The Treasury - Fine Sculpture


8418. THE ROMAN POET HORACE. Victorian England, 19th century. The great Roman poet depicted seated in a curule chair wearing a poet's laurel wreath and a long toga, the hem of which he holds up in his left hand, his right hand grasping his writing stylus over a scroll on which is written "DEL ART / CHAMPETRE / HEUREUX QUI / DE SES MAINS / COMME NOS / PREMIERS PERES / CULTIVE EN PAIX / SES CHAMPS ET / VIT LIBRE / DAFFAIRES. ORACE / ART", a quote from his work, which roughly translates as: "Led happy pastoral art, which with their own hands our fore fathers cultivated their fields in peace and saw freedom in their affairs. Horace". 11 x 16.5 x 9 inches. 26 lbs. Foundry stamp 3876 on back of base. Unsigned. A choice original Victorian classical bronze with beautiful fine detail even down to the tiny wolf heads ornamenting his sandals. Excellent condition with fine original patina and no problems. A masterpiece of classical Victorian sculpture.

The Roman poet HORACE (65-8 BC), was the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus, and a friend and confidant of that emperor. His 'Odes' and other works have long been considered among the greatest poems ever written and have been taught and studied from antiquity up until modern times, and they have influenced the work of countless other poets throughout the ages. In short Horace is universally considered one of the greatest poets of all times.