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11165. TANAGRA GREEK FIGURE OF A YOUNG MAN WEARING A PETASOS. Greece, Boeotia, c. 350 BC. Ceramic figure of a young man dressed in an ankle length robe and petasos (traveling hat), his left arm at his side, his right arm raised to the collar of his robe holding an uncertain object, locks of curly hair emerging from under the brim of his hat. Height is 8.5 inches. Intact with no repair or restoration. Fired from brown clay with considerable original white pigment remaining. Provenance: Collected in the early 1900's in Greece by the grandmother of the current elderly owner. Shown to the Victoria and Albert museum in 1987 which confirmed its authenticity.

The ceramic figures produced by artists in Tanagra Boeotia in the mid 4th century BC are generally considered to be the finest ceramic figures produced by the ancient Greeks. They are most often figures of stylishly dressed young ladies but occasionally include figures of young men as well as in this example.