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8078. RARE PSITTACOSAURUS DINOSAUR SKULL. The Earliest Ancestor of Triceratops. 7 x 5 inch skull from the very important 127 million year old dinosaur Psittacosaurus (parrot lizard). It is important because it was the first of the ceratopsians, which include its more famous ancestor, Triceratops. This nearly complete skull was found in the famous volcanic layer near Liaoning northern China. Many strange dinosaurs have been excavated in Liaoning, some with feathers. The parrot-like beak, large eyes, fenestrae (which grew in later ceratopsians to become large frills in the back of the skull), and horn-like bones at the ends of its cheeks, all are very clear on this highly desirable specimen. Very rare intact dinosaur skull, complete and intact with no repair or restoration. Provenance: An extensive North Eastern collection. Acquired at a rock and mineral show in the 1980's.