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11097. APULIAN GREEK RED-FIGURE COLUMN KRATER, Greek colonies in Southern Italy, 3rd century BC. The obverse depicts an animated scene of a naked satyr wearing a wreath and holding a situla and phial laden with offerings running away and looking back towards a draped maenad in pursuit holding a tympanon and thyrsos, a loose fillet falling in the field behind her. The reverse depicts two youths, each holding a staff and wrapped closely in a himation facing each other. The neck of the krater adorned on both sides with ivy leaf tendrils with berries. Details in added white and yellow. Dimensions 12.5 inches width x 14 inches height. This column krater comes with a Paris passport (French export permit) from the Louvre Museum. Provenance: The Princeton Collection, acquired by the current owner from a European dealer in the 1980s-1990s.

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