistadors. Finely wrought of heavy gold it is in an excellent state of preservation with minor wear. Dimensions: 26.5 x 19 mm. (1.04 x 0.75"). Weight: 10.76 gm. Would make a superb pendant! (0.336 Troy oz.). Another view.

On sale at: $1450.

8893. LARGE MOCHE GOLD NOSE ORNAMENT. Peru, Moche, ca. 500 BC/AD. The hammered sheet gold ornament with three engraved rings around the nose loop and with exceptionally long terminals. 8.2 inches, 8.90 gm. Ex. Harmer Rooke Galleries. A very fine example worn by a ruler or high status individual.

On sale at: $1850.

6465. FINE PAIR OF SINU GOLD EARRINGS, ca. 500 AD. Excellent condition & fine workmanship. 2.1", 9.48 gm., an especially heavy pair.

On sale at: $1400.

6466. FINE PAIR OF SINU GOLD EARRINGS, ca. 500 AD. Excellent condition & exceedingly fine workmanship. 1.2", 3.39 gm., an especially fine pair.

On sale at: $950.

8894. PAIR OF FINE SINU GOLD EARRINGS. Columbia, ca. 800-1500 AD. Excellent condition and workmanship and finely cast of high carat gold. 1.3 inches, 4.04 gm. Hight carat gold. Wearable with care.

On sale at: $850.

6467. PAIR OF SINU GOLD EARRINGS, ca. 500 AD. Excellent condition & very fine workmanship. 0.6", 0.88 gm., a very fine and delicate pair.