The Treasury - Fine Greek Art


6761. APULIAN GREEK RED-FIGURE SKYPHOS, Greek colonies in Southern Italy, 4th century BC. The obverse with a nude winged Eros striding right, head reverted, carrying a tray with trailing tassels and a jeweled wreath, a stand behind him. The reverse with a graceful thin-robed lady standing facing looking at herself in a mirror held in her right hand, and carrying a similar jeweled wreath at her side in her left hand, a similar (perhaps the same) stand below. Especially large and ornate acanthus palmettes framing the figures under the handles, Greek egg and dart pattern under the rim and wave pattern ground line. The large skyphos with flat rim and two large horizontal handles. Dimensions 12 inches in height x 16 inches across the handles. Professionally repaired from large shards, minor expert repainting over joins. A very rare and large example with beautifully painted figures and designs. Provenance: An extensive North Eastern collection, acquired from a New York dealer in the early 1990's.